Master is a marketing hype-Ke Jie knew he was a shareholder of Yiwang

Master is marketing hype?Ke Jie knew he was a shareholder of Yiwang
AlphaGo statement: I am just the latest beta version.  With the Master’s self-exposure on the Internet Go platform, the Master Storm that lasted for almost a week finally produced an unexpected result.  On the evening of January 4th, after achieving a brilliant record of 59 consecutive victories on the Internet, Master suddenly claimed to be Dr. Huang of AlphaGo in the chat channel, and also expressed the hope that everyone will enjoy Master’s chess game for a while.  In fact, in the entire process of hot speculation around Master, Google is behind the scenes. Boss’s guess has replaced the mainstream from the beginning.During the focus of the outside world, various representatives also indicated that Google may have directed this grand marketing from the beginning, and has been deliberately hiding its identity.  This hype may be the most perfect marketing in the history of Go, but surely, it is not just Google, but also Go.  Ke Jie Weibo.Further reading: Ke Jie said that he already knew AlphaGo’s identity and that he did not use it. Master announced that he was AlphaGo and challenged StarCraft in the next stage.

Ding Junhui’s 27th birthday in the field, China 5-1 horizontal sweep of Astley past the first round_1

Ding Junhui’s 27th birthday in the field, China 5-1 swept Astley past the first round
In the first round of the 2014 Snooker China Open, Ding Junhui, who had his 27th birthday, played against John Astley.Despite the disadvantage of losing the first game, Ding Junhui quickly entered the state, hitting a three-shot 50+ winning five innings, a total score of 5-1 easily eliminated the opponent, and advanced to the second round against Thai player Tachaia.  After winning one championship and one Asia in Germany and Wales, Ding Junhui has only had a short trough in the past month. Haikou lost to Murphy missed the quarterfinals. The PTC finals were early out of the first round.On his 27th birthday, Ding Junhui ushered in China’s first opponent-John Astley.  Astley played on the PTC tour last season and won the professional competition this season. However, with limited strength, he has only won four wins in the past nine rankings and participated in eight European tournaments.Only won 7 games.In the Chinese wild card round, Astley eliminated Yan Bingtao 5-2.Judging from the past record and the performance of the wild card round, Astley’s ability is very general, and Ding Junhui is very different.  In the first game, the two defended patiently. After multiple rounds of tug-of-war, Astor started with interest and defended after a stroke of 21 points.Ding Junhui failed to score the ball, Astley hit the long-range red ball from a long distance, and then scored a red ball error after 12 points.Ding Junhui started, and continued to attack around the coffee ball, 22 points away from the set.Astley started again with 34 points in a single shot to achieve an overpoint.Ding Junhui got up and hit the red ball. He missed the goal and was fined 4 points. Astley won first with 71-22. Previous page12Next pageShow full text

2017 UEFA Champions League final Juventus VS Real Madrid live address CCTV5 live online _1

2017 UEFA Champions League final Juventus VS Real Madrid live address CCTV5 live online
At 2:45 in the morning on June 4, Beijing time, the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League final was fought in the Welsh city Cardiff National Stadium. Serie A supremacy Juventus played against La Liga giants Real Madrid.In the Champions League championship, Real Madrid led the way 11 times, and Juventus reached the final 8 times but only won 2 times.  CCTV5 live online: click on the history of confrontation     In the history of the European three big cups, Real Madrid and Juventus have fought a total of 18 times, each side won 8 wins and evenly divided, Juve scored 19 goals, Real Madrid scored 18 goals.The last meeting between the two sides was the semifinals of the Champions League in 2014-15. Juventus eliminated Real Madrid 3-2 in two rounds.皇马欲冲破欧冠卫冕魔咒59年首度加冕双冠王  2015-16赛季,皇马夺得欧冠冠军,本赛季皇马再度杀进欧冠决赛,齐达内的球队面临残酷的欧冠卫冕魔咒——Since the 1992-93 UEFA Champions League restructuring, no team has been able to win the championship.Whether it is the Milan dynasty in the 1990s, Juve, who has reached the Champions League final for three consecutive years in the Lippi era, or Bayern, Real Madrid and Guardiola’s Dream III at the turn of the century, they can’t break through this magic.curse.  Real Madrid will also impact the team’s third double crown honor. Before this season, Real Madrid had 32 La Liga championship trophies and 11 UEFA Champions League trophies, but they only won the Champions League + La Liga championship in one season, only twice: 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons.In other words, Real Madrid have not tasted the double crown for 59 years.Can Zidane lead the team to break the fate of history this time?Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to lock the Golden Globes three times in the Champions League final?  In the 2016-17 season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 40 goals in various Real Madrid games, scoring 40+ goals in seven consecutive seasons, and continues to set a new record.The 32-year-old Ronaldo, the bigger the scene, the more explosive it will be.In the quarter-finals against Bayern and semi-final Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo scored 8 goals.In this UEFA Champions League final, if Real Madrid beat Juventus, Ronaldo could kill the Golden Globe suspense almost half a year in advance.Messi, Buffon and other competitors, it is difficult to shake Ronaldo.  In the history of the Champions League final, Ronaldo has scored 2 goals: the 2007-08 UEFA Champions League final Manchester United VS Chelsea header score, 2013-14 season Real Madrid VS Atletico penalty kick overtime.Can Ronaldo score goals in the three UEFA Champions League finals?Real Madrid captain Ramos scored in the two UEFA Champions League finals. Who can reach this record first, Shui Ye and Ronaldo?Battle of Buffon’s dream?Can Juventus break the runner-up    Buffon won the World Cup championship, but has always missed the Champions League.Buffon, 39, has repeatedly stated that winning the Champions League is his dream.Prior to this, Buffon’s two UEFA Champions League finals ended in defeat: the 2002-03 season of the Italian Civil War, Juve lost the penalty shootout to AC Milan; 2014-15 season Juvent met Barcelona led by MSN, 1-3 lost.Buffon once believed that there may never be a chance to reach the Champions League final, but can Buffon, who insists on his dream, realize his dream on Cardiff Night?  The last time Juventus won the Champions League, or the 1995-96 season, the Lie belt team defeated the Ajax youth team in the penalty shootout.Prior to this, Juventus broke into the Champions League final 8 times, but only won the cup twice.Juventus, the sixth Champions League runner-up, is the most tragic King of the Champions League in the history of the Champions League.In the last three UEFA Champions League finals, Juve also ended in defeat.What is the fate of Juventus this time?Bell may go home without a chance to start. Higuain Hedira Antigo    UEFA Champions League final is held in Cardiff, Wales. This is Bell’s home court.However, the Welsh superstar’s last appearance was in the national derby on April 24.Bell, whose soleus muscle was injured, has been away from the field for more than a month.Bell has recovered from injury, but Isco’s play has been shining enough during this time, and Bell’s chance of starting is not great.Juventus, Higuain and Hedira, the two Real Madrid veterans against the old owners, the former Barcelona flying wings Alves, will also be full of desire to fight.预计首发  尤文(4231):布冯/巴尔扎利、博努奇、基耶利尼、阿莱士-桑德罗/赫迪拉、皮亚尼奇/曼祖基奇、迪巴拉、阿尔维斯/伊瓜因  皇马(433):纳瓦斯/卡瓦哈尔、瓦拉内、拉莫斯、马塞洛/克罗斯、卡塞米罗、莫德里奇/伊斯科、本泽马Ronaldo

24 pharmaceutical companies released a quarterly report to predict that more than half of the epidemic situation caused a change in performance

24 pharmaceutical companies released a quarterly report to predict that more than half of the epidemic situation caused a change in performance
As of the afternoon of April 1st, sauna and Yewang. According to the statistics of Flush Flush, 24 pharmaceutical and biological companies released the first quarter notice, 13 of which said that the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation affected the performance mechanism.Among them, the performance of Kangtai Biology, Watson Bio, and Shutaishen fell by more than 100%; Jiu’an Medical, Yiling Pharmaceuticals and others had pre-increased performance, and Jiu’an Medical turned losses into profit.Increased sales of epidemic-related products from 5 companies led to a substantial increase in performance. Among the 24 companies that announced their first-quarter results, 11 companies had increased their performance and even turned losses into profit.Five companies including Jiu’an Medical, Yangpu Medical, Yiling Pharmaceutical, Wanfu Biological, and Wohua Pharmaceutical made it clear that sales of products related to the epidemic have increased, and performance is expected to increase.Among them, Jiu’an Medical expects a net profit of 40 million yuan to 60 million yuan, with the highest annual growth rate of 269.89%, turning losses into profits.After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the frontal temperature gun became the most convenient and cheap weapon for screening public body temperature abnormalities in major public places.For this reason, the Even gun has also become another temporary epidemic prevention material after the mask.Jiu’an Medical therefore received a large number of orders and insisted on not raising prices. By mid-March, the daily output of the temperature gun reached 1.50,000 pcs. It is expected to ship immediately every day, basically zero inventory.In the first quarter performance forecast, Jiu’an Medical weighed and reported the timetable. The company quickly responded to internal public health and epidemic prevention needs, resumed production in advance, and actively expanded production capacity. The temperature measurement series represented by Jiu’an (iHealth) temperature gunsSignificant sales growth has a positive impact on improving the company’s current performance.In addition, the company reports that it has already begun exporting thermometers to foreign countries to help prevent and control the global epidemic.Wohua Pharmaceutical’s performance in the first quarter of this year also increased, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 3654.480,000 yuan-4,466.580,000 yuan, an annual increase of 170% -230%.Volvo Pharmaceuticals’ substantial growth has also benefited from the sharp increase in sales of epidemic-related products.The recommended medicines and heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs of Wohua Pharmaceuticals in the national epidemic situation of the producing countries are Fangfengtongsheng pills, orange-red pear cream, Iris cold granules, antiviral oral liquid, etc. Under the replacement of protection, Wohua Medical Organization will work overtime.The production of such drugs has contributed a new growth point to sales revenue in the first quarter.Yiling Pharmaceutical’s Lianhua Qingwen product has been used for constipation clinically since the outbreak. The paper published by Zhong Nanshan’s team is also clear that it has the effect of inhibiting the replication of new coronavirus cells.Affected by the above benefits, Yiling Pharmaceutical’s revenue in the first quarter of Lianhua Qingwen’s products increased over the same period of the previous year, and the company’s profit in the first quarter.3.3 billion cents-4.$ 6.1 billion, an annual increase of 50% -60%.Yangpu Medical’s epidemic-related automatic capping machines, nucleic acid detection blood collection tubes, sample preservation solutions, swabs, masks and other epidemic-related products are expected to increase by approximately 52 million yuan from the same period last year, which will contribute the most to the first quarter of this year.Yangpu Medical expects net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to increase by 120% -150% in the first quarter.During the epidemic period, Wanfu Biotechnology accelerated the development of new coronavirus testing reagents and successfully passed the national emergency approval channel. Wanfu Biotechnology used the rapid growth of epidemic-related testing product sales revenue to boost the company’s stable growth. It is expected that the first quarter net profit will increase by 25% -35%.Affected by the epidemic, 11 companies expected to increase their performance in 24 companies, 13 companies made it clear that the company’s performance was affected by the epidemic, including Huaren Pharmaceutical, Tomson Baker and 11 companies expected to replace performance.The performance of Watson Bio and Shu Taishen is serious, and it is expected to turn from profit to loss.Sauna and Yewang combing found that these enterprises were mainly responsible for logistics, personnel return to work was blocked due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and hospital diagnosis and treatment services were reduced, which had a certain impact on the company’s first quarter supplies, procurement, pharmaceutical production, and sales.Some vaccine companies suffered severely.Kangtai Biology estimates that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be at least 85% -100% in the first quarter of this year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be -1800 trillion to -23 million yuan, compared with 3873 last year.320,000 yuan, the highest in a year is 159.38%.Both companies said in the reasons for the decline in performance that due to the epidemic, vaccine sales fell, impacting the first quarter results.Watson Bio pointed out that during the epidemic, most of the vaccination clinics suspended their vaccination. Due to the suspension of transportation and logistics, the distribution of vaccine products also encountered great difficulties.The recent outbreak of new coronavirus infection pneumonia may continue to deteriorate, and the company’s international sales business is facing challenges. If the overseas epidemic continues to be serious and severe, the company still has the risk of purchasing some imported raw materials.The company will conduct a comprehensive follow-up and evaluation of domestic and overseas epidemic situations, timely adjust planned operation arrangements, adopt various measures to ensure the safe and orderly development of production and operation, and strive to reduce the adverse impact of the epidemic situation on the company’s production and operation.Kangtai Biological is more optimistic that the internal epidemic situation is controlled, the vaccine is gradually decomposed and recovered, and the company’s operating performance will gradually improve.The remaining nine companies affected by the epidemic are Fuan Pharmaceutical, Yaoshi Technology, Wuwu Biology, Garden Biology, China Resources Sanjiu, Jiuqiang Biology, Beilu Pharmaceutical, Lepu Medical and Shutaishen.Among them, Beilu Pharmaceutical, Lepu Medical and Huaren Pharmaceutical said that the sales of drugs, implanted devices, medical services and other products have been significantly affected due to the continuous decline in hospital outpatient volume, testing volume, and engineering volume.Huaren Pharmaceutical is actively planning to add new business segments, new business contributes part of the profit, and the company returns large bank loans in 2019, financial expenses decreased compared with the same period last year, and the first quarter results are still expected to increase by 0% -20%.Beilu Pharmaceutical expects net profit to decrease by 10% -40% year-on-year; Lepu Medical expects net profit to increase by 28% -40% year-on-year.The largest change in net profit (-193.09%) Shu Taishen turned from a profit to a loss. The company said that sales activities in the first quarter were severely affected by the epidemic, and sales revenue and profits dropped significantly, coupled with an increase in research and development progress, resulting in poor first quarter results.Editor Yue Qingxiu proofreading Li Xiangling

After shooting for 26 years, he only started shooting his childhood.

After shooting for 26 years, he only started shooting his childhood.
Answer: It is the same director-Alfonso Caron.The stills from left to right are: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “Rome” and “Gravity”. Today is Alfonso Caron ‘s 58th birthday.Karon is a director with great Mexican feelings.Too many directors choose to include their stories in the film early in their careers.But Caron was different. It was not until 2017 that he started to make a movie about his childhood-“Roma”. In fact, as early as 1991, Karon had already made the concept of “Rome” when he made his feature film feature film “When Love Is Hysterical”. In these 26 years, Karon has made the fantasy family film “Little Princess”, and also co-directed the love film “Paris, I Love You” with 20 directors. It can be said that Caron started shooting the big production film by directing the third part of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”This includes “Gravity” released in 2013. He has conceived this “Rome” for more than 20 years, winning Karon’s first Golden Lion Award in his life. At the same time, he won three awards for best director, best foreign language film and best photography at the Oscar this year.Sa Jianye editor He Jianwei proofreads Chen Diyan

2017 Snooker World Grand Prix Ding Junhui vs De Lu live broadcast address

2017 Snooker World Grand Prix Ding Junhui vs De Lu live broadcast address
The 2017 Snooker World Grand Prix opened in the UK yesterday morning. Ding Junhui played as the No. 2 seed and will debut in the early hours of the 9th. The first game is against Chinese player Yu Delu.  Snooker World Grand Prix Ding Junhui vs Yu Delu live broadcast address: click to enter    A total of 6 Chinese players have qualified for the Grand Prix, namely Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, Zhou Yuelong and Yu Delu.Ding Junhui was ranked in the second half, which will also be his first event to come back after experiencing the loss of his mother.The total prize money for the Grand Prix is 300,000 pounds, and the championship prize is 100,000 pounds.Liang Wenbo, the first Chinese player who played in the Grand Prix yesterday morning, swept Dell 4-0, advanced to the top 16 with Trump and Hawkins, and Higgins and Michael White played 7 innings to win the game.Si was regretfully out of the opponent’s lore.延伸阅读:2017斯诺克世界大奖赛最新赛程对阵签表2017斯诺克世界大奖赛奥沙利文vs颜丙涛全场比赛视频2017年斯诺克大奖赛梁文博4-0携小特过关 希金斯出局斯诺克大奖赛小将颜丙涛负奥沙利文 傅家俊4-2进次轮

In the 2015 Western Conference finals, Curry was thrown a fine of 5,000 US dollars and touched Jones to fly out _1

In the 2015 Western Conference finals, Curry was thrown a fine of 5,000 US dollars and touched Jones to fly out.
The NBA officially announced that in the opening game of the Western Conference Finals, regular season MVP winner Stephen Curry will be fined $5,000 for violating the league’s rules on fake falls.  Curry’s fall fell in the fourth quarter of the last game.It was 3 minutes and 08 seconds before the end of the game. The Rockets missed the offense. Curry grabbed the rebound and quickly advanced to the front court.Outside the three-point line, Curry first had a physical contact with Brewer and pulled up the shot directly after squeezing away the opponent.At this time, the Rockets insider Jones caught up from behind and jumped up to cover. Curry seemed to be hit, his body lost his center of gravity in the air, and then fell to the ground.But it was in this situation that Curry still hit the ball, making people call it incredible.Curry was throwing a penalty. Curry touched Jones and flew directly out of the first look. Curry did indeed shoot very high. He was able to hit a three-pointer in an incredible posture in the face of continuous physical confrontation.It’s too bad.Some people even questioned the referee. Why didn’t the ball blow Jones foul?  But after the video snapshot, things are not like this.It turned out that Jones had no physical contact with Curry during the jump preparation.It was Curry who twisted himself after the ball shot, pretending to be hit, and then fell to the ground. His purpose was obvious, that was to defraud.From the action point of view, Curry’s acting has exploded and has reached the MVP level, deceiving most people’s eyes.However, the referee was clear and did not punish Jones for a foul, giving the Warriors a 3+1 chance to be the star.  From the perspective of professional players, the reason why Curry fell is also for the benefit of himself and the team. This is understandable.But for the Rockets, they will become smarter when they defend Curry.Once Curry cheated the foul with an exaggerated performance, they would promptly correct the referee and put pressure on them instead of being dumb.  Of course, if it weren’t for throwing away, Curry’s three-pointer made a key impact on the game. This ball helped the Warriors expand their advantage to 9 points.Throughout the game, Curry hit 34 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.(Shawn)

His pen takes root, the novel is more cruel than the movie

His pen takes root, the novel is more cruel than the movie | 夜 问
The poster elements come from the poster of the TV series “Red Sorghum”.Answer: A / B / C Mo Yan, formerly known as Guan Moye, was born on February 17, 1955. The writer, if he wants to add this title to this title, it will be the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (2012) Years), but the film and television dramas based on his works became popular in the rivers and rivers before and after him. More people may only know “Red Sorghum” before the Nobel Prize, but they don’t know Mo Yan.His work style is full of vibrant squires, and some people call him a “root-seeking literature” writer.The film “Red Sorghum” directed by Zhang Yimou was adapted from the novel “Red Sorghum” published by Mo Yan in 1986, starring Jiang Wen and Gong Li. The film won the Golden Rooster Award and the Hundred Flowers Award, and won the Golden Bear Award abroad, becoming the trend of Chinese film.In the world, Mo Yan, one of the screenwriters, was only 33 years old.In 2014, director Zheng Xiaolong also filmed the TV series “Red Sorghum”, starring Zhou Xun, Zhu Yawen, Yu Rongguang and others.After that, Zhang Yimou and Mo Yan collaborated again and made the film “Happy Time”, which was adapted from Mo Yan’s novel “The Master Is Getting Humor”, starring Zhao Benshan, Dong Jie and others, Zhao Benshan playing the retired worker Zhao, in order to find a wifeAbandoned bus was used to open a “Happy Time Cabin” for men and women. In the process, a blind woman (Dong Jie) was taken by the woman. To help the abandoned blind woman survive, Lao Zhao didI have chosen my own . similar to the original, the movie is too warm.There is no role of a blind woman in the original book, or it mainly reflects the situation of laid-off workers and the suppressed emotions between men and women.In addition, his novel “White Dog Swing Frame” was adapted into the film “Warm”, directed by Huo Jianqi, starring Kagawa Shigeru, Guo Xiaodong, Li Jia, the film has won the best film at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Japanese actor Kagawa ShinnoAlso won the best actor.The novel tells about the fate of a couple of men and women in the countryside. The girl fell into disability due to an accident and can only marry the dumb in the village. The children are also dumb. The boy went to college and found things wrong in the village for many years. “Frog” is the name of Mo Yan’s novel, not the title of a movie or TV series.

21st La Liga Round 19 Real Madrid VS Malaga online video live broadcast address _1

21st La Liga Round 19 Real Madrid VS Malaga online video live broadcast address
At 23:15 on the evening of January 21st, Beijing time, in the 19th round of the La Liga in the 2016-17 season, Real Madrid played in Bernabeu at home against Malaga.Real Madrid VS Malaga online video live broadcast address: La Liga Live 1 (PPTV webpage) interactive graphic live game nature: La Liga live match: Real Madrid VS Malaga live time: 2017-01-21 Saturday 23:15 expected to start Real Madrid(433): Navas/Danillo, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo/Cross, Casemiro, Modric/Vazquez, Benzema, C Romaraga (4231): Cameni/Rosales, Munoz, Villanueva, Juan Carlos/Camacho, Recio/Santos, Fornals, Castro/PeniaLanda injury summary Real Madrid injured/missing: Bell, Carvajal are the problem: Pepe, J Ronaldo, Casimiro Pepe are left with other injuries, this round is a problem, and Bell still needs one or two injuriesmonth.  Malaga injury/missing: Charles (forward), Veliton (back), Koko (midfield), Kuzmanovic (midfield), Kone (back), Yusev (forward) confrontation review  The two teams have played 70 times in the history of La Liga. Real Madrid have 44 wins, 16 draws and 10 losses, scoring 144 goals and 71 goals.At home, Real Madrid is 35 wins, 28 wins and 7 draws, scored 84 goals and lost 22 goals to remain undefeated.However, the two teams have fought in the past 2 times. Real Madrid and Malaga have tied. In the sixth round of the league last season, Benitez led the opponent 0-0. In the 25th round, Zidane led the teamDraw with the Andalusian team 1-1.

I hear this song every Spring Festival | Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign

I hear this song every Spring Festival | Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign
Every Monday, Sauna Net x National Grand Theater Day Sign opens the Good Morning Music column on Monday to awaken the vitality of the week with music.As the Spring Festival is approaching, the first issue of “Good Morning Monday” presents a piece “Spring Festival Overture” that will be heard every year during the Spring Festival, selected by the Chinese Film Orchestra that will perform at the National Grand Theater on January 20.On the evening of the 20th, Li Huan ‘s masterpiece will also be brought to the live version by Fan Tao.Scan the code to listen to “Good Morning Song” “Spring Festival Overture” is the first movement of “Spring Festival Suite”, the official name is “Spring Festival Suite First Movement”.”Overture-Big Yangge” is often taken out and played alone.It is the highest composer and music theorist Li Huanzhi based on the life experience of the Yan’an period. A work created in the 1950s shows the scene of the people who were in the revolutionary base during the Spring Festival.Its melodies and melody are shared together, and the theme of its performance is a grand festival with a crowd base. Therefore, after its creation, it gradually evolved into a small tradition attached to the “Spring Festival”.Especially after the popularity of the TV Spring Festival Gala, this song is even more popular.This piece of music is an orchestral piece composed of traditional folk Yangge tones, rhythms and folk songs from Northern Shaanxi.The author takes the title of the traditional Chinese festival “Spring Festival” to show the scenes of the people in the revolutionary base areas who are warm and joyous during the Spring Festival and the moving picture of unity and friendship and mutual celebration.Saina Yee Editor Tian Xiani proofreading Li Shihui