H5N6 strikes 5 ways to keep your baby away from bird flu

H5N6 strikes 5 ways to keep your baby away from bird flu

Guangdong’s first case of H5N6 infected had contact with live poultry According to media reports, Guangdong was the first and the second case of human infection with H5N6 avian influenza in the world. A 58-year-old male patient living in Panyu had purchased live poultry from a live poultry market before the onset.On-site slaughtering, experienced close contact with live birds.

It was learned from the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the patient is currently in critical condition and her close contacts are undergoing medical observation. No abnormalities have been found for the time being.

  H5N6 is not a new virus, and there are very few people in the population. Liao Ming, vice president of South China Agricultural University, who has been studying animal infectious diseases for a long time, said that H5N6 is not a new bird flu virus.Viruses, mainly chicken.

He also said that there are many differences in biological characteristics between H5N6 and influenza viruses that are circulating among human beings. They are very typical bird flu viruses, and the pandemic is very small in the population. Generally, infections are individual cases.

  H5N6 is coming, can I still give my baby eggs?

  Every time an avian flu epidemic spreads, parents are always nervous. The epidemic basically does not give any babies any birds.

Some parents asked, ca n’t I eat poultry, can I still eat eggs?

Experts say that the chances of eating eggs and contracting bird flu are low.

The bird flu virus can be inactivated for two minutes at 70 ° C and 1 minute at 100 ° C. Therefore, as long as eggs heated by high temperature and cooked eggs are eaten, there is no danger of active bird flu virus.In large and medium-sized markets, buy eggs that have been inspected and quarantined, and cook for a few more minutes.

  5 ways to keep your baby away from bird flu H5N6, how to keep your baby away from bird flu?

There are currently no drugs that can effectively prevent bird flu, and parents should never abuse their babies.

Experts say that the prevention of bird flu induction does the following: 1.

Avoid contact to prevent bird flu. First of all, reduce contact with birds, especially with sick and dead birds. Children should avoid direct contact with poultry and wild birds, as well as their feces and secretions.


Wash your hands frequently to develop a good habit of washing your hands before and after meals. If you have contacted poultry or bird droppings, pay attention to clean your hands thoroughly with disinfectant and water.


Pay attention to food hygiene. Try to buy regular quarantine poultry products at a distance from the place where poultry is sold. Cook poultry meat and cook it thoroughly. The egg shells should be washed under running water when eating eggs. They should be fully heated. Do not eat raw or semi-raw eggs.

To improve immunity, you should have enough sleep and rest, a balanced diet, and pay more attention to vitamin C and other foods that enhance immunity.

Have your child exercise regularly to increase the body’s resistance to the virus.


Early detection and early treatment Parents should pay close attention to the child’s physical condition. If the child has fever and respiratory disease symptoms, he should wear a mask to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Remember to tell the doctor if he has traveled or had a history of contact with poultry before the onset of illness, and the doctor’s guidanceDistance treatment and medication.

High technology can help you hide scars_1

High technology can help you hide scars

When the skin recovers from an injury, it produces too much collagen, which can cause skin scarring.
This is related to heredity. Some people are born with a scar constitution. Even if you are careful, you can’t stop the scar from forming unless you are not injured.
  How to minimize scars But even then, we can still minimize scars.
There are many types of scars: proliferative scars that rise above the surface of the skin, but do not extend beyond the original wound; recessed scars, where the skin usually becomes uneven, and acne and acne are common; keloids often extend to the original woundIn addition, it will increase.
Of course, this is also a problem for women who have a caesarean section.
Keloids are common in people with dark skin, while hypertrophic scars are common in people with fine skin.
  High-tech can help you hide scars >> High-tech options: Medical silicone products: suitable for hypertrophic scars and scars 疙瘩.
After the wound is healed, applying a piece of medical silicone products to the scar or applying the scar ointment daily can make the skin at the scar no longer produce collagen excessively and make the skin permanently flat.
Whether for new or old wound scars, over-the-counter medicines must continue to be used for several months to really work.
  Laser is also a good choice. Fly shuttle laser: This method is suitable for concave scars.
Targets smaller scar areas, activates subcutaneous collagen to secrete, and reshapes the top layer of the skin.
After a few treatments, the sunken skin will become smooth as before.
  >> Quick Hide Method: 法 Use a concealer containing oil and natural pigments that suits your skin type. Mix the edges of the scar first, and then apply some translucent powder on it. The scar will become inconspicuous and the overall skin will look verynatural.

Eating almonds, cough and asthma in autumn

Eating almonds, cough and asthma in autumn

Autumn weather is getting colder and the weather is drier, which is prone to respiratory discomfort caused by autumn dryness.

Li Yanling, deputy chief physician of the director of the Department of Nutrition, Tianjin First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that you can eat a handful of almonds or drink a bowl of warm almond porridge, which can relieve cough, asthma, moisturize the lungs, and relieve phlegm and laxative.

  Li Yanling said that almonds are divided into bitter and sweet. The medicine is mainly bitter almonds, and sweet almonds are mostly used in cooking.

Chinese medicine believes that almonds enter the lungs and the large intestine meridian can reduce qi and phlegm, relieve cough and asthma, moisturize the bowel, and effectively relieve symptoms such as dry throat, sore throat, cough and constipation at the beginning of a cold.

Modern medicine believes that almonds are rich in nutrients, containing protein, crude fiber and various minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, especially vitamin E. A handful (about 30 grams, 20 to 25 grains) of almonds contains about6 mg of vitamin E, which helps lower cholesterol, prevent platelet aggregation, reduce the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, and improve immunity.

You can eat it twice a week, frying a handful of almonds each time, or using almonds and rice, and boiled porridge.

However, it should be noted that 10 grams of vegetable oil should be lost when eating almonds. In addition, almonds contain bitter almond starch, which can cause poisoning when eaten improperly. Therefore, try to choose sweet almonds when cooking, and fully soak and thoroughly cook, andShould not be consumed in excess.

Infants, those with yin deficiency, cough and diarrhea will be cautious.

Skin preservation 12 skin age reduction methods_1

Skin preservation 12 skin ageing methods

It is not difficult to keep your skin long-lasting and young. The following 12 skin care tips will enrich your knowledge of skin care, keep your skin fresh at the best time, and even look younger every day.

  Tip 1 Becoming a Sleeping Beauty Everyone knows that sleeping time at night is very important. It helps the body’s skin and internal organs to have a chance to rest and recover.

Recent studies have shown that skin temperature decreases during the night, as well as oxygen content and blood flow, and the peak of water loss during sleep at night.

Fortunately, the skin has a high permeability at night, so it is a skin care method that has been vigorously promoted recently to supplement the skin by sleeping time to achieve the function of replenishment and repair.

Of course, good quality sleep is also important.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, try the following methods: 1. Eat early for dinner.

It takes at least three hours after eating to fall asleep, because the body is digesting food after eating, making it harder to fall asleep.

  2. Reduce the indoor temperature.

The initial room temperature is about 20 to 21 degrees Celsius. It is best to open a window a little so that the body can sleep peacefully in an airy environment and can breathe deeply.

  Tip 2 Aromatherapy soothes emotions Urban people live a tight life, and many people like to use aromatherapy to achieve soothing emotions.

Generally, tension is formed due to work stress. To relieve the emotional effects in this area, the most commonly used lavender, or bergamot + geranium + ylang ylang can be dripped into the aromatherapy machine, which can effectively soothe emotions.

You can also dip eight to ten drops of aromatherapy oil, such as four drops of lavender + three drops of marjoram + one drop of bougainvillea, into the bathtub to soak.

  In addition, nasal-sensitive MMs should choose aromatherapy oils such as Rowan Shaye, Eucalyptus and Frankincense which are helpful to the respiratory system.

Usually you can use them to absorb in the office or bedroom can help with problems such as trachea or respiratory system.

  Tip 3 Emollient way When you feel that your skin is dry and taut, it is very unwise to apply the cream in a hurry. It is like drinking water. When you feel dry, your body is already dehydrated.Already.
  There are many moisturizing and moisturizing creams. In cold and dry weather, the skin’s moisture loss will be faster. Therefore, in addition to providing sufficient moisture and oil for the skin, products with a water-locking function should also be added to prevent the loss of moisture.Faster than hydration.

  Remember to immediately apply the moisturizing procedure to the skin after cleansing. Use your hands to warm the creamy moisturizer first, and then press it gently with your palm to face, it can be absorbed by the skin and immediately return to soft touch.

  Tip 4 There is a way to eat youth. Everyone knows that illness comes from the mouth. In fact, youth can eat into the belly!

To prevent oxidation, in addition to using skin care products and doing aerobic exercises, you can use snacks on your diet to achieve results.

On the contrary, some foods will accelerate aging, and thinking about it before eating can delay aging.

  Nutritionists point out that refined and processed foods, flour-based products, high-temperature roasted high-fat meats, fried foods, baked goods, food preservatives and additives eat a lot of cities to accelerate decay.

Foods that may be antioxidants are recommended to eat more than 5 colors of fruit, including green, red, orange yellow, purple blue and white.

  In addition, the top 10 anti-aging foods are avocado, raspberries, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts, soybeans, high-fiber whole wheat grains, watermelon and clear water.

  Tip 5: Remove dead skin on a regular basis Although the skin can clean up the cortex on its own, the skin’s metabolism slows down with age.

In some people, the rate of cell renewal decreases by as much as 100% between the ages of 30 and 60.

In addition, extremely dry or hot climates and other severe weather conditions can reduce the natural ability of the skin’s metabolism.

It is precisely for this reason that in the dry weather of winter, in order for the skin to absorb the skin care products you prepared for it, you must ensure that the dead skin on the surface of the skin has been cleaned up.

  The attitude of using dead skin products is also very important. Don’t be anxious and lazy!

Use scrub products can not be pushed vigorously, it is best to make a gentle circle in order to clean, and a few circles in the dead skin area, more sensitive areas can even avoid.

  Tip 6 Drink water smartly One of the easiest ways to stay young is to drink water!

Everyone knows eight glasses of water a day, but knowing and doing is difficult, how many people can do it?

  Smart Rule 1: Drinking a glass of water slowly on an empty stomach will help the kidneys and kidneys detoxify and expel toxins from the body. Therefore, the first glass of water after waking is very important.

  Smart Rule 2: As for the night time, many beauty-loving people do not take a sip of water because they are afraid of edema, which is very unwise.

Because the skin also loses water at night, half a glass of water before bed will help replenish the need for water loss.

  Smart Rule 3: Because warm water can be easily absorbed by the body, it is the first choice for recommendation!

Drinking a glass of water slowly is better than swallowing a glass of water in one breath, because it can be absorbed by the cells slowly.

  Smart Rule 4: To remind yourself to drink water, you can put a water glass with a capacity on the work table.

In addition, add lemon slices in the water, bursts of fragrance will remind you the importance of drinking water.   Tip 7: Antioxidant and anti-oxidant is an important part of preventing aging.

Except for the skin, the aging of the body and the failure of organs are the sequelae of oxidation, so long-term anti-oxidation is absolutely necessary.

There are many ways, in addition to the dietary antioxidants described earlier, you can also start from other aspects.

  1. Sun protection is needed all year round: when the skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays, it will oxidize and form wrinkles, dark spots and rough skin.

  2. Avoid free radical exercise: The amount of free radicals generated in the human body will increase with the increase of oxygen uptake during exercise. Therefore, the increase in the intensity of transformation exercise will increase the free radicals and accelerate the aging.

In contrast, moderate to low-level aerobic exercise has a promoting effect on the antioxidant function.

  3. Don’t smoke: smoke, fog, dust, Egyptian bacteria will make the skin particularly susceptible to oxidation, let alone directly smoke the body?

This is why smokers grow old fast.

  If you don’t want the skin to be yellow and rusty like an open apple, you need to carry out antioxidant work.

  Tip 8 The skin needs ABC to absorb the necessary nutrients from the vitamin pills. This is not only good for the skin, but also good for the entire body.

To make the skin look shiny, vitamin A is a good choice, because it can renew the cells.

In addition, Vitamin B can moisturize the skin; Vitamin C can prevent and repair the damage caused by ultraviolet rays; while Vitamin E can calm the skin; Vitamin K can lighten dark circles and help reduce scars.

  The above kinds of vitamins can increase the brightness of the skin and make people look too youthful.

  Tip 9: The importance of sun protection Many people think that the sun is more intense in summer, and sun protection is always enough, but relax in winter.

It is undeniable that the ultraviolet rays in summer are relatively strong, but it does not mean that the sun in winter has no effect on the skin.

UVB varies by season, height, and time; however, UVA remains constant at every height throughout the year and never stops.

Even if it is blocked by glass, UVA cannot be reduced into the skin.

  Because UVA can penetrate the dermis layer, damage the skin’s connecting tissues, cause skin aging and darkening, and damage skin collagen, it is the brother’s hand that causes premature aging elderly people.

Even if you are an 18-year-old girl, your skin may age early due to UVA.

  Tip 10: Steam it up. Breathe out on a weekday or go to the gym to finish your exercise. Enjoy a steam bath that is good for your skin!

Steam can inject oxygen into your skin, enhance blood circulation, and also excrete toxins from the body when sweating, helping to remove dirt and old waste from the skin.

In the end, there was an unexpected gain: a pink powder Fifi cheek.

  However, it is important to note that the steam bath will be enough for a few minutes every Tuesday to three times. Remember to drink a glass of water when you are finished.

  Tip 11 Use mineral makeup Even if you are not used to makeup, it is recommended that you use cosmetics made from mineral ingredients, especially foundations.

Mineral foundation can provide a certain degree of concealing ability, and gently cover the red mark caused by sensitivity or other reasons on the surface.

Moreover, the mineral foundation has anti-inflammatory effect, and plays a role of care on acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Coupled with the foundation’s particle penetration, it will only stay on the skin surface and has a natural sun protection function, providing a protective layer for the skin, which can greatly reduce the external damage to the skin.

You know, skin that is often slightly inflamed will accelerate the production of melanin cells, so how can you let go of the dressing procedure that can even make up for skin care?

  Tip 12 There are many people who fail to smell good skin because of the difficulty in persevering in the use of anti-aging products. In addition to knowing whether the nature of the product is suitable for personal needs, there are following tips to help you use it longer and make skin care products100% effective.

In fact, the taste of skin care products is very important. At the same time, the good smell has an encouraging effect, so you don’t resist applying it on the surface every night.

In addition, the pleasant aroma can relax the tension and fatigue of the body and mind, and the relaxed nerves can help suppress skin inflammation and reduce the appearance of melanin.

May wish to put the cream on the palm of your hand until it is warm, and then close your face to vigorously breathe the heart, then slowly apply it on the surface and then gently press until it is completely absorbed.

Small prescription for traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hepatitis B

Small prescription for traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hepatitis B

Core Tips: Hepatitis B can occur all year round, and it is sporadic or epidemic. It is more common in children and young adults.

  Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by hepatitis B virus infection. It is mainly based on jaundice, dyspnea, liver enlargement, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

  1. Yinchen 30 grams, gardenia 6 grams, raw rhubarb 3 grams.

Heat weight plus Chaihu, 6g each; Nausea and vomiting, Amomum villosum, 5g each; Abdominal bloating and thick pomegranate, 35g each; Chilled appetite 9g; Sanhuang 9g; Urine yellow and wooden Tong 6g.

Decoction, 1 dose daily, 2 times.

  2. 30 grams of Yinchen, 18 grams of madder, 15 grams of isatis root, 60 grams of white grass root.

Increased constipation; abdominal pain plus turmeric, Yanhusuo; vomiting plus palatine; abdominal distension with crustacean shell, Magnolia.

Decrease the dose for children.

Decoction, 1 dose daily, 2 times.
  3, 500 grams of fresh dandelion, decoction, casual, even for 15 days.

  4, 30 grams of red beans, Tian Jihuang 30 grams.

Add Tian Jihuang to the decoction, remove the residue and juice, then add red beans to cook.

Replace tea drinks 3 times a day.

  5, 15 grams of tea, isatis root, 30 grams each of big green leaves, decoction, 2 times a day, even for 2 weeks.

  6, 4 grams of Qingdai, 2 grams of white staff, 4 grams of cinnabar syrup, divided into 7 packets, each with an egg white, one packet daily, boiling water.

  7, Yin Chen 180 grams as the end, making honey pills, 3 grams per pill, 1 pill each time, 3 times a day.

  8, 15 grams of tea, 30 grams of isatis root, big green leaves, decoction, 2 times a day, even for 2 weeks.

  9, 8 grams of Yin Chen, 10 grams of jujube, 0, 3 grams of white staff, 30 grams of rice, sugar.

Put Yin Chen and Bai staff together in a wok, cook with water for 25 minutes, filter off the residue, cook porridge with the previous rice and jujube, and season with sugar.

Take 1 dose daily, eat twice in the morning and evening, and take it for 7 days.

  10, large green leaves 20 grams, Tian Jihuang 20 grams, Yin Chen 20 grams, 2 eggs.

Wash the shell of the egg, put it into the pot with Daqingye, Tianjihuang and Yinchen, add 400ml of water, cook for 30 minutes, and filter out the drug residue.

Eat eggs and soup, take 1 dose daily, take 2 times in the morning and evening, and take it for 7 days.

  11, watermelon juice 100 ml, honey 10 ml, serving, 2 daily?
3 times.

  12. Fresh dandelions and fresh plantains are each 60 grams, washed and smashed, twisted with gauze, and then use warm water to first wash 1 or 2 grams of alum powder, and then take this medicine after 1 hour.

  13, 50 grams of ground hyacinth, 50 grams of Centella Asiatica, 10 grams of gardenia, 15 grams of Artemisia spp.


Take 1 dose daily in 2 divided doses.

Incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medical Ethics in The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine-Suwen

Incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medical Ethics in The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine-Suwen

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine is one of the four classics of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is the first medical classic of the existing books in the chronic medicine treasure house.

It is a medical masterpiece that studies human physiology, pathology, diagnostics, principles of treatment, and pharmacology.

In addition to the content of medicine, the book also includes the content of medical science, in which “Su Wen” contains a lot of descriptions of medical ethics.

  ”Su Wen” believes that doctors should seriously study medical theories and engage in medical practice, “the book has a lot of problems” (“Zheng Four Loss Theory”), otherwise, “from the beginning of the disease, start with self-complaint and abandon the teacher’s regret(Ibid.) When you encounter difficulties, you will blame yourself for your poor academic skills or blame the teacher for not teaching well, then it is too late.

If the tragedy of “Long life, give people sorrow” (“Analysis of the True Evil”) happens, leaving the pain to the patients and the people who should not be dying, it should be even more moralBlame.

  In view of this, doctors must work from various aspects to carry out deep research on the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, diagnosis and treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of various parts of the disease.Cut it like that and then rebuild it, like refining it like processing jade and regrind it; the cure has been refined, and the pursuit of true refinement.

  ”Su Wen” records a variety of treatment principles, which can be described as one aspect of “Spirit of Essence”.

Some people start with the eight outlines of differentiation and treatment, such as “yang disease cures yin, yin disease cures yang” (“Yin and Yang should be like a big theory”), and this treatment of yin and yang also;Those in the middle are full of diarrhea “(ibid.), And the rule in this table is also” the cold is hot, the hot is cold “(” The True Truth “) and so on.

There are also those who start with the law of five elements, such as “Mu Yu Da Zhi, Huo Yu Fa, Tu Yu Yu Zhi, Jin Yu Xie Zhi, Shui Yu Zhe Zhi.

“(” The Sixth Century Era “) also began by adjusting the body’s balance relationship, such as” the scattered person collects, suppresses the scattered one, the dry person runs it, the urgent person slows it down “), “Because it is light, it is lightened, it is lightened, and it is lightened because of its decline” (“Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun”) and so on.

  ”Su Wen” focuses on the diversity of governance methods, which can be described as another aspect of “the essence of surgery”.

There are different treatment methods for the specimens that are determined from the overall start and the reversal of the pros and cons. There are detailed annotations in the “Biography of Specimen Diseases” and “Trends to the Truth”, which states that “there is more than disease, butIn the first place, treat its root cause first, and then its target.

Symptoms and insufficiency, the root cause, the root cause, the root cause.

“” Weak people reverse it, and even follow it.

The adversary is governing, and the adversary is governing.

“There are various treatments that start with different conditions of the disease and are distributed in many chapters throughout the book.

For example, acupuncture methods based on techniques, moxibustion, bathing, ironing, massage (“Yu Ji Zhen Zang Lun”), guidance (“Zhi Ji Lun” and other methods), drug-based sweating (“Yu Ji”True possession theory”) “True possession theory”), down method (“Heat Theory”), clear method, elimination method (“Six Yuan period theory”), Wen method, supplement method, and harmony method (“True truth must be discussed””) And other methods such as bloodletting (” Trilogy and Nine Months “), diet therapy (” Science (State) Theory “), isolation (” Spirit Theory “), rehabilitation (” Heat Theory “) and other methods.

  Essential pharmacological knowledge is gathered in “Su Wen”, which can also be regarded as a reflection of “the essence of surgery”.

It uses a variety of animals, plants, and minerals such as grain, pig iron, blood charcoal, diarrhea, chicken Yabai, squid bone, Pelan, cinnabar, realgar, female yellow, gold leaf, etc. as medicines for curing diseases, and makes soups,Pills, powders, ointments, Dan and other different dosage forms for internal and external use, some for the prevention of diseases, some for the treatment of diseases, not only pioneered the naphthalene prescription science, but also the development of later generation prescription scienceHave a profound impact.

Its knowledge of drugs has also reached a relative level of goodness. It is pointed out that the relationship between the sexual taste of drugs and the parts of the body that affects the human body is “the thick taste is the yin”, “the thick taste is the yang”;, “Yangyang out of the hang” (“Yin and Yang Yingxiang Dalun”); the relationship with the treatment is “taste is thick, then bleed, thin is through” (ibid.); The specific role is “Ganwen”, “Xin San”,”Acid Harvest”, “Bitterness”, “Fade Leak”, “Salty Diarrhea” (“The True Truth”), etc.

Learn yoga with cats to eliminate stiffness and fatigue

Learn yoga with cats to eliminate stiffness and fatigue

Have you noticed that whenever the cat wakes up, a front leg will always come straight, and then stretch a large lazy waist forward?

The “cat style” is to imitate the action of a cat.

Whether you love cats or not, it doesn’t prevent you from doing more postures. It is a good, safe warm-up action, and it is also effective in eliminating repeated stiffness and fatigue.

  First, kneel on the ground, with both knees open the same length as the length, the calf and the instep of the foot close to the ground, the feet are facing the sky.

Lean forward, straighten your lower back, and notice that your thighs are at right angles to your calf and torso, so that your torso is parallel to the ground.

Press your hands on the ground and place them in the middle position above the shoulders. The arms should be vertical, at right angles to the ground, and at the same time longer than the shoulders.

Fingertips point forward.

  Second, inhale and slowly raise the pelvis at the same time, and the waist slightly bends down to form an arc.

Look forward, lower your shoulders and necks, and keep the cervical spine in line with the spine. Don’t raise your head too much.

  Third, exhale, and slowly arch it upwards at the same time, driving your face downwards, looking at the thighs, until you feel the stepping feel inclined.

With breathing, repeat the above 6 to 10 times.

After completing step 3 of the action change, straighten your lower back again, at the same time, lift your right foot back pedal until it is level with the back, pedal straight, and your left hand extended forward.

Raise your head, look forward, and face down.

Keep your straight hands and feet parallel to the ground.

  Deflection * Fully shrinks hip and shoulder fractures, improves blood circulation, eliminates soreness and fatigue.

  * The spine bones are properly reduced and increased in length.


  * Don’t move too fast, don’t violently turn back and forth continuously or arch your waist.

  * Don’t overdo the gradient factor.

Destiny = compulsive repetition

Destiny = compulsive repetition


A person’s actual interpersonal relationship is the result of the projection of his inner object relationship expansion.


Our attitudes, opinions, emotions, and behaviors towards a person are partly “churched” by that person.


As he grew up, everyone developed a set of measures to protect himself.

These measures can be mature and powerful, or they can be said to be immature and fragile.

  This is the three sentences summed up by Zeng Qifeng, the founder of Wuhan Zhongde Hospital and a well-known domestic psychoanalyst.

Psychoanalysis is a school of psychotherapy founded by Freud. For the average person, it is both profound and obscure.

  Don’t fall twice in the same place!

  This sentence is one of the most common warnings we hear.

But the reason I hear it most often is precisely because this is the hardest thing to do.

In fact, most of us in our lives are constantly repeating the same thing.

  If you get happiness, you repeat happiness.

If you learn to trust, you repeat trust.

Instead, if you get pain, you copy the pain.

If you learn hostility, you repeat it.

  Many psychologists believe that such compulsive repetition is what is called fate.

  The unfortunate people, most of the time, are constantly repeating the same mistakes and falling down in the same place, but there is no sin in this place. It is ourselves that makes us fall.

  Maybe, for example, when you look at others, you may easily find out, hey, that guy, after a fall in a turnip pit, cried for a while and walked away, but then turned around and walked into that turnip pit, Fell down again, and then wept loudly, rejecting the unfairness of fate.

  This is ridiculous!

This guy is really wondering!

You may sigh like this.

  However, if you look at yourself seriously, you will reluctantly find that you yourself have at least two pits, and you keep falling down there.

  Love: The duo duo dudes a talented woman. In normal situations, she can say nothing wrong and do nothing wrong. She can always choose the most appropriate words at the most appropriate time, andWon the attention and respect of people.

  However, every second, she creates a big trouble, and then puts great effort to resolve this trouble.

All these troubles are related to men.

She once had a marriage. At that time, it took her only one week to complete the whole process from acquaintance, love and marriage with a man.

  It was a big trouble, and she spent three years later dissolving the marriage.

  She has also talked about a hopeless love and has made great efforts for this love, such as giving up the easy opportunity to go abroad.

But in the eyes of others, this love can be polished from the beginning without hope.

  But she has to work hard: find a man who is not suitable, then love each other and torture each other for years, and finally break up.

  This is a typical compulsive repetition. She has extraordinary talent and charm, and should be able to easily win a happy life, but she just can’t do it, and fell over and over again in the pit he created.

  A girl named Lisa wrote to me and said sadly that her boyfriend A Qiang abused her all day and made her think of death again and again.

I wrote back that I was willing to provide her with psychological assistance and to seek other social support for her.

  But her second letter asked me: “How can I change him.

“It was this desire that ruined her and got her involved in a whirlpool of abuse.

  A Qiang’s childhood was very tragic. When his father died at a very young age, he followed his remarried mother, while several siblings were given to other relatives.He was also bullied by guards at his stepfather’s house.

As a result, he has been strengthening himself to protect himself, and has learned to fight cruelly. He even expresses love in an abusive way.

When he was young, in order to keep a relative together, he went up and bit his relatives severely.

After growing up, he suffered a series of misery, and his girlfriend who had talked for several years suffered an unexpected death . At this time, Lisa met A Qiang, was deeply moved by his unfortunate encounter, and fell in love with him.And live with him.

However, she could not bear the violence of A Qiang, so she thought of breaking up, but was guessed by A Qiang before she broke up, and she began to treat her more cruelly.

  This is a duo of two people’s forced repetition.

  A Qiang’s childhood was too bitter, so he learned to protect himself with violence many times, and also learned to express love with violence.

In later life, he repeated this kind of thing again and again. When Lisa meant to break up, he did not learn to notice the intentions of others, or to be gentler, or to continue to use violence to protect his injured one.heart.
But if he didn’t torture Lisa, how could Lisa think about leaving him?

It can be said that Lisa’s alienation from him was also taught by Aqiang himself.

  Lisa didn’t talk about her own childhood experience, but I suspect that her childhood experience is also quite miserable, and it is likely that her father also had a deep tendency to violence.

In childhood, we were all strongly narcissistic. We would think that if my father didn’t love us, I could do something to change him and let him love himself.

However, this desire is doomed to fail, because those violent fathers rarely change themselves because of what their daughters do or do not do, and he will repeat his violence as usual.

  At this time, the little girl ‘s desire to “change”
will be suppressed. When she grows up, she will again encounter a man who also has a tendency to violence. This “change” desire will be quickly inspired and she will “love””Get on this close man.

But deep down, she actually wanted to change this man who was accustomed to violence, and gradually proved that the narcissism of her childhood was correct.

  This desire, even in adulthood, is still doomed to be frustrated, because those men who have severe violence will not change themselves for any woman if they are not eager to change, and those women who choose them are destined to be injured, Both physically and mentally.

  It is not difficult for us to see news that the desire to transform made them choose a violent man: a female star left a couple who beat her all day, but then found a man who likes violence.

The logic in their hearts is the same as Lisa’s.

  A Chongqing media report said that a 20-year-old girl married a 28-year-old prisoner. The man was guilty of extortion and had once married.

Before marriage, she wrote three letters to her boyfriend every week to urge him to accept the transformation, and fell in love with him in correspondence, and finally chased after he wanted to marry him.

  Although there are not enough details, I can imagine that this girl is only afraid of hiding the desire to “reform bad men” in her heart.

This desire made her not interested in ordinary, kind and good men who didn’t need to be transformed. Only this kind of problem men would meet her compulsive repetitive needs.

  However, extortion is not the same as violent tendencies.

If it is only for economic reasons, rather than extortion and extortion because of preferences, then the 28-year-old prisoner is far more likely to be successfully transformed than Aqiang mentioned earlier.

  If that’s the case, I wish this girl a blessing and hope that she can change her “fate” through this successful experience of “reforming bad men”.

  Men and women establish close relationships, and those who are used to being happy will create love in this relationship, while those who are used to the unfortunate will create hate in this relationship.

  A Zhong, who works on the TV station, is brilliant and handsome, and his girlfriend changed one after another, but he made it clear that women are simply unreliable, delicious and lazy, and ruthless, just want to rely on men.

  Most of the girlfriends he looked for did indeed fit his description.

But with so many good girls in the world, why didn’t he choose?

  In fact, he was looking for such a girlfriend just to verify his assertion that “woman is not good”.

  He did so also for compulsory repetition.

He lost his father at an early age, and his mother kept changing his lover and left him alone, and he buried a strong hatred for his mother.

When his mother died in a car accident when he was 18 years old, he started his career as a playboy, but he only found such a girl just to continue to express his hatred for his mother.

  The mother is unreliable, so he has to repeatedly find unreliable women to confirm that his attack on the mother is indeed valid.

  He has met good girls and loved her deeply.

However, he is too picky, and will show relentless attack whenever he discovers any shortcomings of the girl.

In the end, the girl left him, which made him very desperate, and made him lament: “It turns out that such a good girl can’t be trusted!

“But this” unreliable “ending was made by him.

He did not learn to master happiness, he only learned to repeat disasters.

  Reason: We are afraid of losing foresight. Compulsive repetition is ubiquitous. It is as if we are only used to the life we have. If the present life becomes different from the past, we must do something to make the presentSame as before.  Smart, pretty Posey works at a large company.

At first, her colleagues and supervisors liked her, which made her very happy, because she thought that her biggest problem was not knowing how to deal with others.

In fact, the reason why she fled from the previous company to the new company is because she feels that her relationship with her colleagues and superiors in the previous company has been messed up, and she is severely isolated.

  However, just after staying at the new company for a week, Posey suddenly found that her mood was very low one night. She reflected on her life this week. She felt that she had done wrong in many places and thought that she must have offended her bossThere are several colleagues around.

  On Monday of the second week, she came to the company with an uneasy mood, and found that everyone really ignored her (actually, everyone was too busy).

So she lamented: “It seems to be true, I messed up the relationship again.

“This day, she did a few things wrong, such as deleting the wrong file in the computer, knocking over the water on a colleague’s desk, and suddenly remembering her name when she said hello to her supervisor.

  As a result, when she was off work, she felt that her relationship with her colleagues was incurable.

  The essence of Percy is also a typical forced repetition.

Like most people who are accustomed to misfortunes, when things really get better, she feels uneasy and feels like something is wrong.

  This anxiety is her sense of control.

Living in an unfortunate environment for a long time, we will develop a special ability to foresee. In addition, we can foresee when we will be bullied and tortured by other people. This ability to foresee will properly protect us from anonymity.Terrible torture.

  However, in the new environment, our ability to foresee is lost, and we feel like everything is messy. “How do people treat me differently than I imagine?

“At this time, we will do some inexplicable things under the unconscious guidance, and then we will mess things up, add a little hostility to those who are friendly to ourselves, and make them more impatient with those who care about themselves.

When they were first, we felt very sad. “Why are they finally bad for me?

“But, deep down, we will be quiet, knowing that everything is in our own vision again.

  It is not easy to change any good forced repetition or bad forced repetition.

Therefore, you will see that some people who believe that they will win the love and support of others, even if they are rejected 100 times, will still interact with you casually.

On the contrary, the other person, you were good to him 99 times, but only once there was a negligence, not good enough to him, was caught by him, and you think you do not love him, do not support his evidence.

  The best way to establish good compulsive repetition is to give your child love and support during his childhood, while respecting his independence and giving him enough trust.

Then, the child will learn love, trust, independence and self-reliance, and repeat these good things over and over again in his life.

The seven most charming states that women make Jade a man fascinate

The seven most charming states that women make Jade a man fascinate

The eyebrows have also contributed to the situation, sparkling eyes follow the man, and the chat of girlfriends is inseparable from the theme of jade.

Maybe like this: “Did you watch Zheng Yuanchang’s new spring puppet show?”

Jade was a mess.

That said, “I like Kimi in the draft. I feel a bit like Lee Jun Ki. That’s the real jade.

There are also people who unconditionally supported the cover in the lawsuit between Zhuang Yu and Guo Jingming, on the grounds that Guo Jingming’s looks and looks are all jade.

  Even my sister ‘s level ca n’t be a feminist: look at RAIN, dance well, and Wang Zi muscle, and at the concert, kneeling in white and singing a love song, tears-Du Yucheng like thisCan you not love him?

如何与时俱进地在“玉男时代”做一名快乐的都市女青年,和“玉男”们谈谈恋爱啊,跳跳舞啊,让我们和《希望》一起-不动声色的性感  动心Index: ★★★★★ Representative: Angelina?

Julie Julie’s sensuality is not only in her thick lips. She is the perfect combination of sensuality and dignity. No wonder American artists have portrayed her as a portrait of the Virgin in the E era.

Her breasts and waist are not used to highlight the feminine characteristics, her African charity is not to create a heroic image, strong but moisturizing, silent and sexy charm.

  Walk through the dark silly temptation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Representative: Drew?

The big-eyed little girl in Barbie Moore’s “Alien”, from a doll-like child star to drug use and wine, everyone thought she was finished.

Drew has a family inherited history of corruption, and she finally took ten years out of this darkness.

When she came back as silly in “Wedding Singer” and “Kissing the Mountains and Rivers”, she had a light fat sweetheart with little fat, and she had no bitter hatred. She was the sun, and the sun that finally rose after a whole night.

Difficult sincere enthusiasm index: ★★★ ☆☆ Difficult to represent sincere representatives: Zhao Wei is popular with the people of the whole country, whipping by netizens across the country, “Little Swallows”, and silly girls wearing Stars and Stripes, redScenery on the carpet, classrooms of colleges and universities, Zhao Wei will never learn to be talented in these years. She strives to mature, but she just ca n’t learn to wear a decent hairstyle. Under the messy hair, she goes through the reform.Sincerely cannot learn.

  Unbridled Chic Attention Index: ★★★ ☆☆☆ Representative: Maggie Q smokes in interviews, loves brand-name luxury goods, and confesses her difficult years when she was not famous. Maggie Q does not hide everything she likes.

Including alcohol.

The so-called celebrity image is of no use to her. She seems to have penetrated the rules of the entertainment industry and her own destiny early. She does not need to make a safe shell for herself, so she lives especially relaxed and even indulged.

  Soft and unique Perseverance Index: ★★★★ ☆ Representative: Chen Qizhen, a little girl, has her own guitar, sings songs that do not conform to the rules, and grew up silently.

She made a record by herself, ran it on her own, and sang from the initial small circle to the big stage, and finally let the commercial mass entertainment bow her head.

So many people listened to her talking to herself. She didn’t fight, her soft insistence revealed her unique and determined heart.

  Affectionate and enthusiastic enthusiasm index: ★★★★ ☆ Representative: Zhang Huimei has two kinds of material that are purely born, one is talent and the other is enthusiasm.

In the difficult entertainment circle, every famous woman has strength. What makes Zhang Huimei different is that her strength is neither courageous nor worldly. She seems to have endless enthusiasm. It is this kind of enthusiasm that spans everythingThe dark clouds made the jade men fascinate for her passionate dance and her tears.

  Elegant elegance temptation index: ★★★★★ Representative: Lin Jiaxin She is not the most beautiful, nor the smartest, but her beautiful and intelligent proportions match the unique elegance.

Maybe Audrey?

Hepburn’s classic aristocracy, her elegance belongs to this era, a bit casual, and like a sister and sister next door, maybe a smile, maybe a look, more like a magic, her civilian elegance is like a daily blandLife is a bunch of non-glare but dazzling fireworks.

How to deal with acne at both ends

How to deal with acne at both ends

Click to buy. If black people have acne, it will have a great impact on a person’s appearance. It will reduce your overall image, and it will make people feel upset.

So do you know what to eat for acne?

Do you know what beauty foods are?

Today, Xiaobian recommends you 7 beauty treatments to help you clear toxins, let’s find out together!

  Lily peach tea material: 3 grams of dried peach, 10 grams of lily.

  Method: Put the peach blossom into the pot, soak it with an appropriate amount of water for 30 minutes, put it in the lily, and boil it.

  Efficacy: Qingxin Runfei, remove internal heat, detoxification herbal tea in vivo for acne, acne, butterfly spots caused by liver stagnation and qi stagnation has been good.

  Ingredients of Yinhua Mung Bean Soup: 20 grams of honeysuckle, 60 grams of mung beans, and 30 grams of brown sugar.

  Practice: first fry honeysuckle, remove residue, add mung beans and cook until cooked, then add brown sugar, drink soup and eat beans.

  Efficacy: Detoxification and anti-inflammatory, it is suitable for those who have red marks and inflammation in acne. It can effectively clear acne marks and remove acne fire.

  Burdock wolfberry detox tea material: Burdock amount, wolfberry amount, psyllium seed amount.

  Method: Wash the medicinal materials, put them in a pot, brew with boiling water, and mix with tea.

  Efficacy: Psyllium can absorb toxins from the human body, help detoxify the skin and eliminate acne inflammation. Burdock can help remove uric acid from the body and expel toxins from the liver and kidneys.

  Preliminary detoxification herbal tea materials: 10 grams of chamomile, 5 grams of fennel, 5 grams of jasmine, 10 grams of mint, and 5 grams of violet.

  Method: Put the medicinal materials into the pot and add the appropriate amount of water to cook. After boiling, cook for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: Poor function of the stomach and intestines will increase the accumulation of toxins, which will cause the growth of acne. After clearing the toxins from the intermediates, it will improve the gas and reduce the chance of acne recurrence.

  Licorice clove black tea materials: 500 grams of ginger, 250 grams of black tea, 100 grams of salt, 150 grams of licorice, 25 grams of clove, 25 grams of agarwood.

  Practice: Pound into coarse powder and mix well.

15-25 grams each time, decoction in the morning or make tea with water, several times a day.

  Efficacy: Depyrolysis, relieve stress, help toxins in the body, avoid acne caused by accumulation of toxins, licorice can fight inflammation, prevent acne from inflammation and swelling.

  Acne Forsythia Tea Materials: 9g Poria, 9g Whitegrass Root, 9g Immortelle Leaf, 6g Trichosanthin, 6g Habitat, 6g Licorice, 9g Forsythia.

  Method: Add 6 bowls of water to all herbs and cook for 30 minutes.

  Efficacy: It has outstanding effects on acne, acne, bad breath and other symptoms caused by liver fire or excessive oil secretion.

Especially for the acne that has been purulent, it can play an anti-inflammatory and purulent effect.

  Mung bean chrysanthemum tea material: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of mung bean paste, 10 grams of lemon, a small amount of honey.

  Method: Put the chrysanthemum into the water and boil it. Put the juice of the squeezed lemon and mung bean paste into the chrysanthemum water and stir. Add a small amount of honey instead.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, accelerating the body’s metabolism in the New Town, removing toxins, improving the appearance of acne and removing acne marks, smoothing the rough pores of the whole body to make the skin smooth and clean, it is a wonderful recipe for acne removal.