His pen takes root, the novel is more cruel than the movie

His pen takes root, the novel is more cruel than the movie | 夜 问
The poster elements come from the poster of the TV series “Red Sorghum”.Answer: A / B / C Mo Yan, formerly known as Guan Moye, was born on February 17, 1955. The writer, if he wants to add this title to this title, it will be the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (2012) Years), but the film and television dramas based on his works became popular in the rivers and rivers before and after him. More people may only know “Red Sorghum” before the Nobel Prize, but they don’t know Mo Yan.His work style is full of vibrant squires, and some people call him a “root-seeking literature” writer.The film “Red Sorghum” directed by Zhang Yimou was adapted from the novel “Red Sorghum” published by Mo Yan in 1986, starring Jiang Wen and Gong Li. The film won the Golden Rooster Award and the Hundred Flowers Award, and won the Golden Bear Award abroad, becoming the trend of Chinese film.In the world, Mo Yan, one of the screenwriters, was only 33 years old.In 2014, director Zheng Xiaolong also filmed the TV series “Red Sorghum”, starring Zhou Xun, Zhu Yawen, Yu Rongguang and others.After that, Zhang Yimou and Mo Yan collaborated again and made the film “Happy Time”, which was adapted from Mo Yan’s novel “The Master Is Getting Humor”, starring Zhao Benshan, Dong Jie and others, Zhao Benshan playing the retired worker Zhao, in order to find a wifeAbandoned bus was used to open a “Happy Time Cabin” for men and women. In the process, a blind woman (Dong Jie) was taken by the woman. To help the abandoned blind woman survive, Lao Zhao didI have chosen my own . similar to the original, the movie is too warm.There is no role of a blind woman in the original book, or it mainly reflects the situation of laid-off workers and the suppressed emotions between men and women.In addition, his novel “White Dog Swing Frame” was adapted into the film “Warm”, directed by Huo Jianqi, starring Kagawa Shigeru, Guo Xiaodong, Li Jia, the film has won the best film at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Japanese actor Kagawa ShinnoAlso won the best actor.The novel tells about the fate of a couple of men and women in the countryside. The girl fell into disability due to an accident and can only marry the dumb in the village. The children are also dumb. The boy went to college and found things wrong in the village for many years. “Frog” is the name of Mo Yan’s novel, not the title of a movie or TV series.

Children of the Rivers and Lakes nominated the best international film of the British Independent Film Awards

“Children of the Rivers and Lakes” nominated the best international film of the British Independent Film Awards
The poster of “David Copperfield’s Personal History” on October 30, the 22nd British Independent Film Awards announced the nomination list.”David Copperfield’s Personal History” led by 11 nominations, and “Wild Rose” followed by 10 nominations.”Bait”, “For Sama”, “Souvenir” and the two films above nominated the best British independent film.Nominations for Best International Independent Films for “Jianghu Children”, “Marriage Story”, “Monkey”, “Parasite” and “Portrait of a Burning Woman”.Sally Hawkins, Renee Zweig, Josh O’Connor, Dave Patel, Jessica Baden, Elizabeth Debitsky, Tilda Swinton, Hugh LaurieStandards for nominated actors. The British Independent Film Awards is a constitution that predicts and commends the British Independent Film of the Year.In this name, there are often some hot Oscar movies.It is reported that the award ceremony was antique on December 1. Shortlist: Best British independent film “Bait”, “For Sama” and “David?”Copperfield’s Personal History, “Souvenirs”, “Wild Roses” Best International Independent Film “Children of the Rivers and Lakes”, “Marriage Story”, “Monkey”, “Parasites”, “Portrait of the Burning Woman” Waad Al-Khateab / Edward Watts “For Sama” Oliver Hermanus “Pansy” Joanna Hogg “Souvenir” Mark Jenkin “Bait” Asver?Cappadil “Maradona” best script “Souvenir” “Wild Rose” “Sorry, we missed you” “Fabric” “David”Copperfield’s Personal History “Best Actress Jesse.Buckley “Wild Rose” Hollyday.Granger “Dublin Animals” Sally?Hawkins “Eternal Beauty” Vichy?Knight Renee?Is it the best actor Sam Adewunmi of “Judy” by Zweig Tom?Burke “Souvenir” Chris?Hitchin “I’m sorry, we missed you” Josh?Dave O’Connor “Only You”?Patel “David?Copperfield’s Personal History “Best Supporting Actress Jessica.Baden “Scarburg” Ruthxjiah Bellenea “The Last Tree” Elizabeth?Derby Qiwei “Vita and the Air Force” Tilda?Swindon’s “David?”Copperfield’s Personal History “Julie?Waters “Wild Rose” Best Supporting Actor Chevat?Egafor’s “Wind Control Boy” Hugh?Laurie “David?Copperfield’s Personal History “Edison?Manuel?Orbella?Nunez “Yunli” Peter?Muran’s “Towerman” Bluey Robinson’s “Broken God” best debut director Will?Beecher & Richard Phelan “Lamb Shawn 2” Fyzal Boulifa “Lynn and Lucy” Ninian Doff “Boy in the Woods” Chewat?Egafor’s “Boy in the Wind” Halle?The only new screenwriter for Woolleaf “Only You” can break through the productions of “Cross Life”, “Bait”, “Blue Story”, “Alternating Stranger”, and “Pisa”.Sha?Owens “Summer of Bagnold” Nicole?Taylor “Wild Rose” Emma Jane Ensworth “Dublin Animals” Halle?Woodruff “Only You” Most Promising Newcomer Award Sam Advenmi “Last Tree” Vichy?Knight “The God of Dirty” Lorn Macdonald “Crazy Beat” Roxanne Scrimshaw “Lynn and Lucy” Ono?Swindon?Byrne “Souvenirs” Best Records “53 Years Coup” “Maradona” “For Sama” “Hippocampus” “Tell Me Who I Am” Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao Editor Xu Qiaoyang proofread Wu Xingfa

[Homemade pickled bamboo shoots]_Homemade pickled bamboo shoots_Homemade pickled bamboo shoots Daquan_Homemade pickled bamboo shoots

[Homemade pickled bamboo shoots]_Homemade pickled bamboo shoots_Homemade pickled bamboo shoots Daquan_Homemade pickled bamboo shoots

The development of modern society, the invention of many household appliances, cooking at home is actually easier, but found that many people do not cook, maybe because of the pressure of life and work, the rapid development of takeaway catering, many people are notI will be in the kitchen. Today I will introduce to you how to make home-made pickled bamboo shoots.


Wash and cut oblique slices of bamboo shoots.


21 chopped shallots.


Heat the fat in a cold pan.


Slowly boil the oil. Although the bamboo shoots eat oil, the fat boiled oil is enough.

Those who like to eat meat can also make braised pork, just add bamboo shoots at the end.


1 Pour in water to cook the bamboo shoots.


2 Pour the bamboo shoots and stir well.

Add a small amount of salt, because the sauerkraut is salty, just add a little salt. You can also add it before you go out.


Add sauerkraut, without stirring, cover directly and simmer until the water is almost dry.


Add thirteen incense, chicken essence, oyster sauce, soy sauce.


Mix well and place in a pan.


You can use your own imagination and add some dishes to avoid home-cooked dishes.

The pursuit of quality, but also rarely gossip, the needs can be adapted on their own.

For some people, it may be simple to make home-made sauerkraut and bamboo shoots, but only if you really pay for it can you really make it.

[Introduction of how to make mung bean soup]_How to do_How to do

[Introduction of how to make mung bean soup]_How to do_How to do

On a hot summer day, it is easy to get dizzy when you are busy with your work.

Students are also extremely drowsy when listening to lessons.

Even more uncomfortable is that high blood pressure exercise causes us to sweat and thirst.

At this time, you really need a cup of cold mung bean soup. While quenching thirst and cooling down, make your whole body cool down and make your brain awake.

Making mung bean soup is definitely a good way to deal with the heat.

Efficacy: Mung bean soup has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, quenching thirst and relieving heat.

Mung beans are rich in nutrients and are a type of legume with high economic and nutritional value.

Mung bean soup is a traditional Chinese traditional recipe for relieving the heat.

Mung bean soup has a variety of cooking methods and a variety of flavors. The main ones are barley mung bean soup, lily mung bean soup, pumpkin mung bean soup, and kelp mung bean soup.

Experts remind people who are physically weak can’t drink mung bean soup every day.

Drinking mung bean soup blindly can cause diarrhea or reduce immunity of the digestive system.

step 1.

Buy mung beans back, pick them a little, and pick out the bad ones.

Then soak in cold water for half an hour and then wash it off.

Step 2.

Put cold water in an electric pressure cooker and pour mung beans. The amount of boiling water should be 2 or 3 cm.

Press the[bean hoof tendon]key in the pressure cooker for about 35 minutes.

Pressure Selection-Hard to Cook.

Taste Selection-Rich.

Step 4.

Remove the mung bean skin after opening the lid and add the right amount of rock sugar.

Step 5.

It is also very good to drink in the refrigerator or when it is not hot.

Mung beans have the effect of dehumidifying heat, so if you are not troublesome in summer, you can cook more at home.

Matters needing attention: 1. Mung bean is cold, and those with debilitating constitution should not drink more mung bean soup.

2. Mung bean soup is not difficult to cook. After being soaked in water, the mung bean soup is easy to soften.

[Does the consumption of soda ash be harmful to the human body?

銆 愰  鐢 ㄧ Letter 庰 卞  浜 Bang 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 綋 Chain  钖 梍 钖 冮  鐢 ㄧ ⒈ 瀵 Wandering around in the Han Dynasty?
How to do it?  粡 宁 篡 漓 椁 愰  钖 冮 キ 啄 勪 汉 獞 簲 簲 烧 煡 阆 揪 氪 氆 進 氃 將 氕 進 将 氆 氆 氆 氆 氆 氆 将 氆 将 氆 将 氃勫彛鎰燂紝灏变細鍔犲叆涓€浜涢鐢ㄧ⒈锛屽洜涓洪鐢ㄧ⒈鍙互璁╄倝鍙樺緱鐖芥粦椴滃銆傞鐢ㄧ⒈涔熷簲璇ユ槸姣忓姣忔埛閮藉繀澶囩殑涓€绉嶇函纰憋紝鍥犱负椋熺敤纰卞湪鍒朵綔闈㈤鐨勬椂鍊欐槸涓€涓繀涓嶅彲灏戠殑瑙掕壊銆備笉杩囨湁涓€浜涗汉杩樻槸浼氳€冭檻缁忓父椋熺敤椋熺敤纰辩殑璇濅細瀵逛汉浣撴湁鍗卞鍚? 纰卞浜轰綋鏈夊嵄瀹冲悧1銆佹垜浠鐨勭⒈锛屽彧灞€闄愪簬椋熺敤纰便€傞鐢ㄧ⒈锛屾槸鎸囨湁鍒簬宸 ヤ 笟 鐢 ㄧ ⒈ 啄 勭 勭 信 纰?What is it?鈜 屽 璬 電 忦 哦 (Qun pumping?It ‘s hard to tell you what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?湁鍖哄埆銆傞鐢ㄧ⒈鍛堝浐浣撶姸鎬侊紝鍦嗗舰锛岃壊娲佺櫧锛屾槗婧朵簬姘淬€傞纰卞苟涓嶆槸涓€绉嶅父鐢ㄨ皟鍛冲搧锛屽畠鍙槸涓€绉嶉鍝佺枏鏉惧墏鍜岃倝绫诲鍖栧墏锛岃兘浣垮共璐у師鏂欒繀閫熸定鍙戯紝杞寲绾ょ淮锛屽幓闄ゅ彂闈㈠洟鐨勯吀鍛筹紝閫傚綋浣跨敤鍙负椋熷搧甯︽潵鏋佷匠鐨勮壊銆侀銆佸懗銆佸舰锛屼互澧炶繘浜轰滑鐨勯娆层€傞纰卞ぇ閲忓簲鐢ㄤ簬椋熷搧鍔犲伐涓婂闈㈡潯銆侀潰鍖呫€侀澶寸瓑銆?I am afraid to read it, and I am trying to make a detailed analysis of it, and I am thinking about it, and I am thinking about it.Theft and the illusion of the sickness and the village of Chongcun, as well as the adversity, the details, the details, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rulesWhat is it?纰辩殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?.鍦ㄥ彂闈㈢殑杩囩▼涓細鏈夊井鐢熺墿鐢熸垚閰革紝闈㈠洟鍙戣捣鍚庝細鍙橀吀锛屽繀椤诲姞纰辨€х墿璐ㄤ腑鍜岋紝鎵嶈兘鍒朵綔鍑虹編鍛崇殑闈㈤;2.绾⒈鎴栫⒊閰告阿閽犺兘涓拰娣辩豢鑹茶敩鑿滀笂鐢变簬鍐滆嵂鐨勮繃閲忓柗鏂借€岀矘鐫€鐨勬湁鏈洪吀鎴.?The key points are: the key chain, the key chain, the key chain, the key chain, the key chain, the key element, the key element, the key element, the key element, the key element, the key element, and the key point. 3.爾 ⒈Chain 叮 珮珮 紅 殑 鑴 braid just wiped out.4.爾 ⒈ 关 勳 詀 倀 退 剧 帀 軀 飛 兆 姆 将 気 閃 喃 善 咄 勭 喫 喰 閰 菰 Block Blocks Nickel Chain Links  鐢 ㄧ 尬 氬 環 滃 細 滬 細 绰 揰 細細 細 滃 揵鐜夌背涓殑鐑熼吀缂轰箯鑰屾偅鐧炵毊鐥呫€?

Hongqi Chain (002697) 2019 Third Quarter Report Preview Commentary-Performance Exceeds Expected Sustainable Growth

Hongqi Chain (002697) 2019 Third Quarter Report Preview Commentary-Performance Exceeds Expected Sustainable Growth
The company’s main business is located in the harvest period after high-speed expansion. Digital empowerment optimizes categories, accurate marketing, and strengthens internal control management to promote profitability. Xinwang Bank is in a rapid growth period. The main business and investment income drive the companySustainable performance 北京桑拿洗浴保健 growth. Performance exceeded expectations.The company released a three-quarter report preview, which is expected to achieve net profit attributable to Q1 to Q3 of 20193.8 billion?4.1 ‰, one year ago + 50%?+ 60%; of which the company achieved net profit attributable to the third quarter of 20191.6 billion?1.700 million yuan per year + 60%?+ 70%. In the main business, Xinnet Bank’s profit exceeded expectations.We estimate that XinQian Bank, which holds 15% of the company’s shares in Q1-Q3 2019, will realize net profit8.0 billion?8.70,000 yuan, contributing investment income1.2000000000?1.3 yuan; of which 2019Q1 / Q2 / Q3 Xinnet Bank contributed investment income of 26.65 million / 45.35 million / 50 million respectively?60 million yuan (55.29 million yuan in 2018A).Excluding the investment income contributed by Xinwang Bank, the net profit of the company’s main business in Q1 to Q3 2019 is estimated to be about 2.80,000 yuan, about + 27% at the beginning of the year; of which the main business attributable net profit in the third quarter of 2019 was about 1.10,000 yuan, about + 29% a year (+15 for Q1 / Q2 in 2019.2% / + 30.4%). The same store speeded up, and the number of stores increased. The total number of stores has exceeded 3,000.2019Q1-Q3, the same-store growth rate is estimated to be 3%?4%.According to the company’s official website data, as of 2019/10/13, the company has opened a total of 3,028 stores, and it is estimated that the Q3 company will increase its net increase of about 70 stores and increase the number of exhibition stores (2018A / 2019H1 exhibition stores 146/168).The company has accelerated the development of stores in large Chengdu and inland-level cities in the province. It is estimated that it will initially display about 300 stores. It is expected that multiple factors will continue to promote the improvement of gross profit margin and lead the industry.1) The level of informatization continues to improve, and data guides the optimization of SKUs, reducing low-moving sales and low gross profit products; 2) Thousands of stores, improving store positioning, product structure, value-added services, etc., and matching with surrounding customers; 3) Relying on scaleBenefits, optimizing the supply chain, global direct mining, brand direct mining, and the increase in the proportion of direct source mining products; 4) Continuous expansion of value-added business. Empower technology to enhance freshness.In 2019H1, the company has completed more than 20 supplementary system development work. The Red Flag Cloud Big Data platform helps to accurately select sites, select products, and improve marketing to improve efficiency.The company continues to promote in-depth cooperation with Yonghui Fresh, and plans to increase its stores after the renovation by 20%?30%, it is estimated that there will be 300 fresh food stores in 2019; the company acquired 9010 supermarket to replace the short board for meals. Risk factors: Expansion of new stores, fresh food business progress is less than expected; industry competition intensifies. Investment suggestion: Taking into account the company’s main business, Xinwang Bank has entered the harvest period and raised the 杭州桑拿网 company’s operating income forecast for 2019-2021 to 76.8 billion / 80.8 billion / 85.500 million (was 75).700 million / 79.600 million / 84.200 million), raised the attributable net profit forecast to 5.200 million / 6.8 billion / 8.700 million (was 4).5 billion / 5.700 million / 7.1 ‰), corresponding to EPS 0.38/0.50/0.64 yuan (was 0.33/0.42/0.52 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating.

Guizhou Bailing (002424) coverage report for the first time: Miao and Yao integration project continues to advance

Guizhou Bailing (002424) coverage report for the first time: Miao and Yao integration project continues to advance
The first coverage gives the company a neutral rating.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.32/0.33/0.35 yuan, with reference to industry competitors PE28X 2020, given a target price of 9.32 北京夜网 yuan, the first coverage given a neutral rating. Revenue from traditional Miao medicine business has steadily increased.The company is a listed pharmaceutical company that integrates the research and development, production and sales of seedling medicines. With the implementation of “technological seedling medicine, cultural seedling medicine, ecological seedling medicine” as the starting point, the H1 core product Yindan Xinnaotong soft capsule is realized in 2019.Sales revenue 3.560,000 yuan, an increase of 36 over the same period in 2018.41%, granule products represented by Xiaoer Chaigui Antipyretic Granules, Shuangyang throat Bitong Granules, Xiaoke Granules, sales revenue in the first half of 20193.2.2 billion, an increase of 29 over the same period last year.32%.The company’s overall Chinese patent medicine sales revenue for 夜来香体验网 H1 in 201912.08 million yuan, a slight increase of 4 in ten years.30%. The Miao-Medical integration project continued to advance.Tangning Tongluo is an important variety developed by the company for Shengjinzhike, Huoxue Tongluo, clearing heat and purging fire.Through the establishment of multiple traditional Chinese medicine diabetes hospitals in Guiyang and Changsha, the company has actively developed an integrated Miao medicine project with Tangning Tongluo as its core competitiveness. The Tangning Tongluo project has obtained clinical approval for military medical preparations from 301 Hospitals.The hospitals, Ruikang Hospital affiliated to Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Guang’anmen Hospital and other well-known domestic Chinese medicine third-tier hospitals have launched cooperation on the Tangning Tongluo project, all of which have entered the evaluation stage.If the development of future projects progresses smoothly, the company’s competition in the pharmaceutical industry can be strengthened, and the basic catalyst for achieving the company’s development strategy and sustainable development: the development of the Tangning Tongluo project has achieved significant progress. Risk reminder: Some of the company’s core varieties of Chinese medicine have entered the key monitoring catalog.

Lin Zhiling’s perfect skin requires only three simple steps_1

Lin Zhiling’s perfect skin requires only three simple steps

Standing 175 cm tall, she has a sweet face and a well-built figure. The red model who is popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan also replaced Xiao Qiang and was elected “the first beauty in Taiwan.

To her, her own beauty has become accustomed to, but she also has to share with us that women can not help but pay attention to their own “three treasures”.

  1.Eyelashes-Touching Eyes Can Talk Lin Zhiling said that the only point of makeup is the eyes: “I think the eyes are a window for you to show your charm.

I use mascara to brush my lashes constantly until it is thick and dense.

You can also use a hair dryer to blow the eyelash curler, and when it is hot, clip it again, just like the principle of perming, and the eyelashes will quickly bend and curl.


Hair-Waterfall straight hair cleansed “Every morning I get up, drink a full glass of boiling water, then wash my hair and wash my hair.

Every Wednesday, I will use a deep cleansing shampoo to thoroughly clean the hair. In fact, the shampoo and hair care products we usually use contain fluorescent agents, which will make the hair soft and leave a residue on the surface of the hair.As time goes by, it also hurts the hair, so you should use pure natural deep cleansing shampoo products to remove these harmful substances every week to ensure that the hair breathes smoothly, so that it can better absorb nutrients.

Beautiful breasts-The day after tomorrow, she is known for her beautiful breasts. She has always shown that her breasts are not born plump.

She revealed her secret to breast enhancement, that is, she will carefully massage her breasts every time she takes a bath, and she must press it until it hurts!

Finally, water must be flushed from bottom to top, and the key is to flush with cold water.

And usually Lin Zhiling will boil breast soup for herself, but she also does not forget to drink a thin meal cooked with soy milk, so she maintains a slim figure and an outstanding score of 34C!

Refusing to be busy with beavers

Refusing to be busy with beavers

Beaver is a very intelligent animal that likes to live near weedy water moorings.

The reason why it is smart is not because its nesting technology makes it difficult for many animals to look back, but also because it has a unique skill: repairing the water gap.

Instinctively, Beaver likes to keep the amount of water in the place of residence and try to stop the loss of water.

There is a gap in the mouth, there will be a sound of running water, the beaver will come to hear this sound, the branch will come, the soil and other things will block the gap.

  Zoologists have done such an experiment: put a tape recorder on the shore (actually no gaps), and keep playing the sound of running water.

Soon, the beavers heard the sound, although there were exceptions to them, but for the sake of safety, they would apply a thick layer of mud near the sound source before they left.

When they return here, when they hear the sound of running water, they will once again come to the soil. Don’t think that the beaver is ridiculous. In fact, there are many people like “Beaver” in life. Perhaps you are one of them.

Do not believe?

Take a look at the story below.

  Xiao Ming is a second-year student of a middle school. Because of her excellent academic performance and helpfulness, she has never violated the school rules and regulations, and won praises from teachers and students.

Originally such a student can be called a “model”, but there is a shortcoming: too suspicious.

He is not skeptical that others are sorry for himself, but always worried about what he has done wrong.

Once, because he was outstanding in a spring tour, he was praised by the teacher afterwards.

After class, a classmate jokingly said to the squad leader: “Xiao Ming is so good at learning, and so good at uniting classmates. It takes a long time. The position of your squad leader can be difficult to protect!

Said, taking a shot of the squad leader.

The classmates laughed and the squad leader also joined in the fun: “Yes, Xiao Ming can let me point, don’t grab my position.”

“The speaker is unintentional, the listener is interested, this sentence makes Xiao Ming feel uneasy all day.”

He thought: Isn’t the squad leader thinking that it poses a threat to him? If this is the case, I can. After school, Xiao Ming bites his teeth, steals the squad leader to a quiet place, and apologizes to the squad leader again and again.Declaring that I have no idea to replace it, the squad leader is laughing and laughing.

In this way, almost all of the students accepted Xiao Ming’s “apology”.

In the face of a classmate with so many hearts, other people have to try to talk less to him, and of course there are very few jokes.

Over time, the students will inevitably become bored with him, and Xiao Ming is afraid of his own suspicion all day, becoming more and more isolated.

In this way, Xiao Ming and everyone gradually alienated.

  In fact, in life, anyone will inevitably make mistakes, no big deal, and seriously fill it up.

However, if you are always suspicious like Xiao Ming, you can always think that you have done something wrong with others, and you are busy with “filling up” all day, what is the difference between beavers who have repaired “gap” again and again

Such a person, not tired, is strange!

Summer Bodybuilding Recipe: Freshly Squeezed Carrot Juice

Summer Bodybuilding Recipe: Freshly Squeezed Carrot Juice

Carrots are rich in carrots and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K, folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber. They can almost be compared to the comprehensive vitamin pills. It is recommended that you drink more carrot juice every day to improveMetabolism naturally reduces weight.

  In fact, people who are prone to gain weight are mainly due to their low metabolic capacity and poor circulation function. As a result, excess traces and water are accumulated in the body, and they become the main cause of obesity over time.

Carrot juice is like a dagger knife, which cuts off this vicious circle. It can be said that it is an essential nutrient for beauty-loving women every day.

  In addition, it can treat constipation, prevent colds, strengthen vision, with a basket of additional effects.

Even a lazy weight-loss person can easily do it; while adjusting the figure, maintain health.

Furthermore, carrot juice also suppresses the desire to eat sweet or greasy food.

Some people can even use carrot juice to drop 10 kilograms of glucose in a glucose month without restricting their diet.

  Use a fruit and vegetable juicer or blender to squeeze a cup of carrot juice, drink 1-2 times a day, drink before meals, do not have to control your diet, adjust the amount according to your physical and physical conditions, you can slowly throw away some extra aunts.

  Here is a “raw drink carrot juice diet”.

Fast for 1-2 days and drink only carrot juice.

It doesn’t matter how much carrot juice you drink during a fast.

On the third day, there was only one meal, and the remaining two meals were porridge and green vegetables to warm and ferment.

In this round, you can lose about 2-3 kg!

  Material: Carrot (about 200 grams) Practice: 1.

The skin of carrots is rich in nutrients. The skin is thoroughly washed with a brush and water, and cut into round pieces.


If you don’t find it easy to drink carrot juice alone, you can add apples, tomatoes, or bananas to stir the juice, or use lemon juice and honey to flavor it.


Cut the carrots into the appropriate size and add to the fruit and vegetable juicer or blender.

The carrot juice coming out of the blender is a viscous carrot puree, which retains the nutrition of the carrot intact. It is best to drink it without a drop.

If you use a fruit and vegetable juicer, after you squeeze out the carrot juice, there will be residues in the juicer. These residues are rich in dietary fiber. You should grab a small amount and soak it in the carrot juice.No waste.


If you don’t have a fruit and vegetable juicer or blender, you can also prepare a cutting board and put the carrots on top and rub them hard to produce thin strips of carrots.

Of course, it is OK to eat these carrots raw. If you wrap them in gauze, you can squeeze the juice to drink.