The most dangerous place for them in winter is the bathroom.


The most dangerous place for them in winter is the bathroom.

Winter is a season of high blood-cerebral vascular, some people with poor cardiopulmonary function and lower blood pressure regulation should take extra care when taking a bath.

How to wash a “safety bathtub” in the winter?

1, the water temperature is about 40 掳C, the best bath temperature is too high, the brain, the internal organs may rupture, resulting in palpitation, chest tightness, dizziness and other discomfort, severe hypotension, or even shock.

Therefore, people who have underlying diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood pressure cannot wash “hot baths”.

If the water temperature is too high, it will take away too much oil on the surface of the skin, causing the skin that is easy to dry in winter to be drier, even itchy and chapped.

2, bathing half an hour after a meal will consume physical energy, taking a bath under fasting conditions can easily lead to low blood sugar, resulting in dizziness, limb weakness, and even syncope.

Taking a bath immediately after a meal is not good, reducing the blood supply to the abdominal cavity, thus affecting digestion, so it is best to take a bath half an hour after a meal.

3, before bathing, drink a cup of warm water after bathing will have a thirst feeling, this is because the skin will sweat when taking a bath, resulting in body loss of water.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink a cup of warm water before bathing to replenish the body’s water and avoid hypotension.

4, the number of times should not be too diligent to bathe too short, will wash off the normal secretion of oil on the surface of the skin and protective bacteria, it is easy to cause itchy skin, the skin’s resistance will be reduced, easy to get skin disease.

Bathing habits vary greatly in northern China. In any case, the frequency of bathing varies from person to person.

In the cold north, usually take one or two baths a week, the sebaceous glands are exuberant, and the number of times can be increased.

5, the bathroom ventilation should be done well in the bathroom ventilation plus sweltering thermal short circuit, the pressure is reduced, easy to make people lack of oxygen.

Therefore, it is best not to close the doors and windows in the winter bath, otherwise the exhaust fan should be opened, or the door and window should be left with gaps.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the bathroom is not too great, and it is necessary to dress in time after the bath to prevent catching cold.

6, beware of leakage and leakage Many people will turn on electric heating at the same time in the winter bath, at this time, we must pay attention to prevent leakage and electric shock.

In addition, it is necessary to prevent the water heater from being installed in the bathroom, and the water heater’s exhaust facilities must be placed properly to avoid air leakage.

7, don’t drink immediately after drinking, do not take a shower immediately.

Bathing after drinking can easily cause dizziness, vertigo, general weakness and other symptoms, and even cause shock.

Recommendation: The best time to take a bath is about 2 hours after drinking.

8, can not use the strength of the bath fluid strength bath will irritate the skin, winter skin is dry and fragile, if the use of cleaning ability instead of the bath, will increase the damage to the skin’s protective layer, increase skin problems.


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10, hot water bath time should pay attention to the cold weather in winter, many girls like to soak in hot water, can not bear to leave.

In fact, the bathing time in the winter is too long, resulting in the loss of oil and fat on the surface of the skin, resulting in symptoms such as dry itching, which causes wrinkles and dehydration.

11, bathing order has to pay attention to winter bathing, the correct approach should be, before bathing, use hot water to wash the feet, after the warmth of the feet, then slowly pour water on the body, so that the body has a process of gradually adapting.

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Are you sleeping very little?

銆€銆€Insufficient sleep reduces the level of a protein that regulates body abnormalities, leptin, and raises the level of a growth-promoting ghrelin that stimulates food absorption.

Excessive, it enhances your sense of obesity and appetite.

If you think that the longer you are awake, the more calories you burn, you have to change your mind.

In fact, about 65% of calories are consumed when our body is at rest.

Over the past 50 years, our average sleep time per night has been reduced from 9 hours to about 7 hours; at the same stage, the average weight has increased steadily.

銆€銆€what should you do?

Have a good night’s sleep.

The goal is to sleep for 8 hours and try to make it regular.

So, you go to bed at the same time every night, wake up at a similar time every morning, so your hormones will be less disturbed.


Is the home too warm?

銆€銆€When it’s cold, our body keeps warm with calories.

Therefore, where there is central heating and air conditioning, calories are consumed too much and weight is easily increased.

For example, in the past 30 years, the average temperature of British people has increased from 13 掳 C to 28 掳 C.

銆€銆€what should you do?

Central heating is used sparingly.

If you feel cold, try using exercise to warm yourself up.


Is this the medicine you used?

銆€銆€Some drugs are related to weight gain.

A study on oral contraceptives found that the weight of the user would increase.

Antidepressants, beta blockers and antihistamines can also increase weight.

銆€銆€what should you do?

Ask your doctor if weight gain is one of the side effects of your medication and ask if you have other options.


Are you 35 years old?

銆€銆€Women’s weight increases easily after 35 years of age, and hormones and metabolism change from menopause.

American scientists pointed out that, as in the United Kingdom and the United States, the current population is relatively older than 30 years ago, and the problem of weight gain is relatively related.

銆€銆€what should you do?
Your body’s calorie needs will change as you age.

If you drink more now than before, reduce it.

Basically it will not increase fat, it will reduce your willpower to resist snacks.


Is it because of your genes?

銆€銆€It may be!

Studies have shown that body mass index (BMI) may have a lot to do with heredity.

No man or woman suspects that someone who is similar in shape looks married, what does this mean?
If your mother is overweight, you are more likely to have an overweight father.
銆€銆€what should you do?

Since you realize that you are prone to getting fat, you can stay alert and not let this happen.

Eat low-fat foods and often weigh them. Be careful not to let them gain weight.


Are you depressed?

銆€銆€Studies have shown that men with depression will lose weight, while women with depression will get fat.

We all know that being happy and feeling satisfied with life makes us motivated to lose weight and then stay slim; and when we are depressed, we don’t have the same willpower to replace healthy eating with the top of our daily routine.

銆€銆€what should you do?
Antidepressants are best not used whenever possible.

If you feel that your mood is seriously depressed, go to the hospital.

You may need to talk to a counselor.


Is this blame for pollutants?

銆€銆€It is an indisputable fact that synthetic chemicals in pesticides and certain plastic products enter our food chain, which can upset hormones and inhibit their ability to control the body.

銆€銆€what should you do?
Eating organic foods, peeling the best peels of fruits and vegetables should limit the intake of chemicals and additives in your daily diet.


Are you “decrease”?

銆€銆€Hypothyroidism, referred to as “hypothyroidism”, is an endocrine disease caused by insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone (caused by various causes).

If you get “hypothyroidism,” the body does not consume as much calories as it used to, and the result is naturally weight gain.

銆€銆€what should you do?

Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include dry skin, hair loss, fatigue and joint pain.

Go to the hospital for a blood test to check your thyroid hormone levels.


Do you have an allergic reaction to food?

銆€銆€Whether food allergies cause weight gain is still inconclusive, but some scientists think it might.

One theory is that people with food allergies have a gastrointestinal permeability that allows more undigested food to pass.

銆€銆€what should you do?
Stick to the diet diary and record your symptoms.

If you have a food allergic reaction, most of them will have some kind of bloating, headache or allergic bowel syndrome, etc., you have to go to the hospital to see the Department of Gastroenterology or allergy clinic.


Do you have polycystic ovarian disease?

銆€銆€Women with polycystic ovary syndrome have enlarged ovaries, often with many small vesicles on them.

Forty percent of women with this complication gain weight, and other symptoms include acne, excessive body hair, menopause, and difficulty in conception.

銆€銆€what should you do?
If you suspect that you have a polycystic ovary, ask your doctor to do a scan for you.

[Heavy new products]health artifacts that are sought after after 90


[Heavy new products]health artifacts that are sought after after 90

Nowadays, the topic of health and health is no longer a 鈥減atent鈥?for the middle-aged and elderly groups. Many 90-year-olds and even 95s have also begun to study various health details.

Stay tireless, staying up late, working hard, drinking beer, soaking a few grains of glutinous rice, eating hot pot and drinking tea “scraping oil”, holding a thermos cup with tea, and choosing shampoo from smell to care to develop hair function. The 90-post label of the rebellious self in the eyes of everyone has begun to change, and the life after 90 has become “exquisite”.

After 90, it began to pay attention to the joint investigation network of the Health China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center. A recent survey of 1979 after 90 shows that 79.

After 6% of the average of 90, began to pay attention to health information, 79.

After 4% of the 90s, they believe that there is concern and damage from development.


After 7% of the highest 90, the reason is that work and life pressure is high.

Others: the embodiment of improved quality of life (49.

1%), health awareness increased (43.

4%), more cherished health (35.

4%) and “middle-age crisis” concerns (34.


The need for health comes from life. Why are more and more young people now beginning to understand health?

Even after 90 years of sneer at the health, I began to have a sense of health care?

Only because of the pressure of life in contemporary people, the material foundation has improved, and they have begun to recognize their own quality of life and health.

Losing hair, stepping into aging, need to qi and blood to kidney, worry about insomnia and other problems began to waste people.

Is there a solution?

Today, we are launching new products for the exquisite health care professionals – old Chinese medicine.

The role of rehmannia 1 tonifying kidney hair is mostly lack of kidney, but for tonifying kidney, rehmannia has a great effect.

The ancients said that the “big make up the five dirty true Yin” can rehabilitate liver and kidney yin deficiency, weak waist and knees, night sweats and nocturnal emission.

2 strong heart diuretic and mature to have a strong heart diuretic effect, especially for some people with heart failure, often staying up late to work overtime, the use of rehmannia can prevent the role of strong heart, nourishing yin and vain fire.

3 Anti-aging Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Rehmannia, food for 100 days, noodles like peach, three years of food, light and not old.

In the past, Li Shizhen summed up the many effects of Rehmannia on the human body through a lot of practice.

It is found that after a hundred days of eating, the complexion of the person is greatly improved, the skin is rosy and shiny, and the skin moisturizing effect is produced. The long-term eating can improve the immunity of the human body, enhance the physiological function, and make the person healthy and longevity.

The development of modern medicine has theoretically confirmed the practice summary of Li Shizhen. The blood cells of the human body: red blood cells, white blood cells, red blood cells have a life span of 120 days to 140 days, and the life span of white blood cells is only a few days. Therefore, the blood renewal cycle of the whole body is estimated to be 120 days.-140 days.

Rehmannia glutinosa is rich in various nutrients, which can produce blood and make up the five internal organs. Therefore, long-term eating of rehmannia can make people’s skin rosy, healthy and longevity.

4 nourishing and nourishing young people in the workplace, it is inevitable that the pressure is great, coupled with very little exercise, over time, often feel weak, lack of blood.

Rehmannia, sweet and warm, moisturizing Yin and fine to produce blood, for the nourishing blood tonic.

For blood deficiency, sallow, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, blood deficiency and irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding and other effects have a good effect.

The benefits of old and well-drinked water to drink blood and supplements We all know that blood and blood affect people’s health.

Once people have insufficient blood, they will let other diseases take advantage of it.

Female friends’ lack of blood is not only the face is yellow, but also affects irregular menstruation.

Therefore, conditioning blood is very important for people.

Rehmannia can not only greatly improve the blood and blood problems, but also effectively improve the problems of male friends and spermatorrhea.

Enhance immunity through TCM demonstration, often using rehmannia can enhance the body’s immunity, thereby enhancing the body’s disease resistance.

Has a good physical fitness effect.

In order not to be blown away by the cold wind, you can eat cooked land properly.

Improving the quality of insomnia and yin deficiency Many people have poor sleep quality, which is due to changes in the body, affecting people’s normal sleep.
Rehmannia can effectively treat insomnia and dreams, cold sweats, uneasiness, tinge, tinnitus, dry mouth and other symptoms, can improve people’s sleep quality.
Yang Shen Yi marrow ancient people cloud: “Dabu five dirty true Yin.”

We can use the ripening ground to nourish our “kidney”.

Chinese medicine believes that “kidney” drives the entire body to run, so the kidney can not be sloppy.

Rehmannia can improve the kidney and liver yin deficiency problems, and also has a certain effect on the body fatigue, back pain and so on.

Product Name: Old Chinese Medicine Old and Mature Product Description: Insomnia, hair loss, aging, irregular menstruation, blood deficiency and chlorosis are often plagued by contemporary people.

The old Chinese medicine is well-received, and the rehmannia is selected. After the ancient method of processing the 鈥渘ine steamed and nine drying鈥? it is made into old and mature land.

The taste is rich, clean and free of impurities, suitable for people who often suffer from insomnia, premature aging, irregular menstruation, night sweats and nocturnal emission, qi deficiency and blood loss, and virtual fire toothache.

Washing with water, a cup of old cooked land that takes an hour to cook, is simple and convenient to appear in the daily health essential list.

A cup of old and ripe land every day, too much blood and strength, face-to-face peaches effortless.

Prevention of simple obesity in children


Prevention of simple obesity in children

For the cause of simple obesity, the focus of prevention is to maintain the “balance” of energy injection and output.

銆€銆€(1) Control energy absorption at a reasonable level; (2) Increase energy consumption through additional physical activity; (3) Integrate the first two to increase energy consumption while controlling energy intake.

銆€銆€However, thermal energy is the driving force of various life activities of the body. In addition to maintaining normal metabolism, children and adolescents have a considerable part to meet the needs of growth and development.

Therefore, the use of a diet to control weight must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

銆€銆€Scientific intervention should be given to babies.

If you do not feed solid food within 3 months; if obesity has occurred in 4-5 months, you should avoid taking more calories; 6-8 months, the excess should reduce the amount of milk, supplemented with fruit vegetables.

Children should develop good eating habits and correct bad habits such as partial eclipse, sorghum, high heat and sugary drinks.

For party-age children, control high-sugar and high-fat foods, eat more lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products, vegetables, fruits and other foods.

銆€銆€Sports can even consume excess heat, and can also promote the development of heart, lung and motor system functions in children and adolescents.

Parental obesity, its children pay more attention to exercise and reasonable diet to reduce the impact of genetic factors.

Physical exercise has the effect of regulating body weight, which can increase the amount of major heat-producing nutrients and sugar consumption, resulting in a reduction of a small amount of subcutaneous accumulation, so that children and adolescents can coordinate and develop.

The treatment of simple obese children is mainly diet therapy and exercise therapy, which should be carried out simultaneously.

One month of high-efficiency thin belly


One month of high-efficiency thin belly

The girls with small intestines hope to have a simple waist. The following is a thin waist exercise to lose weight in the abdomen.

Let’s go to the abdomen to lose weight, do thin waist exercise together, feel simple and thin waist.

銆€銆€The slim waist makes the woman’s appearance increase, how to make the bucket waist become sexy and small waist, the spring thin waist should pay attention to the waist and the oil is clear, the following is a small series of thin waist exercise that promotes a series of spring thin waist, you also haveSexy little waist bar has a slim waist is the dream of every woman, what method to become a slim waist beauty in a month?

Fitness experts have the same approach: the waist and abdomen are the easiest to lose weight relative to the legs.

The most practical way to slim the waist is to exercise. As long as the action is in place and combined with diet control, it will have a significant effect in one month.

銆€銆€Turn around to practice the internal and external oblique muscles: 1 left foot part, lift the right foot, double hold the force to reverse the body, the left elbow touches the right knee.

銆€銆€2 or so alternately 20 times.

銆€銆€Simple abdomen exercise: Although this exercise is simple, it is very effective. Lying on the ground, straighten your feet and then lift them up, put them back, don’t touch the ground, repeat 15 times.

銆€銆€Sports density: 3-4 times a day, 15 times per time.

銆€銆€Sit up and practice the abdominal muscles: 1.

The positive electrode is bent to 60 degrees and is padded with a pillow.


Put your right hand on your left knee and lift your body up to the front to do 10 times, then change hands and do 10 more times.

銆€銆€Breathing exercises for the abdominal muscles: 1.

Relax the whole body, suck in a lot of air with your nose, then slowly exhale with your mouth, spit out about 70%, hold your breath.


The lower abdomen is tightened, the gas rises above the chest, and the abdomen is raised to lower the air to the abdomen.


Put the gas into the chest, drop it to the abdomen, then slowly exhale with your mouth, repeat 5 times, and do a gradual process.

The origin, development and prospects of the beekeeping industry


The origin, development and prospects of the beekeeping industry

At a time when product transformation is so fast, we are more sensitive to health and the concept of health is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

In the case of beekeeping, some people are interested, some are profitable, others are believe.

Today, Familia takes everyone to understand the type of bees and beekeeping.

First, what is a bee?

Bee: In the taxonomy of insects, it belongs to the Hymenoptera, the suborder of the genus, the needle tail, the bee family, and the bee family. It is an important group of Hymenoptera.

They live a social life in groups (boxes, barrels, cages, nests, kiln).

According to fossil data, bees have been found in the Tertiary Eocene strata in the Tertiary. Many species of the honeybee family have great economic value and are closely related to human life.

In ancient China, there were records of bees and their uses.

Excessive types of products or behaviors are closely related to medicine (such as honey, royal jelly, bee venom), agriculture (such as crop pollination), and industry (such as beeswax, propolis), which are called resource insects.

The most familiar ones are artificial bees and oriental bees (distributed in various parts of Asia, mainly Chinese sturgeons, Indian bees, Philippine bees).

Second, the origin of beekeeping history According to the literature, as early as 7000 years ago, the mural painting on the cliff was discovered in Spain.

Bees existed in the temperate zone of eastern eastern Europe 20 million years ago.

According to the records of “Honey” in the Yin and Yin oracles, it is also proved that some people have started to eat honey before the 3,000s.

The original transplant record of the Chinese honeybee is in the books of the 3rd century.

Jin Huangfu’s “Gao Shi Chuan” records the Eastern Han Dynasty (158-167 AD) when Jiang Yan, “the seclusion is based on animal bee, the professor is full of the world, the business of more than 300 people.”

The science of beekeeping records can be traced back to the books in the third century AD.

For example, Jin Zhanghua’s “Bobography” details the method of collecting bees; Song Luoyuan’s “Erya Wing” (1184 years ago) records the type of bees and the color of honey, the relationship between taste and honey plants.

The comprehensive introduction to the work of beekeeping is the “Hot Beetle” (1819) of Qing Hao Haoxing, the book on the form of bees, living habits, social organization, feeding techniques, beekeeping methods, honey intake and refining, winterThe supplement of food, the cleanliness of the hive and the repelling of natural enemies are mentioned.

In the 1930s, the Italian bee was hanged from the Japanese dating site, and the live frame was also dated.

In 1926, the United States E.The publication of F. Phillips’s Beekeeping and the publication of Beehive and Bee by many experts in this century marks the formation of beekeeping.

Third, what is the status of Chinese beekeepers?

The traditional beekeeping culture is deeply rooted. According to data in 2017, more than 300,000 people have raised more than 8 million bees (more than 56 million in the world), mainly for the transfer of bees, supplemented by fixed breeding.

Annual production of more than 40 tons of honey, more than 4,000 tons of royal jelly, more than 10,000 tons of bee pollen, more than 8,000 tons of beeswax, more than 400 tons of propolis, about 80 pounds of bee venom, more than 600 tons of bee larvae, more than 60 tons of drones, total output value of 40More than 100 million.

Up to now, the scale of beekeeping has been large and small, and the beekeeping technology is also uneven. The main breeding bee species are Italian bee and Chinese bee, as well as local finebred Zhejiang bee, northeast black bee and Xinjiang black bee.

There are more than 100 kinds of honey source plants that can obtain honey all over the country.

The beekeeping tools and the kings are mainly purchased, and the production queens are mainly cultivated by themselves.

High-yield and high-quality bee colonies with different functions are selected through bee breeding.

Mechanized beekeeping, each person can breed hundreds of groups to thousands of groups, and manual cultivation can only raise dozens of groups per person, and the work efficiency is increased by tens to hundreds of times.

With the development of agriculture, beekeeping and agriculture are closely combined, and bee pollination has greatly increased agricultural production, and it is the largest potential for increasing production.

If the bee pollinates the strawberry, it not only improves the fruit setting rate, but also has a large fruit, fullness, less deformed fruit, high yield and good taste, especially the head hazelnut, which accounts for 30% of the total production period.And the maturity period is concentrated, mentioning the morning market 3?
In 5 days, the acre increased by 700 kilograms, and the mu increased by more than 2,000 yuan.

Fourth, what is the prospect of beekeeping?

The application of bee pheromones has a breakthrough in controlling beekeeping, preventing stolen bees, preventing pesticide poisoning, improving collection efficiency and pollination efficiency, and producing royal jelly technology.

The advanced success of the electronic bee is also expected to become an advanced technology for manual commanding bee colonies for directional pollination and collection.

The development of beekeeping industry and the improvement of beekeeping technology will become the promotion of sustainable agricultural development and agricultural industrialization, which is of great significance.

Beekeeping can provide a large number of natural nutritious foods and health care products for human beings, and some products are also raw materials for the chemical industry; it not only provides traditional export commodities, but also pollinates crops and improves the yield and quality of agricultural products.It also has the role of strengthening the ecological balance and improving the ecological environment.

Vigorously develop specialized beekeeping, combine farming, forestry, grass and bees to improve the economic level of beekeeping products; timely use honey sources to enhance the ability to resist natural disasters, and greatly improve the yield and quality of various bee products.Achieve high output, high quality, high efficiency, meet export and domestic consumption needs, increase the economic income of beekeepers, and contribute to the forest economy of developing countries.

In summary, whether beekeeping is based on interest or not, as a career, the method is very important, the way is not right, the manpower and financial resources are paid.
Here, Familia calls on everyone to be a scientific beekeeper and use the correct and reasonable methods and tools to keep a bee!

Fattening recipe: wine stain cherry cheesecake


Fattening recipe: wine stain cherry cheesecake

Wine stain cherry cheese cake making materials: Ingredients: 150 grams of biscuits, cheese 314 grams of accessories: cream 61 grams, 50 grams of almonds, 141 grams of milk, 35 grams of eggs, cornmeal (yellow) 25 grams, 50 grams of cherry seasoning: whiteSugar 73 grams of wine stain cherry cheese cake practice: 1.

Digest the biscuit into a plastic bag and mash it; 2.

Cream (30 grams) is added to the steel basin to dissolve into a liquid state by heating with water;

Almond horns cooked and ready for use; 4.

Take a glass basin, pour the biscuits, cream, almonds, then add the milk, stir the sugar powder together;

Take a baking tray, spread a baking paper on the bottom of the baking mold, and then spread the raw materials in the glass basin evenly in the baking mold;

And after flattening with a scraper, it is temporarily sent to the skin, first placed aside;

The cream cheese is converted back to soft by means of water heating;

The cream cheese is added to the fine sugar and stirred until it is free of granules;

After the whole egg is broken up, it is added to the cylinder and mixed well;

Continue to add the sifted corn flour together and stir;

Pour milk and animal fresh cream (31g) into the jar and stir until the cheese paste is smooth and delicate.

Cut half of the wine cherry into pieces, add to the cylinder, and then pour into the decomposition pie baking mold;

Sprinkle the remaining wine cherry on the surface;

Put it in the oven, heat it at 180 掳C, fire at 180 掳C, and bake for about 50 minutes.

銆€銆€Food phase cheese: cheese bogey and squid with food; do not eat fruit about 1 hour before and after eating cheese; people taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors should avoid eating cheese.

銆€銆€Almond: Almonds should not be eaten with chestnut, pork or millet.

銆€銆€Eggs: damage the spleen and stomach with the goose meat; with rabbit meat, persimmon with the same food causes diarrhea; at the same time, it should not be eaten with turtle, squid, soy milk and tea.

銆€銆€Cornmeal (yellow): corn bogey and snails eat together, otherwise it will be poisoned; try to avoid eating with oysters, otherwise it will hinder the absorption of zinc.

Four kinds of cooking habits are most likely to cause cancer, 80% of people have


Four kinds of cooking habits are most likely to cause cancer, 80% of people have


When cooking, we are doing oil, we are doing dry beans, when we are inclined, we often like to put the ingredients in the oil for a while, then fish out and continue to fry, so that the smell is strong, the color is bright, it isKeep your eyes open.

However, this cooking habit is wrong, leading to excessive levels of oil implanted in the human body, which will destroy the nutrition of the vegetables themselves, and at the same time may produce carcinogens.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that you eat less rapeseed and fried vegetables. When cooking vegetables, choose cooking, cold, boiled and steamed.


After cooking, don’t brush the pot and then fry a lot of people in order to save trouble or look at the pot is quite clean, often after the first dish is fried, directly fry a dish.

But in fact, a seemingly clean pot with food residue and grease on its surface.

When heated again under high temperature and high pressure, carcinogens such as benzopyrene may be produced.

Therefore, it is recommended that every time you cook a dish, you must carefully clean the pot and then fry it.

This can reduce the production of harmful substances, and prevent the seasonings and residues of the last cooking from affecting the taste and selling of the next dish.


The remaining fried oil is still used for cooking. Everyone must have such an experience. Store the fried food and continue to use it.

Something will turn into high-temperature cooking or continue to fry.

However, this practice is highly undesirable because the oil will produce toxic lipid oxidation products and trans fatty acids when heated at high temperatures. If this oil is used continuously for high temperature cooking, the volume of carcinogens will increase dramatically.

Therefore, such fried oil should be avoided to continue to heat at high temperatures, and can be used for stewing or making some similar rolls.


After the cooking is completed, the hood will produce a lot of harmful substances during the cooking process, and the hood plays a very important role in the elimination of the exhaust gas.

Some people like to turn off the hood when the cooking is over.

But in fact, it takes a certain amount of time for the hood to remove the exhaust gas. After the cooking, some of the exhaust gas is not drained and remains in the kitchen.

Therefore, after the cooking is completed, it does not hinder the hood from continuing to work 3?
5 minutes, this will ensure that the harmful gases are completely discharged.

In addition, when cooking, you should try to close the door of the kitchen, and open the window, which can reduce the residual of harmful substances inside the kitchen to a certain extent.

Children with autism have some symptoms


Children with autism have some symptoms

First, social interaction disorders Children with autism may show signs of avoiding confrontation with others in infancy and lack of facial expression.

Indifferent to people, ignoring the call of others; to go to a certain purpose without taking into account the obstacles that may be encountered in the road; when you want some items or food instead of pulling the parents’ hands to go to the itemsThe central government, once it is obtained, will no longer care for people; when the child is afraid, he will not seek maintenance.

Second, speech development obstacles Some children with autism never talk, and they are silent for a lifetime; some children start speaking later than others, and they speak less than others.

Speaking like picking up people, you can’t talk to people on your own initiative.

I don’t use gestures, nodding, shaking my head, facial expressions and other body language to express my needs and emotions.

Third, the common interest object children are not interested in the toys, games, and clothing that ordinary children like, but they are very concerned about toys or items that ordinary children do not like.

Some children with autism are about to show dullness, awkward behavior, or some characteristic characterization of objects, repeatedly touching the appearance of certain “lubricated” objects, such as bright furniture, snowy openings, lubricated book covers, and smoothSlightly soft clothing, soft fur products, etc. Sometimes I like to smell an object, such as a child who always likes to smell his parents’ handbags. When a parent returns home, the first thing the child has isRepeatedly heard the parents’ packets.

Chinese medicine has good anti-aging effect

There is no doubt that Chinese medicine has good anti-aging and longevity effects.

  Why does Chinese herbal medicine have this effect?

With the deepening of research, people realize that the anti-aging effect of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The anti-tumor effect of the elderly is greatly reduced due to the immunity and adaptability of the elderly. It is prone to genetic mutations and cancer, while cockroaches, ginseng, Shouwu, Gynostemma, Atractylodes, Asparagus, Acanthopanax and other drugs cause anti-gene mutations.Function can prevent cancer from happening.


Eliminates the action of free radicals, reduces the activity of antioxidants in the elderly, reduces the excess of free radicals in the body, and deposits too much pigment on the skin.

The traditional Chinese medicine Suanzaoren, Schisandra, Rehmannia, Angelica can effectively scavenge free radicals and activate the protective substance superoxide dismutase (SOD).


Promote human metabolism Because the basal metabolism level of the elderly is low, the body’s metabolic function to various substances is reduced, thereby accelerating aging.

Astragalus, Ganoderma lucidum, Rehmannia, Radix, Polygonatum, and Ligustrum lucidum have the effects of increasing metabolism, regulating blood sugar, and lowering blood lipids, respectively.


Regulating immune function As the body ages, immunity will gradually decline.

And ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Chinese yam, jujube, American ginseng and other drugs can comprehensively and significantly improve human immunity and have a better anti-aging effect.


Regulating the function of the nervous system After the aging of the human body, the brain cells are atrophied and died, and the brain weight is reduced, the thinking ability of the elderly, and memory loss.

Chinese medicine Shouwu, Angelica, Huangjing, ginseng, jujube kernel, Xianling spleen, sputum, etc. can effectively prolong the life of brain cells, improve hearing and vision, improve intelligence and memory, and thus achieve anti-aging purposes.