2017 UEFA Champions League final Juventus VS Real Madrid live address CCTV5 live online _1

2017 UEFA Champions League final Juventus VS Real Madrid live address CCTV5 live online
At 2:45 in the morning on June 4, Beijing time, the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League final was fought in the Welsh city Cardiff National Stadium. Serie A supremacy Juventus played against La Liga giants Real Madrid.In the Champions League championship, Real Madrid led the way 11 times, and Juventus reached the final 8 times but only won 2 times.  CCTV5 live online: click on the history of confrontation     In the history of the European three big cups, Real Madrid and Juventus have fought a total of 18 times, each side won 8 wins and evenly divided, Juve scored 19 goals, Real Madrid scored 18 goals.The last meeting between the two sides was the semifinals of the Champions League in 2014-15. Juventus eliminated Real Madrid 3-2 in two rounds.皇马欲冲破欧冠卫冕魔咒59年首度加冕双冠王  2015-16赛季,皇马夺得欧冠冠军,本赛季皇马再度杀进欧冠决赛,齐达内的球队面临残酷的欧冠卫冕魔咒——Since the 1992-93 UEFA Champions League restructuring, no team has been able to win the championship.Whether it is the Milan dynasty in the 1990s, Juve, who has reached the Champions League final for three consecutive years in the Lippi era, or Bayern, Real Madrid and Guardiola’s Dream III at the turn of the century, they can’t break through this magic.curse.  Real Madrid will also impact the team’s third double crown honor. Before this season, Real Madrid had 32 La Liga championship trophies and 11 UEFA Champions League trophies, but they only won the Champions League + La Liga championship in one season, only twice: 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons.In other words, Real Madrid have not tasted the double crown for 59 years.Can Zidane lead the team to break the fate of history this time?Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to lock the Golden Globes three times in the Champions League final?  In the 2016-17 season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 40 goals in various Real Madrid games, scoring 40+ goals in seven consecutive seasons, and continues to set a new record.The 32-year-old Ronaldo, the bigger the scene, the more explosive it will be.In the quarter-finals against Bayern and semi-final Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo scored 8 goals.In this UEFA Champions League final, if Real Madrid beat Juventus, Ronaldo could kill the Golden Globe suspense almost half a year in advance.Messi, Buffon and other competitors, it is difficult to shake Ronaldo.  In the history of the Champions League final, Ronaldo has scored 2 goals: the 2007-08 UEFA Champions League final Manchester United VS Chelsea header score, 2013-14 season Real Madrid VS Atletico penalty kick overtime.Can Ronaldo score goals in the three UEFA Champions League finals?Real Madrid captain Ramos scored in the two UEFA Champions League finals. Who can reach this record first, Shui Ye and Ronaldo?Battle of Buffon’s dream?Can Juventus break the runner-up    Buffon won the World Cup championship, but has always missed the Champions League.Buffon, 39, has repeatedly stated that winning the Champions League is his dream.Prior to this, Buffon’s two UEFA Champions League finals ended in defeat: the 2002-03 season of the Italian Civil War, Juve lost the penalty shootout to AC Milan; 2014-15 season Juvent met Barcelona led by MSN, 1-3 lost.Buffon once believed that there may never be a chance to reach the Champions League final, but can Buffon, who insists on his dream, realize his dream on Cardiff Night?  The last time Juventus won the Champions League, or the 1995-96 season, the Lie belt team defeated the Ajax youth team in the penalty shootout.Prior to this, Juventus broke into the Champions League final 8 times, but only won the cup twice.Juventus, the sixth Champions League runner-up, is the most tragic King of the Champions League in the history of the Champions League.In the last three UEFA Champions League finals, Juve also ended in defeat.What is the fate of Juventus this time?Bell may go home without a chance to start. Higuain Hedira Antigo    UEFA Champions League final is held in Cardiff, Wales. This is Bell’s home court.However, the Welsh superstar’s last appearance was in the national derby on April 24.Bell, whose soleus muscle was injured, has been away from the field for more than a month.Bell has recovered from injury, but Isco’s play has been shining enough during this time, and Bell’s chance of starting is not great.Juventus, Higuain and Hedira, the two Real Madrid veterans against the old owners, the former Barcelona flying wings Alves, will also be full of desire to fight.预计首发  尤文(4231):布冯/巴尔扎利、博努奇、基耶利尼、阿莱士-桑德罗/赫迪拉、皮亚尼奇/曼祖基奇、迪巴拉、阿尔维斯/伊瓜因  皇马(433):纳瓦斯/卡瓦哈尔、瓦拉内、拉莫斯、马塞洛/克罗斯、卡塞米罗、莫德里奇/伊斯科、本泽马Ronaldo

Wu Qingfeng issued a skeptical response to the accusation by former agent Lin Weizhe: worthy of everything

Wu Qingfeng issued a skeptical response to the accusation by former agent Lin Weizhe: worthy of everything
In the early morning of February 29th, singer Wu Qingfeng posted on social media, suspecting that he responded to the accusation by former agent Lin Weizhe, saying that “I have always been worthy of myself and worthy of everything” and did not want to waste time thinking about “why do people become like this”,”Is the previous good all fake?” And other questions, “The responsible responsible, the handling of the treatment, the face to face, dirty water splashing wildly, then scrub and wash.”Wu Qingfeng’s picture on Weibo.It is reported that terrorism Wu Qingfeng was accused by former company boss Lin Weizhe of publicly singing soda green songs without his consent. Lin Weizhe said that the distortion of soda green has transferred the copyright of all the song creation to himself, so he has to Wu Qingfeng and HarikunThe carnival limited company and the person in charge of the company filed a lawsuit for violating the Copyright Law.On November 14, 2019, Wu Qingfeng Record Company Universal Music responded to Sauna, Yewang: “Qingfeng has never transferred the copyright of the lyrics to Lin Weizhe Music Club, and the lyrics created by Qingfeng are owned by Qingfeng himself.”At that time, Wu Qingfeng posted a news on the social networking site:” The world kissed me with pain and asked me to sing.”Analysts who responded this time: Many people asked me if I ‘m okay. I did n’t return it. It was originally a person who was too lazy to reply to messages and never answered the phone, but mainly because I decidedNo matter what, let alone fall into sorrow.When things come, just face them and deal with them. I do n’t want to be reduced to war of words or silence, and I do n’t bother to complain. The world is full of good and bad things, even if it falls on me.It will happen because I am part of a world full of good and bad.In addition to dealing with what I do, I do n’t want to waste my time at all, thinking about questions like “Why do people become like this”, “Is the previous good all fake,” and I do n’t want to waste my emotions,Fall into the trap of “I’m so miserable”.I have always been worthy of myself, and worthy of everything, so there is nothing to be sad about.Make music, read favorite books at home, listen to favorite songs, and set off with friends. There are many things I would be happy about. I want to spend time, emotions, and feelings on this.People will die one day and be possible at any time. When they think about the end, they feel that the terrible process is no big deal. Because it is so impermanent, my life just wants to spend on something worthwhile.The responsible responsibility, the treatment of the treatment, the face to face, the dirty water splashes wildly, then scrub and scrub, maybe the process of dirty water or scrub will bring inspiration.So no matter what happens, I always believe that it will be good.No matter how bad it is, you have the ability to make everything better.That is what is called, and it will be fine tomorrow.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Longzhen Editor Wu Longzhen

[Effects of nourishing brain juice]_Advantages_Benefits

鐢熸椿涓湁寰堝浜烘偅鏈夊厛澶╂€х殑鑴戜緵琛€涓嶈冻锛屾墍浠ュ湪鐢ㄨ剳杩囧害鐨勬椂鍊欏氨鐗瑰埆瀹规槗鍙戠敓鏅曞€掓垨鑰呮槸澶存槒鐨勭幇璞★紝涔熸湁涓€浜涗汉鍥犱负鍏堝ぉ鎬х殑鑴戜緵琛€涓嶈冻锛岃€屽鑷寸缁忕郴缁熺磰涔憋紝鎵€浠ヨ剳琚嬮儴浣嶇殑鐤剧梾鏄竴瀹氫笉鑳藉蹇借鐨勶紝濡傛灉鏈夌梾鎯呭簲璇ュ強鏃剁殑鍘绘不鐤楋紝鑰屼笖搴旇鍚冧竴浜涜ˉ鑴戠殑涓滆タ锛岄偅涔堣ˉ鑴戞眮閮芥湁鍝簺鍔熸晥鍛紵璇ヨ嵂鐢ㄤ簬妞嶇墿绁炵粡鍔熻兘绱婁贡寮曡捣鐨勫ご鏅曠洰鐪┿€佺簿绁炵柌鍊︿互鍙婁綆纾疯鐥囥€傛湰鍝佷腑鍜栧暋鍥犺兘鎻愰珮缁嗚優鍐呯幆纾疯吅鑻峰惈閲忥紝灏忓墏閲忚兘澧炲己澶ц剳鐨眰鍏村杩囩▼銆佹尟濂嬬簿绁烇紝瑙i櫎鐤插姵銆傜淮鐢熺礌B1缁撳悎涓夌7閰歌吅鑻峰舰鎴愮淮鐢熺礌B1鐒︾7閰哥洂銆佹槸纰虫按鍖栧悎鐗╀唬璋㈡椂鎵€蹇呴渶鐨勮緟閰躲€傜淮鐢熺礌B1鑳芥姂鍒惰儐纰遍叝閰剁殑娲绘€э紝缂轰箯鏃惰儐纰遍叝閰舵椿鎬у寮猴紝涔欓叞鑳嗙⒈姘磋В鍔犻€燂紝鑷寸缁忓啿鍔ㄤ紶瀵奸殰纰嶏紝褰卞搷鑳冭偁銆佸績鑲屽姛鑳姐€傜儫閰稿湪浣撳唴杞寲涓虹儫閰拌兒锛屼负鑴傝川銆佹皑鍩洪吀銆佽泲鐧姐€佸槍鍛や唬璋紝缁勭粐鍛煎惛鐨勬哀鍖栦綔鐢ㄥ拰绯栧厓鍒嗚В鎵€蹇呴渶銆傞€氳繃鎶戝埗鏋佷綆瀵嗗害鑴傝泲鐧界殑鍚堟垚鑰屽奖鍝嶈涓儐鍥洪唶鐨勮繍杞姐€傜儫纰卞皻鏈夊懆鍥磋绠℃墿寮犱綔鐢ㄣ€傜敇峌 七 閰 掔 揔 7 晰 ュ 庞 鍓 傦 麴 ㄤ Each bitch 嵋 沜 姣 哋 姣姣 倯 姶 渶 丶 丶 俊 亊 凬 傰 尤 宰 尤 値 値 値 倰 値 値 倰 値 値 値Crazy and just like spinning and spinning, you will be able to squeeze it out.唬璋腑鐨勯叾娲绘€ф湁鍏炽€佸湪鑳介噺浠h阿涓殑浣滅敤鑷冲叧閲嶈銆傜淮纾疯ˉ鑴戞眮鏄惀鍏昏嵂銆傜敤浜庢鐗╃缁忓姛鑳界磰涔卞紩璧风殑澶存檿鐩湬銆佺簿绁炵柌鍊︿互鍙婁綆纾疯鐥囥€傛敞鎰忎簨椤癸細1.The change of the chain, the fan trickle, and the “single tune or the performance of the sorrow”, the panel play, the chanting, the pick, the pick, the pick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, the trick, and the trick村潖浜﹀揩锛屼笉涓€瀹氬嚭鐜拌鍘嬪崌楂樸€?.The chain, the fan, the fan, the player, the player, the player, the player, and the player。鏈搧鑳戒娇琛€绯栧井鍗囥€?.闀挎湡澶ч噺鏈嶇敤鏈搧锛屾湁鑰愬彈鎬у拰涔犳儻鎬с€傚瓡濡囧強鍝轰钩鏈熷濂崇敤鑽細涓嶆帹鑽愪娇鐢ㄣ€?

[Ingredients for authentic egg burger]_How to make_How to make

[Ingredients for authentic egg burger]_How to make_How to make

Hamburg This is a kind of food that many young people in modern times like very much, because nowadays they like fast-paced life, and the same is true about eating. Because of this, fast food like burger is becoming more and more popular.

There are many types of hamburgers. Egg burgers are a type of burger that is very popular. The ingredients of burgers are very important. Let’s introduce in detail the ingredients of authentic egg burgers.

Ingredients: chili sauce, sweet noodle sauce, salty noodle sauce, jam, etc.

Method: 1 Make batter: Put the flour in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water and stir into a paste, add salt, or add a small amount of MSG and five spice powder, stir well and set aside.

2, mold preheating: put the mold on a honeycomb coal stove to heat, and then pour a small amount of edible vegetable oil into each hamburger model.

3, production method: After the oil is heated, use a spoon to batter the batter into a model, continue heating for 1-2 minutes, then beat an egg above the batter, add meat, a few slices of ham and green onion, and sprinkle with an appropriate amount ofSalt and continue to heat until almost cooked.

Then pour the batter in another model. Take the half burger that has been basically cooked in the front and remove the eggs from the model with a fruit knife and putty knife. Put the batter into the model with the egg side down.Inside, continue to heat until cooked through, or you can turn it over and fry again.

4. Spread the seasoning: Finally, cut the cooked burger from it, and then you can apply the seasoning you like. Of course, you can mix and match.

Egg burger method Step 1 Ingredients: 5: 1 rice blade and flour with salt and sugar, beef with sweet potato powder, soy sauce, salt and black pepper marinated, eggs broken, corn kernels, radish crushed Step 2 Rice pastePut a spoon, add corn, egg, beef, cucumber, and wait for the other side to form. Add some eggs to cover the unseasoned side on the other side. Step 3 stick together, and turn one side with two forks and forks when the golden side is golden.Crispy meet again, put on a plate, crispy outside and tender inside, you can also dip in tomato sauce. Method 2: 1. Preparation materials: Supermarket to buy catering bread, one egg, round lettuce, take a leaf is enough, you can eat morePut some.
2. Heat the electric baking pan, put some salad oil on it and spread it evenly.

3. Beat the eggs with fried eggs and add some salt.

Heat two slices of bread.

You can remove the bread when it is hot to avoid frying.

4. Fry the eggs on one side, turn over and fry on the other side, and cook.

5, out of the pan, bread, eggs, lettuce leaves, touch the salad dressing, you can wipe more if you like.

6, in addition to adding eggs, you can also add ham sausage, or fried chicken wings, chicken breasts, beef.

Both can

It was exposed that this wave of market is the most fun to play this fund

It was exposed that this wave of market is the most fun to play this fund

Today’s GEM index trembled, and the Air Force continued to replace high technology stocks.

A closer look at the trading data after the market found that the most fierce fight is actually this way of funds.

  Institutional hi-tech is more mad than hot money. The long-time leaderboard released after the exchange shows that institutional seats are deeply involved in the game of some technology stocks.

A number of institutional seats shared by buyers and sellers of multiple technology stocks have appeared, and the turnover has mostly exceeded 100 million yuan.

  For example, the leader of semiconductor equipment North Huachuang encountered a daily limit today, and the after-hours list shows that there are 4 institutional seats appearing to buy into a total of 3.

4ppm; another agency seat appeared to sell at a price of 5012.

660,000 yuan.

  North China Huachuang’s current leaderboard PCB concept Dongshan Precision also hit the limit today. After-hours leaderboard shows that there are 3 institutional seats appearing to buy and reorganize, buying a total of 1.

8.1 billion; the other three institutions appeared in the early stage of the sale, a total of 2 sold.

8.2 billion.

  Dongshan Precision’s Dragon and Tiger list today includes Tianya Communications (three-day list), Zhonghuan shares, Germany’s nanometer (three-day list) and other technology stocks disclosed today also have institutional seats in the dragon and tiger list.

  Since this month, the activity of the Long Tiger Rankings has significantly increased. Regardless of the number of listings or the amount of listings, the institutional seats have far exceeded some of the first-line hot money.

  Dongcai Choice 重庆耍耍网 data shows that since this month, the Dragon Tiger Ranking has a total of 1043 seats on the list, which has exceeded 811 times in January; the total turnover on the list is 429.

20ppm, this number is eight times the old hot money China Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department on the list at the same time!

  The seats on the Dragon Tiger List have recently been listed. The specific flow of the rankings, and the recent operations of institutional seats are basically all around technology stocks.

Since the beginning of this month, there have been 17 individual stocks listed on the list with a total transaction value of more than 500 million yuan, most of which are technology products.

  Technology stocks have risen to a high level. Organizations have repeatedly diverged. In this round of bottoming out, technology stocks have played a pivotal role.

From February 4th to 25th, the three major technology industries, including Shenwan Computer, Communication, and Electronics, all increased by more than 30%.

However, through the continuous rise of technology stocks to high levels, the operation of Longhubang institutions’ seats has gradually split.

  Data show that since this month, there have been 17 single-share institutional seats with turnover exceeding 500 million yuan.

The Bulls Group’s institutional seat on the new-shares list has a turnover of 15.

US $ 4.1 billion topped the list, with China Satcom’s agency ranking 13 on the list.

56 trillion seats were second place, Luoyang Molybdenum Industry, Inspur Information, and North Huachuang’s institutional seats on the list since this month have also exceeded 1 billion in turnover.

  In terms of industry distribution, computer, electronics and other technology industry stocks have become the focus of recent institutional seat participation.

In addition, although Luoyang Molybdenum, Huayou Cobalt and Hanrui Cobalt are non-ferrous stocks, they are related to the concept of hot new energy vehicles in the early stage.

  The operation of 17 individual stocks on the list since the beginning of this month has totaled more than 500 million US dollars.

Among the above 17 stocks, the institutional seats are only in the Bull Group, Shenzhen Konka A, and the three stocks listed on the Dragon and Tiger list show a unilateral buying trend, while other stocks show a long-short game or even a unilateral selling trend.

  For example, the wave information of the domestic software sector has continuously increased by 40% since this month. Of all the leaderboards during the period, a total of 6 institutional seats have appeared to buy conversions, and a total of 5 buys.

9 billion yuan; the other 6 institutions appeared in the initial stage of the sale, a total of 5 sold.

5.8 billion yuan.

  On the Dragon and Tiger list this month, including Hanrui Cobalt, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, and Huahai Pharmaceutical, the average amount of institutional seats sold was significantly larger than the amount purchased.

  In addition to the withdrawal of technology stocks from Northwest funds, in addition to institutional seats, Northbound funds are also the focus of attention on the list.

Although there has been a net injection of northbound funds since this month, for some stocks penetrated by the short and medium-term gains of the Dragon Tiger List, northbound funds have the possibility of withdrawing from the country at an ascent.

  Of the 17 stocks listed on the top of this month’s institutional rankings, 12 stocks have both the Shanghai Stock Connect / Shenzhen Stock Connect, and 8 of them have the Shanghai Stock Connect / Shenzhen Stock Connect.Funds show net transparency and are mostly concentrated in high-end technology stocks.

  Northbound funds are now withdrawing from the high-profile budget. Today, in the North China Huachuang Leaderboard, there is a net sale of 4,270 in the Shenzhen Stock Connect channel.

300,000 yuan.

In the Dongshan Precision Dragon List today, there was a net sale of 3115 on the Shenzhen Stock Connect channel.

580,000 yuan.Prior to this, Shenzhen Konka A suffered a net sale of 5462 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 11.

390,000, Inspur Information suffered a net sale of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 12.

2.3 billion.

  The record of Northbound holdings announced by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange also confirms this.

From February 3rd to 25th, the number of Northbound funds held by leading companies in technology fields such as BOE A, Hikvision, TCL Technology, and Luxion Precision declined, among which Hikvision’s Northbound fundsThe decrease was 9 in the month.


Reduce the cost of bank funds interbank certificates of deposit market is now artifact

Reduce the cost of bank funds interbank certificates of deposit market is now “artifact”
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Reduce bank capital costs!The interbank deposit certificate market is now an “artifact” Huang Zihao special epidemic deposit certificate!  Yesterday, the market interest rate pricing self-regulatory mechanism issued a notice on the “Interim Special Deposit Certificates for the Prevention and Control of Epidemics,” which issued requirements for interbank deposit issuers including issuer qualifications, issuance processes, and supervision and management.Special funds for special interbank certificates of deposit shall be used for the purpose of supporting fund requirements such as loan placement of relevant enterprises for epidemic prevention and control and shall be managed independently.  This is another “artifact” to encourage banks to support epidemic prevention and control after special refinancing.It is understood that at present, China Construction Bank has successfully issued special certificates of deposit, Bank of Communications, and China Merchants Bank have issued inter-bank deposit certificate issuance announcements, including a large number of banks within the Minsheng Bank are also conducting inquiries.  Some people said that the issuance of special interbank certificates of deposit for epidemic prevention can quickly lower the bank’s internal fund pricing FTP and reduce the cost of bank funds.  ”Special deposit certificates make more and more use of corporate credit related to the epidemic situation, lower interest rates and lower general loan interest rates can reduce financing costs for epidemic prevention enterprises and accelerate expansion of production.”” Liao Zhiming (Jin Qilin analyst), chief analyst of the banking industry at Tianfeng Securities Research Institute, said.  The increase in the issue interest rate for special interbank certificates of deposits has been reduced. According to the information disclosed by China Currency Network, the reference income of the three-month special certificates of deposit that has been published so far has increased.2%, which is about 10 basis points lower than the ordinary certificates of deposit of the same type of bank. The reference income of the special one-year certificate of deposit issued by China Merchants Bank is duplicated2.5%, which is about 15 basis points lower than the bank’s one-year ordinary certificates of deposit during the same period.  The three banks issued this time announced a total of US $ 5 billion in issued scale, and the funds raised were targeted for loan issuance.The original source said that ordinary interbank certificates of deposit raised funds, unified access to the bank treasury, can be used for credit issuance.The large banks of the Construction Bank type have some large-scale alternative institutions among the subscribers to their deposit certificates, and their subscriptions are currently active.  According to the Shanghai Securities Journal, there are still some bank merger special deposit certificates inquiry.Insiders of Minsheng Bank said that the bank plans to issue special inter-bank deposit certificates for epidemic prevention and control with a term of 1 year and a price of 2.55%, each branch is inquiring about the local city rural commercial banks and the Associated Press.  Yesterday, the “Interim 都市夜网 Certificate of Issuance of Special Interbank Depository Certificates for Epidemic Prevention and Control” also mentioned that the issuance of special deposit certificates for financial institutions shall meet the 2020 interbank deposit certificate issuance plan, including the balance of interbank certificates of deposit for special epidemic prevention certificates not exceeding the institution ‘s annual issuance quota.conditions of.  To further reduce the actual cost of bank funds, gradually expand the special refinancing of US $ 300 billion, support financial institutions to provide preferential interest rate loans to key disease prevention and control enterprises, reduce financing costs for disease prevention and control enterprises, and release the first on February 10Approve special reloans.  According to the content of Liu Guoqiang ‘s speech on February 9th, the special refinancing period is one year, and the interest rate limit on bank deposits is three.15%, encourage banks to issue loans at interest rates.The government will give a discount of half of the actual loan interest rate to ensure that the actual financing cost of the enterprise is less than one.6%.  Banking institutions also provide differentiated preferential financial credit support for the epidemic.At the State Council ‘s launch conference on February 15, Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said that banks should be encouraged to increase support in areas affected by the epidemic by adjusting regional financing policies, internal capital transfer pricing, and performance appraisal methods.Strength.For companies affected by the epidemic, if they have difficulty repaying their loans at maturity, once the loan is renewed or renewed, the relevant enterprises will be resumed to resume work and resume production to overcome the impact of the epidemic through appropriate reductions in loan interest rates, increased credit loans, and long-term and medium-term loans.  Some people have said that the advent of the special epidemic prevention and saving list will quickly and effectively reduce the bank’s capital cost, and directly support the outbreak of corporate loans for epidemic prevention and control, further reducing corporate financing costs.  A person from the financial market department of a stock bank disclosed that due to the varying degrees of resumption of existing institutions and the limited source of funds for a large number of stock banks, the cost of funds and the pricing of internal funds are difficult to decline rapidly.The cost of special interbank certificates of deposits, thereby helping the stock bank to reduce internal funds pricing FTP.  ”Because of a data model for internal transfer pricing, a moderate adjustment of the weight of interbank funds can achieve the effect of reducing the overall capital cost of the institution.The source said that by reducing the cost of capital and appropriately increasing the spread of targeted policy support assets, the profit and loss balance of the targeted issuance loan business can be guaranteed.

Desai Xiwei (002920) Half-yearly Report Review 2019: New Business Gradually Landed to Boost Product Upgrades

Desai Xiwei (002920) Half-yearly Report Review 2019: New Business Gradually Landed to Boost Product Upgrades

Interim profit decreased by 64%, and the performance was slightly lower than the expected company’s revenue in the first half of the year22.

71 ppm, a decrease of 20 per year.

59%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

02 trillion, down 64 a year.

37%, net profit after deduction is 4641.

60,000 yuan, down 82 every year.


Revenue in the second quarter was 12.

68 ppm, a decrease of 13 per year.

11%, net profit attributable to mother is 5869.

650,000 yuan, an annual decrease of 53.

67%, net profit after deduction is 2978.

640,000 yuan, a decrease of 72 per year.


On the whole, Desaixiwei’s performance was slightly higher than expected. The main results of the performance improvement were: the domestic passenger car market was segmented, and the sales of some of the company’s supporting models fell; at the same time, the company continued to vigorously expand new technology research and development, and the research and development costs were significantlyThis increase has reduced the company’s net profit.

The auto market’s downward gross profit margin is under pressure, and R & D expansion continues to increase. In the first half of 2019, the growth rate of China’s auto market increased. From January to June 2019, vehicle production and sales dropped by 15 respectively.

8% and 14%, under the background of the decline of the vehicle 合肥夜网 boom, the gross profit margin of parts and components under pressure, the company’s gross profit margin in the first half of 22.

08%, a decrease of 3 per year.

75pct, net interest rate 2.

04%, a decline of 7 per year.

16 points.

The company consolidated R & D and increased the expense ratio. The report reported a total of four expense ratios.

88%, an increase of 6 per year.

08pct, of which the R & D expense ratio is 13.

05% (the general level of auto parts R & D expense ratio is around 4%), and it will increase by 4 in the future.

65pct, selling expenses 3.

27%, an increase of 0 every year.

18 points, management cost 3.

39%, an increase of 1 each year.

23pct, financial expenses 0.

17%, an increase of 0 every year.

02 points.

Customers (Toyota, Ford) accelerate breakthrough, new automotive 重庆耍耍网 electronics business gradually landed in the first half of 2019, and in terms of customers, Desaixiwei successfully obtained Toyota’s platform new project fixed point, expected to be mass-produced in 2020; breakthrough Changan Ford and global leaderFor white-spot customers such as DAF, a commercial vehicle manufacturer, the customer structure has been further optimized.

In terms of products, the company has achieved significant results in three product lines: intelligent cockpit (coming to mass production of the ideal ONE), intelligent driving (high-definition surround view, fully automatic parking, T-BOX has been mass-produced), and connected car (acquired projects).
Risk reminder: The automobile industry’s sales volume has fallen sharply, and the progress of automotive electronics matching has exceeded expectations.

For domestic automotive electronics that are scarce, we lowered our profit forecast and maintained an overweight rating company to extend the sales volume of downstream customers during the high R & D expansion period. We lowered our profit forecast and increased our profit for 19/20/21 from 4 to 4.


1/5.900 million down to 3.



500 million (23% profit reduction in 19 years), the corresponding EPS is 0.


81/1 yuan, corresponding to 41 for PE.



8 times, maintaining the overweight level.

Ten strategies for happy marriage!

Ten strategies for happy marriage!

Are women without men and men without women both incomplete hemispheres, making the two hemispheres “roll into one” and roll forward happily?

Then we must learn the art of getting along with husband and wife.

  One, admiring each other’s way of speaking and talking, it seems that two principles can be summarized, one is: “strive to make yourself appreciated by the other”; the first is “strive to appreciate each other”.

The true charm of love is to discover Xiangyue.

Appreciation is a flower, love is a fruit.

To the person you love, don’t be shy about expressing your love and don’t slap your praise.

  If you often use appropriate expressions to tell the other side: “I love you”, the three words are worth a thousand troops.

Appreciation is a recognition of each other. Affirmation and encouragement will inevitably lead to a sense of satisfaction. The most significant meaning of understanding is affirmation. Recognition, praise and appreciation are the common psychological needs of both parties, and they are also good for couples.One of the secrets of relationships.

  Second, store feelings Everyone will have an emotional bank account deep in their hearts.

If you often store true love and tacit understanding in your emotional account, the more supplementary metabolism your account has, the more you can extract happiness and joy, and you can also extract interest rates such as smile, tenderness, encouragement, and comfort.

Even if you occasionally pay for selfishness or lack of consideration, you will not be overdrawn for this reason.

If there are few funds in the account, each conflict will increase its severity.

  And when the reserve of trust and appreciation is embedded in a state of resistance, if we continue to overdraw, feelings or marriage will be pushed to the brink of destruction.

Life is complicated, and we can all occasionally lose control and hurt our spouse.

The most effective way to avoid overdrafts in emotional bank accounts is to make more deposits, say more words of appreciation, and do more caring things.

  Third, personality independence Gibran said in marriage: “In unity, there must be a gap.”

Although the strings tremble in the same pitch, each string is separate, so that you can play beautiful music.

Marriage is one-to-one freedom, one-to-one democracy.

Don’t be paranoid that “you are mine”, then you will make your love nest into a prison where the prisoner taboos the other person. Most of the people in it want to escape, just to see if he or she has the courage.

An old French song sings: “Love is the son of freedom, never after reign.”

  If we want love to “grow”, we must first confirm that it has been carefully cultivated and steadfastly cared for.

It is not to change ourselves or to try to change each other. Instead, we should adjust ourselves to a moderate space. We must stay together and be alone.

In the soil of marriage, letting two trees of personality grow freely can naturally harvest happy fruits.

  Fourth, about the other person’s Bible, “If you want to be treated to others, you must treat others.” To make your marriage stable, the most important thing is to learn to respect. Only by knowing how to respect each other can you getThe respect of the other party must always respect the other party, and more importantly, love the house and the black, think that the other party’s parents, brothers and sisters, and the other’s relatives and friends.

If you look down on the other person’s family, or at least push the other person’s family to your opposite side, this approach is very stupid, so that you become surrounded by helplessness, and it will be fatal to the stability of your marriage.

  Fifth, money and love have two foundations: one is money, and the other is love.

In simple terms: if there is love, there must be bread, and in a more elegant way, the economic foundation determines the superstructure.

Leaving money will at least affect love, which no one can deny.

However, money is a good thing and a bad slave.

Do n’t take money too seriously in your family life. If you spend a lot of time on money, you always use the “planned economy” to control the other party, so the other party does n’t have a little “invigorating economy” autonomy.Maybe one day, you will not implement your “policy” and you will care about it.

If there is no “that bird” in the love nest of marriage, at this time, your thoughts will grow because of the other party’s absence, and you may really know: money is dead, talent is alive, only talent is an emotional building.Roof beams.

  Sixth, cherish the Buddha of good deeds, saying: “Thousands of times before, I have passed in this life.”

It ‘s not too early or too late in the vast world, and we met our other half. What a fate it takes. We have no reason not to cherish this good fate. We have no reason to treat our marriage like watching TV and changing at any time.Channel.

  Imagine: if a person who did not take the first marriage seriously, can his second marriage be sure to run well?

Yes, because the changes in human thought, ideology, and feelings affect the stability of the union between men and women.

If you do not encounter an irretrievable death marriage, you must do your utmost to recover. Since you hold hands in this life, it is best to “hold the hand of your child and grow old with your child”.

  Seven, learn to give most people to regard love as “being loved” instead of “going to love”, and only want to make themselves cute instead of actively learning how to love each other and how to care for their spiritual needs.
True love is “I give” instead of “I want” to devote his whole heart to inspire the vitality of the other person with his own vitality.Giving is happier than receiving, not some kind of deprivation, because the existence of self-life is expressed in the act of giving.

Love should be pure, without any conditions or utilitarianism.

Love is a sharing rather than an obsession. Love means awareness of care, responsibility, and respect.

Reaching “you have me and you have me” is the top quality of marriage.

  Eighth, love each other. Whether it is a man or a woman, there is a need to both hurt and be hurt.

It is best not to think that you have encountered a pure father-type man or a purely mother-type woman who only wants to hurt others, but a couple should be like a pair of chopsticks, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty in life.

He (she) is off work, you bring him a cup of cool white; you lie asleep on the sofa, he (she) can gently cover you with a quilt . Maybe it is a trivial matter, but trivial, butOnly this little love can penetrate into the heart’s nest little by little in the long years, melt in the blood, and last forever.

  Nine, the highest realm of learning to tolerate fashion is sexy, the highest realm of love is tolerance.

A functioning marriage does not mean a mutual accommodation between husband and wife, but also a compromise between ideal and reality.

Home is a place of reason, not a place of reason.

A philosopher said: “Open your eyes wide before marriage, and close one eye after marriage.”

Why does this sentence make sense, doesn’t it?

It is impossible for a person to be perfect in the first place. The reason why you like a person today is that you must be attracted by a certain personality of that person.

If you love a person deeply, then always forgive him everything, and conversely, if you tolerate a person forever, then you must love him (her) very much.

Tolerance, it can not only widen the scope of communication, but also continuously expand its own comfort zone.

  X. Learn to “understand” that a husband and wife must “understand” each other. The so-called “understand” is: when you encounter frustration, he or she does not say a word that is detrimental to your dignity; when you act with anger, he ((She) Explains the affairs to you; when you are in a bad mood, he (she) never sees you in general; if you open his face and laugh first, if you worry about him (she) first, he (she)) The joy will tell you, but his (her) sorrow will not be lightly revealed to you; even if you are far away, he (she) believes in you.

Understand, what you need is understanding, what you need is thoughtfulness, and what you need is love.

Simple home cooking quick menstruation

Simple home cooking quick menstruation

Females always need to be nurtured to get better body balance and nutrition, but how do they adjust?

Still want to drink those bitter soup?

Actually, choosing different medicated diets will achieve very good results depending on the physique. Let me introduce a few soups: 1.

Motherwort jujube soup: 20 jujubes, 10 grams of motherwort, 10 grams of brown sugar, stew with water, once each morning and evening.

Suitable for menstrual delay caused by cold, menstrual dysmenorrhea.


Motherwort egg soup: 2 eggs, 30g motherwort, wash the eggs, stew with motherwort and water, remove the shells and cook for 20 minutes, eat the egg soup.

Suitable for stagnant menstruation caused by blood stasis block, delayed menstruation.


Mutton ginger angelica soup: Angelica, 10 grams of ginger each, 100 grams of lamb slices, add water and cook, add salt after cooking, eat soup and meat.

Suitable for delayed menstruation, less volume, abdominal cold pain and other symptoms.


Rice vinegar tofu soup: 200 grams of rice vinegar, 250 grams of tofu, cooked together, eat before meals, eat once.

It is suitable for strong women with short menstrual periods, crimson blood, and large amounts.

  Simple home cooking can also help you quickly regulate your menstruation: 1.

Egg longan soup: 50 grams of longan meat, 1 egg, fry the longan first, break into the eggs 30 minutes later, stew until cooked, once each morning and evening, and serve for 10 days.

Applicable to irregular menstruation with false card.


Hawthorn brown sugar drink: 50 grams of raw hawthorn meat, 40 grams of brown sugar.

Hawthorn decoction to remove residue, washed into brown sugar, hot drinks.

Non-pregnant people take more before, menstrual blood is also from below.

Functional blood circulation and menstruation, the treating women have menstrual disorders, menstrual delay.


Anise: 15 grams each of cumin and green peel, 250 grams of rice wine. Wash the cumin and green peel and soak in the wine for 3 days to replace.

15-30 grams each time, 2 times a day, if you are intolerant, you can use vinegar instead.

Functional Shugan Qi.

Indications include menstrual period indefinite, menstrual color is normal, blockless and unsmooth, breast and lower abdomen pain.

  I will introduce you to a few recipes for the successful treatment of amenorrhea: 1.

Take 250 grams of dried eggplant slices, stir-fry the yellow flour into powder, and serve the rice wine twice a day, 15 grams at a time.


Use motherwort 90 grams, brown sugar 50 grams, oranges 30 grams, decoction.

Served several times a day.


Take 30 grams of barley kernels.

The medicine is washed, cut into sections, decocted, and fasted in the morning and evening, and even taking more than ten doses is effective.


With 30 grams of panchi, one white pigeon, rice wine.

Remove the white pigeon’s hair and internal organs, put it into the armor of the white pigeon, and put it in the belly of the white pigeon.This prescription applies to amenorrhea with liver and kidney deficiency.

  Plain salt cockscomb: 2 male cockscombs, a small amount of salt, cooked cockscomb, eat with salt, once a day, 3-5 times a month.

Suitable for irregular cold menstruation.

  Wine-cooked carp: 500 grams of carp and 260 grams of rice wine. Cook the fish and rice wine together, eat the dried bones, and use rice wine to brew them in the morning.

Suitable for those who are not clean.

Premature ejaculation nocturnal emission: Cordyceps stewed placenta

Premature ejaculation nocturnal emission: Cordyceps stewed placenta

[Raw materials]10 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 20 grams of habitat, half fresh placenta, refined salt, MSG amount.

  [Method]Wash the placenta and cut into pieces, put the steamer and Cordyceps sinensis, add water to the place, and simmer in water for 3 hours, remove the salt and add MSG.

  [Usage]Take it warmly, once every other day, even 7 times.

  [Efficacy]Bushen Yijing, Yiqi Yangxue.

  [Attending]impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission.

  [Information]Placenta, enter the lung and kidney meridians, nourishing qi and nourishing blood and nourishing essence, has a strong effect, and has better effect when used fresh.