I hear this song every Spring Festival | Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign

I hear this song every Spring Festival | Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign
Every Monday, Sauna Net x National Grand Theater Day Sign opens the Good Morning Music column on Monday to awaken the vitality of the week with music.As the Spring Festival is approaching, the first issue of “Good Morning Monday” presents a piece “Spring Festival Overture” that will be heard every year during the Spring Festival, selected by the Chinese Film Orchestra that will perform at the National Grand Theater on January 20.On the evening of the 20th, Li Huan ‘s masterpiece will also be brought to the live version by Fan Tao.Scan the code to listen to “Good Morning Song” “Spring Festival Overture” is the first movement of “Spring Festival Suite”, the official name is “Spring Festival Suite First Movement”.”Overture-Big Yangge” is often taken out and played alone.It is the highest composer and music theorist Li Huanzhi based on the life experience of the Yan’an period. A work created in the 1950s shows the scene of the people who were in the revolutionary base during the Spring Festival.Its melodies and melody are shared together, and the theme of its performance is a grand festival with a crowd base. Therefore, after its creation, it gradually evolved into a small tradition attached to the “Spring Festival”.Especially after the popularity of the TV Spring Festival Gala, this song is even more popular.This piece of music is an orchestral piece composed of traditional folk Yangge tones, rhythms and folk songs from Northern Shaanxi.The author takes the title of the traditional Chinese festival “Spring Festival” to show the scenes of the people in the revolutionary base areas who are warm and joyous during the Spring Festival and the moving picture of unity and friendship and mutual celebration.Saina Yee Editor Tian Xiani proofreading Li Shihui

China CITIC Bank won the Smart Enterprise award

China CITIC Bank won the “Smart Enterprise” award
In WeChat’s annual offline public event “2020 WeChat Open Course PRO”, CITIC Bank, as a bank representative, together with China Merchants Group and Ping An Life Insurance, jointly achieved the 2019 “Smart Enterprise” award.  In 2019, China CITIC Bank integrated the ecosystem of Tencent Cloud through the open platform of enterprise WeChat, and created the “smart administration” service system of China CITIC Bank.”Smart administration” has systematic planning and innovative ideas for the application of corporate WeChat.Fully utilized, the application scenarios of smart administration are rich and in-depth, and the bank’s “keeping temperature” concept is integrated into the care of employees’ work and life, and around the high-quality ecology of CITIC Bank; alternative, smart administration empowers retail, publicBusiness, using the connection between corporate WeChat and WeChat ecosystem to build innovative marketing tools to support business development.This has also become the top priority for China CITIC Bank to win this award.  The so-called “smart administration” is to realize the digital operation of administrative services through scientific and technological forces, changing “employee errands” to “information errands”, so that employees can experience convenient, safe and intelligent administrative services.According to reports, the “smart administration” service platform is based on the application of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud technology and other emerging technologies to build a framework, with product-oriented thinking, digital operation concept for research and development.The first phase of the project was successfully put into operation last year, and the services currently provided include three major segments: smart buildings, employee services and intelligent services.Smart buildings include non-sense attendance, conference reservations, visitor appointments, smart work stations, mobile repairs, parking management, restaurant traffic, etc .; employee services include smart containers, mobile repairs, coffee masters, business appointments, laundry services, mobile administrative approval, etc.; Intelligent services include administrative brains, welcome robots, administrative customer service robots, etc.Among them, the WeChat mini-program face-check attendance, corporate WeChat APP to reserve meeting rooms, restaurant traffic mobile monitoring and other functions are most popular with employees.  ”In actual promotion, we have gradually discovered that the ‘smart administration’ service platform can not only optimize resource allocation, improve management quality and efficiency, and reduce operating costs, but also possess productized output capabilities and value-added attributes for business expansion.”The relevant person in charge of the administrative department of CITIC Bank said,” Inside the bank, the expansion of the expansion branch has been achieved, and the cost of repeated development in the bank has been greatly reduced; going out is also used as a value-added product for expanding retail, corporate and other banking services andStrong grasp.This is the direction of our next efforts.”It is understood that this year’s” Smart Administration “project team of China CITIC Bank will focus on exporting work to better assist business development.At the same time, actively promote the construction of the second phase of the project to expand more intelligent applications.Following the overall plan, the “smart administration” service platform will be built into an open ecological model in the future to truly achieve a win-win situation for employees, enterprises, and partners.

[How long can the chicken liver be cooked]_How to cook_How long to cook

銆 愰 Floating insets  撔 呰 兘 頦  啛 銆 慱 Pick up 宝 箞 頞 頠 镠  涔?
楦¤倽鏄竴绉嶅緢濂藉悆鐨勯鐗╋紝鍒朵綔鐨勬柟娉曟湁寰堝绉嶃€備汉浠粡甯稿埗浣滅殑鏂规硶鍙互鎶婇浮鑲濈叜鐔燂紝鏀惧叆涓€浜涜嚜宸卞枩娆㈢殑浣愭枡銆傞浮鑲濅腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏荤墿璐紝缁忓父鍚冮浮鑲濆彲浠ヨˉ鍏呰韩浣撶己琛€鐨勭棁鐘躲€傛墍浠ラ浮鑲濇槸浜轰滑棣栭€夌殑鏈€浣抽鐗╋紝鍙槸鍦ㄤ汉浠 抑 熸 熸 緸 緸 Sorrow Han dynasty rose embossed ornaments 殑 揑 Regular 綂 珂 璉 璉 咉 咉 宑 殑 掺 厺 屺 汇 璋 嫔 唔 叆 唆 唕 唆唆 嘕 唆1銆侀浮鑲濈敤姘寸叜澶氫箙鑳界啛涓€鑸儏鍐典笅楦¤倽姘寸叜涓?5-20鍒嗛挓鍗冲彲鐔熼€忥紝鍏蜂綋鏃堕棿瑕佺湅楦¤倽鐨勫ぇ灏忚€屽畾銆傚鏋滄槸鐐掗浮鑲濆簲璇ョ敤鎬ョ 伀 镣?You can see how it works, if you want to go to the village of Lulu, then you will be able to see how it works.€ヤ簬鐑归オ锛屾渶濂藉湪姘翠腑娴告场涓夊崄鍒嗛挓鍚庡啀鐐掑埗锛岃繖鏍峰彲浠ラ檷浣庨浮鑲濅腑鐨勬瘨鎬с€?銆佺叜楦¤倽鐨勫仛娉曟帹鑽愮洂姘撮浮鑲濇潗鏂欙細楦¤倽閫傞噺銆佺櫧閰掗€傞噺銆侀粍閰掗€傞噺銆佺洂閫傞噺銆佸叓瑙掗€傞噺銆佸皬鑼撮閫傞噺銆侀鍙堕€傞噺銆佽姳妞掗€傞噺銆佸共杈f閫傞噺1銆侀浮鑲濆叆娓呮按娉¤繃 澶囪懕娈?濮滅墖棣欐枡;2銆侀浮鑲濆叆鍑夋按閿呬腑鏀捐懕娈点€佸鐗囥€佺櫧閰掔儳寮€鍚庤浆涓皬鐏?3 銆 佸 bibi wasp 嘭 呭 呏 咏 咏 咏 姘 倣 氣 欐 枡 鍏 ラ 攨 鐑 崑 钖 庖 叜 鍗 华 华 重 燂 麴 鳴 鳍 閍 鰰?鐩愬啀娆$儳寮€鍚庡叧鐏?4 銆 侀 Floating insets  叜 7 鍒?鍒嗛挓鎹炲嚭楦¤倽 鏀惧叆鐧藉崵姘翠腑缃喎澶勬场鍑犲皬鏃讹紝椋熺敤鏃惰樃閱嬭挏姹併€傞叡楦¤倽鏉愭枡锛氶浮鑲?00鍏嬨€佹按閫傞噺銆佺敓鑿滈€傞噺銆佽タ绾㈡熆閫傞噺銆佹补閫傞噺銆佺洂閫傞噺銆侀叡娌归€傞噺銆佺櫧绯栭€傞噺銆佹枡閰?灏忓嫼銆佽€佹娊灏戣銆佽懕鍙?0鍏嬨€佸5鍏嬨€佽糠杩1/8鍕恒€侀鍙?鐗囥€佽崏鏋?鏋氥€佹鐨?娈点€佸共绾㈡1鏋?銆佸皢楦¤倽鎽樺幓鑲ユ补锛屾竻娲楀共鍑€;2銆佺叜閿呬腑鏀惧叆楦¤倽锛屾斁鍏ラ€傞噺鍐锋按銆佸鐗囷紝姘村紑鍚庡皬鐏叜绾?鍒嗛挓;3銆佽懕鍙舵礂鍑€锛屽鍒囩墖锛屽噯澶囧ソ棣欐枡;4銆佺叜杩囩殑楦¤倽鎹炲嚭锛岀敤娓╂按鍐叉礂骞插噣锛屽師鏉ョ叜杩囩殑姘村€掓帀涓嶇敤;5銆佺倰閿呬腑鏀惧叆閫傞噺娌癸紝寰呮补娓╁崌楂樺悗鏀惧叆钁便€佸銆佽糠杩銆侀鍙躲€佽崏鏋溿€佹鐨€佸共绾㈡锛屽皬鐏倰棣?6銆佹斁鍏ョ櫧绯栵紝鐐掑嚭绯栬壊鍚庢斁鍏ラ叡娌癸紝鐐掑寑锛屾斁鍏ラ浮鑲濓紝缈荤倰;7銆佸€掑叆閫傞噺寮€姘达紝鏀惧叆閫傞噺鐩愩€佺櫧绯栥€佹枡閰掋€佽€佹娊锛屽ぇ鐏叜寮€鍚庢拠娴搏;8銆佺洊涓婇攨鐩栵紝杞皬鐏紝鐓害鍗佸嚑鍒嗛挓鑷抽浮鑲濈啛閫忓€掑叆鐩嗕腑锛屾櫨鍑夛紝琛ㄩ潰鐢ㄧ洏瀛愭垨淇濋矞鑶滆鐩栵紝鏀鹃槾鍑夊闈欑疆鍑犱釜灏忔椂;9銆佸緟鍏ュ懗鍚庡彇鍑哄垏鐗囷紝鐢ㄧ敓鑿滃拰瑗跨孩鏌跨暐鍔犺楗板嵆鍙€?

[Morning and evening nourishing porridge]_ Yangwei porridge _ making method _ how to do

[Morning and evening nourishing porridge]_ Yangwei porridge _ making method _ how to do

Many people feel that the stomach is not very comfortable after waking up in the morning. This is the symptom caused by not eating breakfast. In order to avoid the phenomenon of abdominal distension and diarrhea, usually prepare some breakfast nourishing porridge for conditioning, as it is more commonThe lentils, yam, lotus seed porridge, pumpkin carrot millet porridge can nourish the stomach and regulate the spleen and stomach, and the most important thing is that it can nourish qi and blood, and you can learn to make them at home, which are common practices.

1. Lentil, yam and lotus seed porridge materials: 15 grams of white lentils, 15 grams of yam, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of rice.

Practice: The above four flavors are boiled with water for porridge.

Efficacy: suitable for spleen deficiency.

Chinese yam nourishes the lungs, spleen and kidneys, nourishes qi and promotes health, lotus seeds strengthens the spleen, nourishes qi, nourishes the heart and soothes the nerves, and the same uses to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and is beneficial to the heart and kidney.

Lentils strengthen the spleen and dampness, prevent nourishing too much, and breed internal moisture.

2, lotus seed lotus root porridge material: lotus seed, lotus root, rice.

Method: Wash the lotus seeds, lotus root and rice with water.

Put the ingredients into the pot at the same time, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook together with warm heat.

After the pan is turned low, cook for a while.

Put more water when making porridge, do not make the porridge too dense.

Efficacy: calms the nerves, nourishes the mind and calms the nerves, is beneficial to the rapid recovery of physical strength, and overcomes social phobia.

It can strengthen the spleen, nourish the qi and nourish the stomach, nourish the kidney and strengthen the essence, and is suitable for the loss of appetite caused by deficiency of the spleen and kidney, fullness of the abdomen, cold limbs, and waist and knee weakness.

3. Pumpkin carrot millet porridge material: millet, pumpkin, carrot.

Method: Peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces. Wash and cut the carrot into small pieces.

Wash the millet, add water to the pot and boil, then turn to low heat.

Put pumpkin cubes and carrot cubes in a pot and simmer with millet over low heat.

Efficacy: Pumpkin is rich in carotene and vitamin C, and millet is rich in fiber and vitamin e. This pumpkin and carrot millet porridge is very comprehensive.

4, sweet potato rice porridge material: sweet potato two pieces, the previous amount of rice.

Method: Wash the rice before, add water to the pot and cook, then put in the block sweet potatoes and cook.

Efficacy: Sweet potato is sweet and flat, has the effects of tonifying blood, replenishing qi and promoting fluid, and widening the stomach.

With the previous rice porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourishing Qi and milk, lungs and laxative effect.

Consuming this porridge often in autumn can also reduce the plasma in the blood, reduce the subcutaneous aunt, and prolong life.

[How to distinguish the quality of red wine_How to distinguish the quality of red wine]

[How to distinguish the quality of red wine_How to distinguish the quality of red wine]

In life, many people especially like to drink red wine, especially for female friends, red wine is enough to help them beauty and beauty, but also to prevent arteriosclerosis, but red wine is indeed divided into many varieties, different wine prices are different,The nutritional value is also different, and red wine represents a quality of high-end atmosphere, but many people do not judge the quality of red wine when buying red wine. The following editors will tell you how to judge the quality of red wine. I want to knowThe quality of a bottle of red wine can be placed on the table with a piece of white paper, and then pour a few drops of red wine on it, and look at the wine mark on the paper. If the color of the wine mark on the paper is uniform, then the quality of this bottle of red wine should beIt ‘s very good. If the outer circle of the wine seal on the paper is darker and the inner circle is lighter, then the quality of this bottle of red wine is not very good. If the inner circle of the wine seal on the paper has no color, then thisThe bottle of red wine is likely to be filled with water.

The aroma is strong and the clear wine is good red wine.

How to distinguish the quality of red wine?

To see if a bottle of wine is good, smell the aroma of the bottle of red wine, pour the wine into the replacement of the goblet capacity, and then smell the wine. If the wine is strong and complete, then it must be aA good bottle of red wine tastes mellow and has a soft mouth.

If the flavor of the wine is not strong enough, then the quality of this bottle may be worse.

When buying red wine, you can also judge the quality of a bottle of red wine by tasting, because our taste will not deceive us. Good red wines both smell good and taste good.

How to distinguish the quality of red wine How to distinguish the quality of red wine When buying red wine, you must follow the above recommendations, it is best to try each method, so the chance of buying good red wine will be greater, and there isIf you ca n’t taste red wine when you buy it, you can buy a bottle first and buy it back to identify the red wine according to the above methods. If it is good, you can often buy it later. If not, do n’t buy it later.

Liangrong’s balance exceeded one trillion: Financing customers buy and buy favorite stocks-(List)

Liangrong’s balance exceeded one trillion: financing investors buy buy buy favor this stock?


Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to Wu Dan’s “Industrial Investment Excellent Course” to master the investment logic of 20 popular industries.

  Farewell for 628 days, see trillions again!

Liangrong’s balance continues to pick up. Financing customers have 12 days of “buy buy buy” in 13 days, do they favor their stocks?

  Wu Yuhua China Securities News Wind data shows that when the high levels of the two cities fluctuated on December 18, the financing balance still increased by 74.

The balance of Rongrong and Rongrong exceeded RMB 1 trillion in one fell swoop. The balance of Rongrong and Rongrong exceeded RMB 1 trillion for the last time on March 30, 2018.

  The two cities fluctuated Today, the two cities continued to adjust, and at the end of the afternoon, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by 0.

20% at 3010.

86 points, still running above 3000 points; SZSE Component Index dropped 0.

27% at 10267.

24 points; GEM refers to a decline of 0.

50% at 1783.

53 points.

Shanghai’s half-day turnover was 1325.

At 1.1 billion yuan, the Shenzhen half-day turnover was 2202.

2.4 billion yuan, a decrease from the previous trading day.

  Judging from the market situation, individual stocks rose more and less, with an increase of 1,894 shares and a daily limit of 40 shares.

Among the 28 industries in Shenwan’s first class, 15 industries increased, of which the building decoration, media, and transportation industries had the highest growth rates, increasing by 0 respectively.

88%, 0.

74%, 0.


Among the 13 industries that declined, the technology sector adjusted somewhat. The electronics, food and beverage, and non-bank financial industries led the declines, falling by 1 respectively.

44%, 0.

98%, 0.


  From the perspective of the concept sector, the movie, animation, and internet celebrity economy sectors saw the largest gains, while display manufacturing equipment, ultra-broadband technology, and mobile phone screens saw the largest gains.

  Since December, the financing customers have increased their positions by more than 40 billion U.S. dollars. From the perspective of financing balance, the financing balance on December 18 increased against the market.

Wind data shows that out of the 13 trading days since December, the financing balance increased by 12 trading days, and only decreased slightly on December 13.

6.6 billion.

Financing customers have gradually increased positions by 409 since December.

At 8 billion U.S. dollars, Northbound funds gradually inflowed 550 over the same period.

4.6 billion.

The financing balance and the net inflow of northbound funds have become the main sources of incremental funds for the current market.

  Source of data on the changes in financing balance since December: From the perspective of market conditions, while the financing balance continues to increase, the stock index goes up simultaneously.

From December 1st to December 18th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index closed over the daily line only on December 12th and December 18th.

Ba Lianyang was staged in early December, and San Lianyang was staged from December 13 to December 17.

  As of the close of noon today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has increased by 4.
84%, the SZSE Component Index has gradually increased by 7.
15%, GEM refers to a gradual increase of 7.


  Financing customers love technology. From the perspective of increasing the financing balance in the financial sector, Wind data shows that for 12 consecutive years, 22 industries in 28 industries have increased their financing surplus since December 12, that is, financingCustomers added positions to 22 industry sectors.

Among them, electronics, computer, non-bank finance, and telecommunications industries had the largest net purchases of financing, which increased by 107 respectively.

7.6 billion, 68.

7.2 billion, 59.

5.5 billion, 27.

The total value of the three industries in the technology sector and the non-bank financial industry increased by 263 billion US dollars.

0.8 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the increase in financing surplus since December.

  However, steel, home appliances, and utilities suffered a slight lightening of financing customers, which decreased by 2 respectively.

0.6 billion, 1.

9.4 billion yuan, 1.

4.3 billion yuan.

  Data on the changes in the financing surplus of various sectors since December Source: Wind stocks, financing customers prefer technology stocks and brokerage stocks.

According to Wind data, as of December 18, the top stocks for financing customers to increase their positions since December were Vanke A, Tongfang, ZTE, BOE A, Nanjing Securities, Crystal Optoelectronics, etc., respectively, adding 11 positions.

1 billion, 10.

09 billion, 7.

8.2 billion, 7.

2.3 billion, 6.

3.9 billion yuan, 5.

4.5 billion.

From the perspective of the increase during the period, none of these stocks declined, all of them increased, of which Nanjing Securities gradually increased 46.

15%, Crystal Optoelectronics rose 33.

91%, the smallest increase in Vanke A rose 9 during the period.


  According to Wind data, as of December 18, Finkers have added a total of 1079 stocks in December, of which 987 stocks have increased during the period, and 645 stocks have increased by more than 5% during the period, which meansThe majority of positions have been added.

  There were 28 stocks with more than 300 million financing positions by financing customers. During the period, only Makihara’s shares decreased. The stocks focusing on financing by investors have performed well, and financing customers have increased their positions.

The 23 trillion crystal technology increased by 55 during the period.


  The fiscal budget since December has increased by more than 300 million shares. Source: Wind Haitong Securities Strategy Team estimates that the net inflow of stock market funds in 2020 will exceed 10 billion.

Among them, retail funds are expected to flow into 600 billion yuan, and leveraged funds are expected to invest 400 billion yuan.

  The team said that 2020 will usher in a bull market surge.

The sixth round of the bull market has started at 2440 points in the Shanghai Composite Index. There are three stages in the bull market. Profitability and forecast The second stage of the bull market double-clicked by Davis is the main upswing.

“Technology + brokerage” is expected to become the current round of promoting the industry. This is because it has been entering the post-industrialization era and entering the information age. The key 武汉夜网论坛 industry to develop is the technology industry, and the financing service for the technology industry is the securities company.The transition industry when the bull market breaks out will be technology + brokerages; the current bank real estate sector is estimated to be low, fund holdings are low, and the previous period’s rise is low. Cooperating with the incident, the bank real estate may change again in the early part of the year.

Qianyuan Power (002039): Net profit attributable to mother for two years +14.81% financial costs, debt rate expected to continue to decrease

Qianyuan Power (002039): Net profit attributable to mother for two years +14.81% financial costs, debt rate expected to continue to decrease
2018 Annual Report: Revenue decreases by 1 every year.27%, net profit attributable to mother increased by 14.81% of the companies released 佛山桑拿网 their 2018 annual report with an initial revenue of 23.89 ‰, decreased by 1 per year.27%; net profit attributable to mothers3.68 ppm, an increase of 14 per year.81%.Power generation in 2018 was 91.1.9 billion kWh, a decline of 1 each year.2%.The dividend distribution plan is: a cash dividend of 3 yuan (including tax) will be distributed for every 10 shares.  Q4 power generation exceeded expectations, long-term power generation slightly decreased, and the annual power generation per unit market value2.12 kWh / yuan The company’s water supply in Q3 was not good in 18 years, and the power generation in a single quarter decreased by 41 every year.60%; power generation in the first three quarters decreased by 11 per year.77%.Q4 single season power generation 21.600 million kilowatt-hours, an increase of 61% per year, driving the annual 无锡夜网 power generation decline only one year.2%.The highest revenue decline was 1.27%, basically in line with the trend and magnitude of power generation changes, reflecting the company’s overall electricity price for 18 years is stable, basically basically flat.In 2018, the company used an average of 79% of the amount of incoming water for many years, completed 90% of the power generation at the design level, and effectively optimized and increased production4.500 million kilowatt hours.Based on the closing price on March 28 and the 2018 power generation calculation, the company’s unit market value of annual power generation is 2.12 kWh / yuan.  Shuicheng Land Disposal contributes the main profit increase, financial expenses, and debt rate are expected to continue to decrease. The company’s asset disposal income in 2018 will be 6,243 million, of which 6269 million will be contributed by the local government to collect and store Shuicheng Farm land, contributing to the main profit increase.18 years company financial expenses 5.45 ‰, reduced by 0 every year.25 ppm; asset-liability ratio 71 at the end of the reporting period.47%, a decrease of 2 per year.64 shares per share; through the gradual repayment of previous loans, the company’s financial expenses and asset-liability ratio continued to decrease.The company’s 19-year asset-liability ratio target is below 67.9%.  The company’s investment budget for capital projects in 2019 is 1.61 trillion, of which: Ma Ma Ya Infrastructure Construction Project 0.500 million, Shannipo infrastructure projects 0.430,000 yuan, investment budget for technological transformation and informatization capital projects.6.8 billion yuan.The 19-year technical transformation goal is to complete the capacity expansion of Unit 1 of Puding Generator; to achieve remote centralized control of Puding Generator and remote monitoring of cascade generators in the Furong River Basin.  Changjiang Power, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changjiang Power, has recently entered into the list of shareholders and holds 3 shares.68% ranked third. From the list of the top ten shareholders, Changdian Capital is a new shareholder in the fourth quarter and has a continuous shareholding ratio of 3 at the end of the reporting period.68%, ranking third among the top ten shareholders.We believe that as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yangtze Power, the entry of Changdian Power means that Yangtze Power recognizes the company’s high-quality assets and development prospects. It is also in line with the current Yangtze Power focus on the power industry, strive to tap synergies and actively extend the industrial chainInvestment direction, the company is expected to benefit from it.  Key assumptions for profit forecast: The company’s electricity price in 19-21 will remain at the level of 18 years, and the growth rate of power generation will be 1.5%, 1%, 0.5%.Raise the net profit forecast for mothers for 2019-2020 to 3.74, 3.9.1 billion (2 before adjustment).92, 3.10,000 yuan), plus the net profit forecast for mothers in 2021 is 4.04 billion.Maintain the “overweight” rating.  Risk Warning: Incoming water is less than expected, electricity prices are reduced, and electricity demand is insufficient

Romantic winter love songs written with a mask


Romantic winter love songs written with a mask

Among the skin types, the mask is relatively special. It can clean the deep dirt on the skin, penetrate into the basal layer and moisturize the dried cells, and keep the beautiful skin condition .

“Can you see it?

I only slept for an hour today. ”

Although this is an advertisement for a mask, it also illustrates the magical effect of the mask.

What are you waiting for?

Let us compose a romantic winter love song with the mask from acquaintance, acquaintance to love!

  Love battle period-clean love and facial mask, the first contact should be cleansing mask.

The main function of this type of mask is to pull the dirt inside the skin outwards to remove the phenomenon of cleansing when removing makeup and washing the face.

When the stratum corneum of the facial skin is renewed and the pores become clean, the skin is the healthiest. It also lays a good foundation for further use of skin care products.

This Taiwanese skincare expert Zhang Liqing said: “A face that is not deeply cleaned is like an old mottled wall that looks unsightly, and it can’t last for a long time to refresh the paint.

“Dense airtightness” is the key to cleansing the mask. The key to a cleansing mask is to have a sufficient thickness to maintain the skin in a tightly airtight state for 20 minutes to achieve an increase in skin surface temperature, pore expansion, and sebum softening.The purpose of softening and loosening old dead horny.

  There are three commonly used cleansing masks: 1.

Mud-type (also known as wash-out) masks Mud-type masks not only effectively clean the skin, but also have a good moisturizing effect. They can very effectively soften the hardened sebum that sticks to the pores.

After applying a mud-type cleansing mask to the face, the blackheads and acne on the face are easy to squeeze out, especially for dry skin that is not convenient to use steam.

The mud mask without special oil-absorbing ingredients is suitable for centering, dry and oily skin.

However, for oily skin, a mask containing doped kaolin (also known as Chinese clay) or an oil-absorbing ingredient is the best.

  The mud mask is not suitable for sensitive skin. Although the mud mask has a good cleaning effect, the product is rich in preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing in the wet mud and filling it with mineral content.Therefore, sensitive skin should be used with caution.


The peeling mask has the same cleaning principle as the slime type, but also promotes blood circulation and metabolism by raising the temperature of the epidermis.

The main ingredients are polymer glue, water and alcohol, and other ingredients.

Since the use of the peeling mask needs to wait until the mask is dry, the ingredients cannot be added with a moisturizer, which is not suitable for dry skin. In addition, due to the action of tearing the skin, sensitive skin is also not suitable.

  The order of tearing should be from top to bottom. Pay special attention to avoid opening the eyes, eyebrows, hairline, and the skin around the lips to prevent skin damage during tearing.


T-shaped masks for acne are mostly peel-off type masks, which are specially used to deal with acne in the T-shaped area. They have a strong sticking force. When peeling, peel large and small sebum acne to peel and peel. It has the effect of removing deep acne.

However, due to its strong tearing force, allergic, dry, thin cuticle and purulent skin are not suitable, and oily and combination skin should not be used often.

  Love War Two-The intimate contact of maintenance love with the mask should be in the phase of knowing each other.

With the gradual understanding of the mask, you will know that there is another type of mask with deep maintenance effects.

The type of mask has an outside-in effect.

The main way is through a large number of active ingredients, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle or moisturizing ingredients, to penetrate deep into the skin at one time, thereby enhancing the role of care or maintenance.

  There are five types of maintenance masks: 1.

Mud type maintenance mask Pure maintenance mud mask will not replace additives such as kaolin clay and liposuction substances. Instead, it will use sea mud, volcanic mud, glacial mud, seaweed and other large amounts of natural, low-irritation mud paste.

If you only use natural mud as the base of the mask, it can’t actually achieve the ideal skin care effect. When choosing a product, you should still choose a mud rich in high-quality additives such as moisturizing factors, amino acids, collagen and other maintenance ingredients.Type maintenance mask can achieve the ideal maintenance effect.

The order of applying the mud mask is important.

The temperature of the skin in each part of the face is different, so it is best to start from two seconds after the temperature is reduced, and then apply it to the forehead, nose, and chin. Use the time difference to make the mask dry uniformly, so as to ensure the effect of the mask.


If you remove the alkaline agent and surfactant from the gel cleansing mask and add some maintenance ingredients, it will become a gel cleansing mask.

The type of mask can be divided into transparent and opaque.

  The transparent jelly type maintenance mask can only add synthetic skin care ingredients, so it is more suitable for oily skin.Opaque jelly type mask can add more ingredients, and dry skin can also be used.

  Apply a certain thickness.

The thickness of the mask is exquisite. It cannot be a thin layer. It must cover the pores so that the ingredients of the mask can better function.


Cream-based maintenance masks Some manufacturers make creams thicker and introduce them in the form of masks. In principle, there is nothing wrong, but from the effect of skin maintenance, the effects of cream-based maintenance masks are similar to those of ordinary night creams.Not much difference.


Cotton cloth (also known as wipes) maintenance mask Cotton cloth maintenance mask is the latest modern trend.

The cotton cloth mask is to absorb the prepared high-concentration maintenance essence on the cotton cloth (paper), and then tear the package and apply it to the body.

The main advantages of the cotton cloth mask are that it is easy to control to add a variety of nutrients from the ingredients, and it can greatly improve the penetration and depth of effective skin care ingredients to the skin from the mechanism, and can quickly and effectively change the amount of skin.It is very convenient to use, avoiding problems such as cleaning and preservatives after use.

  Three stages of love battle-maintenance of love After a comprehensive understanding of the mask, the last thing you will probably fall in love with is not a mask, but a way to make your skin more beautiful.

This is after deep cleansing and deep maintenance, in order to keep the skin in such a good condition, you have learned to use these masks regularly or in stages to keep the skin in good condition.

  1Choose a mask that is used once a week, and use multiple corrections to supplement the skin with nutrients on a regular basis. If the interval is too long, you will lose the role of continuous nutrition, and the effect of the mask cannot be achieved.

  2Recommended for several days of continuous use The mask is recommended for several days of continuous use, which is a type of enhanced care.

After several days of continuous replenishment, the skin can reach the perfect extreme, and in the relative placement, it can always glow natural radiance.

  3 Outstanding continuous use deep cleansing or peeling mask, it is an outstanding continuous use mask.

The power of this type of mask is relatively large, especially the peel-off type mask. The skin and skin are irritated during the peeling process. If used too frequently, it will damage the newly formed keratin, and it will also stimulate the skin and cause skin sensitivity.

Look at your eyebrows to see if you are healthy

Look at your eyebrows to see if you are healthy

In the “Huang Di Nei Jing” of traditional Chinese medicine, it was pointed out: “Brows who have eyebrows have enough blood in the veins of the sun, and those who have bad eyebrows have less blood.

The so-called evil eyebrows were explained by the ancients as “brilliant and withered eyebrows.”

This tells us that a person’s health can be ground from the eyebrows. Let’s take a closer look.

  Obese eyebrows: Those with thin and light eyebrows are more common in those with weak blood, weak and sick people. Such patients are prone to cold hands and feet and weak kidney qi.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, eyebrows often fall off, especially in the outer third of the eyebrows.

In patients with leprosy, the outer skin is hypertrophic and the eyebrows are displaced in the early and early stages.

  Patients with alopecia areata may also have eyebrow replacement symptoms at the same time.

Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia can also cause eyebrow replacement. Some anticancer or antimetabolite drugs also have this alternative.

  Drooping eyebrows: mostly paralysis of the facial nerve.

If some of the sides of the eyebrows hang down, it means that there is facial nerve paralysis on that side, so that the eyebrows cannot be lifted upwards.

Some are drooping unilateral upper eyelids (such as myasthenia gravis), which causes the raised eyebrows to protrude higher.

  Dry eyebrows: Those with straight and dry eyebrow tips, if they are menstrual, they may have abnormal menstruation, and men are more likely to suffer from neurological diseases.

Some children or malnourished people have yellow and scorched eyebrows, which is also a sign of lung deficiency.

  Thick eyebrows: Those with thick eyebrows have physical ingestion and are toxic.

However, if women’s eyebrows are particularly dark, it may be related to hyperadrenal function.

Those with short eyebrows are anxious and irritable. Beware of emergencies.

  Eyebrows rushing up: Eyebrows rushing upright is a symptom of critical condition, which leads the patient to hurry up for treatment.

  Eyebrows falling down: indicates severe illness, especially biliary palpitations.

  Eyebrows grow lush: This is often a sign of the elderly’s strength. The two eyebrows look beautiful and long. Some of them are particularly long, up to 4?
5 cm, some 2?
3 cm.

Old eyebrows are said to have a long life, so some people call this long eyebrows “shoumei”.

However, according to clinical observations and family history surveys, the emergence of “shoumei” is not a good sign.

  The study found that Shoumei is mainly related to the expected imbalance. The appearance of Shoumei in young and middle-aged people may include early external manifestations of some diseases that are in the latent stage, including tumors and immune diseases.

The sooner Shoumei occurs, it indicates that the earlier the body imbalance occurs, the faster the pace of aging, the higher the probability of tumors.

  So think that 45?
The appearance of Shoumei after 50 years old accords with the laws of physiological aging earlier, but it should be mainly single.

For young and middle-aged adults, especially those with plexiform and bundle-shaped distributions, they should undergo regular physical examinations and follow-up observations in order to detect and treat early.

Emotional signals that are easily misunderstood between men and women

Emotional signals that are easily misunderstood between men and women

Men and women always understand their feelings from different angles.

People like to judge many things from signal guesses.

However, some chaotic signals often become obstacles to the love journey.

Don’t be mistaken.

In order to help you avoid emotional misunderstandings, we have written down the most easily misunderstood emotional signals.

Take a look at it before your next date.

  Signal 1: I do n’t understand and refused to say, “I do n’t want to fall in love yet.

She meant: “I’m not interested in you at all.

The boy understood: “I don’t want to see you today, but you can meet me tomorrow or next week.”

“Even if your date is as nasty as a camphor ball, and you treat his entire lunch as talking about his mother, it’s hard for you to reject him outright.

So it is necessary to find a good way to make him give up easily.

“I met Hao Ran during a sports training and we dated him, but he was too nervous for me, so I told him I just wanted to make a friend with you,” Lili said.

  Different people have different reactions to this, and more people will reinterpret it according to their preferences.

Indeed, guys usually don’t understand this kind of rejection signal. If you tell him that you only want to be friends with him, he will think: that’s good, a lot of love often comes from friendship.

In his heart, you just need time to change your view of him.

  Tip: When you don’t like each other, honesty is the best way.

It’s hard, but as long as you frankly say, “You’re not for me, I’m sorry.

“Many men will accept it, they will say,” You are so nice, thank you for not wasting my time.

“Signal two: The girl who joined someone else’s wedding together said,” My cousin will get married next month. Would you like to join me?

She meant: “If I didn’t bring a companion, my aunt would have me and her assistant again.

If you are present as a friend of a family member, you can block it for me and you will be very happy that day.

“He thought:” I feel good about you and want to take you to see my family, and I really hope that the wedding bell will ring for us in the future.

“” An invitation to the wedding brought a shy man who thought it was a signal to be with him.

A girlfriend I knew invited me as a friend to a wedding at her house, and I thought the free cakes and beer would be good, “Xiao Hou recalled,” but when we got there, everyone thought of us asAfter a couple, even called me loudly and praised in the past: this is Yi Juan and her boyfriend.

So I whimsically thought that she was hinting at me through her family, but the next day she regretted those friends and relatives who were eager to attend the second wedding soon.

  So, how can you invite him to a major event without making him want to get into trouble?

  Suggestion: Interrupt everything you think you are a couple, and explain to them a little, so as not to let him suspect.

Tell him in advance who will be there and remind him of his relatives and friends who may be bored and what he must wear.

Tell him: “I’m glad to be with you, but if going to a family dinner makes you feel uncomfortable, I deeply understand it.

“Signal three: Who pays when the girl says,” Let’s make our dinner AA. ”

“I mean,” I do treat you sincerely, but now it is the 21st century. I have a very good job and just made some money. ”

There is no reason for you to always pay for me, right?

“The boy received the signal:” I don’t want to think I owe you anything because of money.

“Suggestion: In fact, the proper transmission signal is originally this: there is no need to make it clear who pays, a simple rule is-who asks who pays.

  ”I hate being treated as a little woman when dating.

A girl said, “But if he insists, I will let him pay the bill, and then if we go out for dessert or something, I will pay for it.

After this first date, we are still AA.

Another option is to ask him to pay the bill, but next time I have to take him to a bar, there is good.”Signal 4: Bring a” bulb “When the girl says,” Can I bring a friend? ”

“In fact, you want to say: I want to have dinner with you on Friday evening, but I have a good girlfriend in advance, and I don’t want to let her down.

Also, I want her to see how great you are.

  The boy thought he was saying: I don’t want to be alone with you.

  Originally it was this: When a man wants a two-person world, it is not pleasant to join a third party.

“I plan to spend the weekend with Xiao Dai,” Xiao Jin and Xiao Dai are just friends, hoping to use this tour to enhance understanding. “Finally, she asked me if her friends could join.

I think, that time, she was looking for a sense of security.

After each month, I found that Xiao Dai was originally interested in me, just because her friend had a family crisis, and Xiao Dai wanted to make her feel better with a happy weekend.

I thought she didn’t feel me anymore.

“In an effort to avoid obstacles to your pursuit of the goal, make him feel that you did not deliberately bring a light bulb to prevent your close contact.

Suggestion: “If you just don’t want to lose an appointment with a friend, tell him, I actually want to see you, but I already have an appointment.

If possible, we can have her back for coffee in the evening.

“If you want to make your green light signal more obvious, you can praise him and say,” I talked to you about her, and the nice personal website you created.

“Signal 5: The girl said,” Can you help me install my new home theater? ”

This means: “I would love to know more about you on a comfortable, peaceful occasion.

The boy understood: “I need a man like you to support my life.

When you are finished, I will give you the reward you like.

“Helping a troubled girl is a man’s natural sense of responsibility, whether it’s repairing her stereo speakers or moving her pickled jars.

“My friend introduced him to me, thinking I would like it very much. I want to make our first date ordinary,” Zimei remembers, when she was shopping in the supermarket, she bought a floor lamp.When I brought it home, I invited him into the house for a glass of lemon tea.

I never thought, as soon as I sat down, his arm would hug me . “Suggestion: To avoid this, it is better to choose somewhere other than to thank him in your bedroom.

The correct expression should be: I will invite you out to dinner as a token of gratitude.

Or pick another friend and ask him to come to your house.