Simple home cooking quick menstruation

Simple home cooking quick menstruation

Females always need to be nurtured to get better body balance and nutrition, but how do they adjust?

Still want to drink those bitter soup?

Actually, choosing different medicated diets will achieve very good results depending on the physique. Let me introduce a few soups: 1.

Motherwort jujube soup: 20 jujubes, 10 grams of motherwort, 10 grams of brown sugar, stew with water, once each morning and evening.

Suitable for menstrual delay caused by cold, menstrual dysmenorrhea.


Motherwort egg soup: 2 eggs, 30g motherwort, wash the eggs, stew with motherwort and water, remove the shells and cook for 20 minutes, eat the egg soup.

Suitable for stagnant menstruation caused by blood stasis block, delayed menstruation.


Mutton ginger angelica soup: Angelica, 10 grams of ginger each, 100 grams of lamb slices, add water and cook, add salt after cooking, eat soup and meat.

Suitable for delayed menstruation, less volume, abdominal cold pain and other symptoms.


Rice vinegar tofu soup: 200 grams of rice vinegar, 250 grams of tofu, cooked together, eat before meals, eat once.

It is suitable for strong women with short menstrual periods, crimson blood, and large amounts.

  Simple home cooking can also help you quickly regulate your menstruation: 1.

Egg longan soup: 50 grams of longan meat, 1 egg, fry the longan first, break into the eggs 30 minutes later, stew until cooked, once each morning and evening, and serve for 10 days.

Applicable to irregular menstruation with false card.


Hawthorn brown sugar drink: 50 grams of raw hawthorn meat, 40 grams of brown sugar.

Hawthorn decoction to remove residue, washed into brown sugar, hot drinks.

Non-pregnant people take more before, menstrual blood is also from below.

Functional blood circulation and menstruation, the treating women have menstrual disorders, menstrual delay.


Anise: 15 grams each of cumin and green peel, 250 grams of rice wine. Wash the cumin and green peel and soak in the wine for 3 days to replace.

15-30 grams each time, 2 times a day, if you are intolerant, you can use vinegar instead.

Functional Shugan Qi.

Indications include menstrual period indefinite, menstrual color is normal, blockless and unsmooth, breast and lower abdomen pain.

  I will introduce you to a few recipes for the successful treatment of amenorrhea: 1.

Take 250 grams of dried eggplant slices, stir-fry the yellow flour into powder, and serve the rice wine twice a day, 15 grams at a time.


Use motherwort 90 grams, brown sugar 50 grams, oranges 30 grams, decoction.

Served several times a day.


Take 30 grams of barley kernels.

The medicine is washed, cut into sections, decocted, and fasted in the morning and evening, and even taking more than ten doses is effective.


With 30 grams of panchi, one white pigeon, rice wine.

Remove the white pigeon’s hair and internal organs, put it into the armor of the white pigeon, and put it in the belly of the white pigeon.This prescription applies to amenorrhea with liver and kidney deficiency.

  Plain salt cockscomb: 2 male cockscombs, a small amount of salt, cooked cockscomb, eat with salt, once a day, 3-5 times a month.

Suitable for irregular cold menstruation.

  Wine-cooked carp: 500 grams of carp and 260 grams of rice wine. Cook the fish and rice wine together, eat the dried bones, and use rice wine to brew them in the morning.

Suitable for those who are not clean.

The Barnum Effect in Psychology

The Barnum Effect in Psychology

A friend asked me once what was the hardest thing in the world.

I said it was hardest to make money. He shook his head, Goldbach guessed?

He shook his head again.

I said I gave up, you tell me.

He thought mysteriously to know you.

Indeed, those thoughtful philosophers say the same.

  Who am I? Where do I come from and where do I go? These questions started in ancient Greece, and people started asking themselves, but they didn’t get satisfactory results.

  However, even so, man never stopped searching for himself.

  Because of this, people are often lost in themselves, easily cued by surrounding information, and taking others’ words and deeds as a reference for their actions. Herd mentality is a typical proof.

  In fact, people are not affected and implied by others all the time in their lives.

For example, on a bus, you will find a phenomenon in which a person opens his mouth and yawns, and several people around him cannot help but yawn.

Those who do not yawn are because they are less suggestive.

What kind of people are suggestive?

This can be checked by a simple test.

  Hold a person horizontally with both hands, palms up, and close your eyes.

Tell him that he now has a hay ball tied to his left hand and keeps floating upwards; he tied a large rock with his right hand and fell down.

After three minutes, looking at the difference between his hands, the distance is equal, the more suggestive.

  Knowing yourself, called self-perception in psychology, is the process by which individuals understand themselves.

In this process, people are more susceptible to the cues from external information, which leads to deviations in self-perception.

  In daily life, people can neither reflect on themselves at all times, nor can they always put themselves on outsiders to observe themselves.

Because of this, individuals use external information to know themselves.

Individuals are susceptible to external information when they know themselves, and often fail to perceive themselves properly.

  Psychological research reveals that it is easy to believe that a general, general personality description is particularly suitable for him.

Even though this description is very empty, he still thinks it reflects his personality.

Some psychologists used to say something that was generally applicable to almost anyone and allowed college students to judge whether it was suitable for them. As a result, college students thought that they would describe themselves in detail and extremely accurately.

The following paragraph is the material used by psychologists. Do you think it is suitable for you?

  You need others to like and respect you.

You have a tendency to be self-critical.

You have a lot of abilities that can be your advantage, but you also have some disadvantages, but you can generally overcome these.

You have some difficulties with the opposite sex, and even casually appear casually, in fact, you are anxious inside.

You sometimes wonder if your decision or operation is correct.

You like a change in your life, and your aversion is limited.

You take pride in your ability to think independently, and the suggestions of others will not be accepted without sufficient evidence.

You don’t think it is wise to speak too frankly in front of others.

You are sometimes outgoing, kind and sociable, while sometimes you are inward, cautious and silent.

Some of your ambitions are often unrealistic.

  This is actually a hat that fits on everyone’s head.

  One is called Shawman?When commenting on his performance, Barnum’s famous acrobat said that he was very popular because the show included everyone’s favorite, so he would make “everyone be deceived.”

It is often thought that a general, general personality description reveals its characteristics very accurately. This name is called “Barnum effect” in psychology.

  After a psychologist completed a Minnesota Polyphasic Personality Checklist (MMPI) for a group of people, they took out two results and let the participants determine which one was their own.

In fact, one is the result of the participants themselves, and the other is the average result of the majority of the responses.

The participants even thought that they had expressed their personal characteristics more accurately.

  The Barnum effect is very common in life.

Take fortune telling, for example, many people think that fortune tellers are “very accurate” after consulting a fortune teller.

In fact, those who ask for fortune-telling are inherently susceptible to hints.

When a person’s mood is low and frustrated, he loses control of life, so the sense of security is also affected.

A person who lacks a sense of security is psychologically sufficient and greatly enhanced, and is more implied than usual.

Coupled with the fortune teller’s inner feelings, he can understand the feelings of the helpers, and the helpers will immediately feel a kind of spiritual comfort.

The fortune teller then said a general, irrelevant word that caused the helper to be convinced.

Look at your eyebrows to see if you are healthy

Look at your eyebrows to see if you are healthy

In the “Huang Di Nei Jing” of traditional Chinese medicine, it was pointed out: “Brows who have eyebrows have enough blood in the veins of the sun, and those who have bad eyebrows have less blood.

The so-called evil eyebrows were explained by the ancients as “brilliant and withered eyebrows.”

This tells us that a person’s health can be ground from the eyebrows. Let’s take a closer look.

  Obese eyebrows: Those with thin and light eyebrows are more common in those with weak blood, weak and sick people. Such patients are prone to cold hands and feet and weak kidney qi.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, eyebrows often fall off, especially in the outer third of the eyebrows.

In patients with leprosy, the outer skin is hypertrophic and the eyebrows are displaced in the early and early stages.

  Patients with alopecia areata may also have eyebrow replacement symptoms at the same time.

Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia can also cause eyebrow replacement. Some anticancer or antimetabolite drugs also have this alternative.

  Drooping eyebrows: mostly paralysis of the facial nerve.

If some of the sides of the eyebrows hang down, it means that there is facial nerve paralysis on that side, so that the eyebrows cannot be lifted upwards.

Some are drooping unilateral upper eyelids (such as myasthenia gravis), which causes the raised eyebrows to protrude higher.

  Dry eyebrows: Those with straight and dry eyebrow tips, if they are menstrual, they may have abnormal menstruation, and men are more likely to suffer from neurological diseases.

Some children or malnourished people have yellow and scorched eyebrows, which is also a sign of lung deficiency.

  Thick eyebrows: Those with thick eyebrows have physical ingestion and are toxic.

However, if women’s eyebrows are particularly dark, it may be related to hyperadrenal function.

Those with short eyebrows are anxious and irritable. Beware of emergencies.

  Eyebrows rushing up: Eyebrows rushing upright is a symptom of critical condition, which leads the patient to hurry up for treatment.

  Eyebrows falling down: indicates severe illness, especially biliary palpitations.

  Eyebrows grow lush: This is often a sign of the elderly’s strength. The two eyebrows look beautiful and long. Some of them are particularly long, up to 4?
5 cm, some 2?
3 cm.

Old eyebrows are said to have a long life, so some people call this long eyebrows “shoumei”.

However, according to clinical observations and family history surveys, the emergence of “shoumei” is not a good sign.

  The study found that Shoumei is mainly related to the expected imbalance. The appearance of Shoumei in young and middle-aged people may include early external manifestations of some diseases that are in the latent stage, including tumors and immune diseases.

The sooner Shoumei occurs, it indicates that the earlier the body imbalance occurs, the faster the pace of aging, the higher the probability of tumors.

  So think that 45?
The appearance of Shoumei after 50 years old accords with the laws of physiological aging earlier, but it should be mainly single.

For young and middle-aged adults, especially those with plexiform and bundle-shaped distributions, they should undergo regular physical examinations and follow-up observations in order to detect and treat early.

Must-See: A Guide to Cosmeceutical Features Worldwide


Must-See: A Guide to Cosmeceutical Features Worldwide

Cosmeceuticals are very popular today, especially for many sensitive skins. Cosmeceuticals are the limited range of skin care products they choose.

The origins of cosmeceuticals are different, and their characteristics and applicable groups are also different.

Which series of cosmeceuticals are you suitable for?

  Japan station drug makeup features: fresh ingredients are endless, and has outstanding performance in the field of whitening.

The price is low, it can be called the “grassroots pie” in the drug industry.

  Suitable for: Young skins who like fresh ingredients and have whitening needs have been promoted by beauty coach Niu Er and beauty king Da S, and Japanese drugstores have become a pilgrimage place for beauty experts.

Japanese cosmetics brands pay great attention to the development of new skin care ingredients, such as the popular Q10, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, soy milk, astaxanthin and other ingredients from Japan.

The whitening effect of Japanese cosmeceuticals is also well-known.

More importantly, due to the fierce competition in the Japanese pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, low-priced Japanese pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are more popular with young people.

  The representative brand JUJU is hot in China by Niu Er and Kevin. It is sought after by beauties for its moisturizing products with the highest sales in Japanese drugstores.

  SANA soymilk series are currently attractions on major beauty forums and shopping sites because they are cheap and easy to use.

  Germany station medicine makeup features: green natural raw materials, safe and effective progressive beauty effect.

  Suitable for the crowd: love organic life, advocating healthy skin care. German cosmeceuticals and French cosmeceuticals have some similarities, and their effectiveness tends to increase gradually.

However, unlike the single function of French cosmeceuticals, the function of German cosmeceuticals is more refined.

Perhaps, for example, Eucerin, a well-known German cosmeceutical brand, is known for its excellent anti-aging ability.

Another well-known German cosmeceutical brand, German Family, is famous for hydrating, removing acne and repairing skin.

Another major feature of German cosmeceuticals is that the raw materials are tried green.

Jasmine, rose, rosemary, sage and other natural elements are the raw materials of German cosmeceuticals.

  On behalf of the German family

Hauschka is an authentic German cosmeceutical brand and a maintenance brand recommended by many professional dermatologists.

This brand expert uses natural rhythms to care for the skin and stimulate the skin’s own nursing function.

  Eucerin Eucerin is a pharmacy skincare brand with a long history under the German Byersdorf Group. It was born in 1900.

The products of this brand include eight categories: anti-drying series, Rou’an series, cleansing series, sunscreen series, anti-allergy series, etc. Among them, the anti-drying series and anti-allergy series are brand-named series.

  Features of the United States drugstore: take a high-tech route, make the effective ingredients of the product far higher than Japanese and French products, and pursue high risk and high return.

  For the crowd: The United States with problem-oriented skin focusing on technological innovation reflects its strong scientific and technological research and development strength in skin care products, far exceeding the Japanese and French products in concentration and ratio.

It is impossible to try American cosmeceuticals without a little courage.

“Heavy weight” ingredients such as A-acid, botulinum-like, and uric acid are common in American cosmeceuticals.

For people with sensitive skin, American cosmeceuticals are a bit scary.

But American cosmeceuticals are really good for treating problem skin.

Check out the list of fans of American cosmeceuticals: Madonna, Gwennis.

Paltrow, Cher . Under the care of American cosmeceuticals, there are no traces of time in the shell, so we know how powerful the American cosmeceuticals are.

  Represents the brand’s first choice of fruit acid care products by American dermatologists of the core brand, by the international authority, the father of fruit acid-Dr.

Van Scott and Dr

Co-founded by Yu, all fruit acid products use patented bipolar formula technology, even if the concentration is high and the pH is low, it will not irritate the skin.

  The price of Duke products is also the route of higher prices.

Zuo Shi C Essence, Moisturizing B5 Gel, Pure Eye Dew, Soothing Moisturizing Enhancer, Sunscreen SPF30, Pigment Repair Enhancer are all products that celebrities like to replace.

  French station medicine and makeup features: It is mainly composed of hot spring water and natural plants, low in technology content, single function, but mild in nature, first-rate anti-allergy effect.

  For the crowd: French people with sensitive skin and romance are more pursuing the beautiful effect of long-lasting water, and do not like the products containing chemical ingredients such as flavors and surfactants.
Therefore, the main ingredient of French medicinal makeup is hot spring water.
French hot spring water is recognized to have soothing and sensitive effects on the treatment of skin cancer.

Vizi, La Roche-Posay, Avene, etc., which are common in the domestic market, are cosmeceutical brands with French hot spring water as the main ingredient.

These ingredients are natural French cosmeceuticals and skin care products, which have a particularly good absorption effect, suitable for sensitive skin and even pregnant women.

  On behalf of the brand Avene products are light and gentle, whether it is dry, mixed or oily sensitive skin have suitable basic care products.

  Although VICHY also has antioxidant effects and soothes the skin, it is generally more suitable for healthy skin, which is precisely its slogan “source of healthy skin”.

  La Roche-Posay La Roche-Posay is streamlined to minimize allergens.

Word of mouth products are acne series.

  Universal Drugstore China buys drugstores because of the particularity of drugstores. General beauty stores are looking for drugstores. To buy drugstores, you have to remember the following places.

  Oumei Cosmeceuticals is a well-known chain drugstore. It has 50 cosmeceutic specialty stores in China. The agent’s cosmeceutical brands are mainly from France’s NUXE, URIAGE, EuropeCui Bi and others also have some cosmeceutical brands from the United States.

  If you know how to buy on the Internet, you can’t go out and buy cosmeceuticals all over the world, but you should note that the shelf life of cosmeceuticals is generally very short, you must confirm the production date with the seller before buying.

  Drugstore brands such as Vichy, La Roche-Posay, and Avene in major pharmacies have been in China for a long time and can be bought in pharmacies.

Baby drinking too much juice needs to prevent juice pee

Baby drinking too much juice needs to prevent “juice pee”

Fruit is good for human health, but not as much as possible.
For example, plums, apricots, plums, and herb poisons contain crotonic acid, oxalic acid, and benzoic acid. These components are not easily oxidized and decomposed by air in the human body. As a result, the products formed after metabolism are still acidic substances.These substances can cause an out-of-balance in the pH of the human body, and can cause poisoning if eaten too much.
There is an increasing incidence of a disease called “fruit juice urine” in cities. The reason is that modern city residents drink too much fruit juice, and a large amount of sugar in fruits cannot be absorbed and used by the human body.It is excreted from the kidneys and causes changes in urine.
This condition can cause kidney disease over time.
Researchers at home and abroad have found that if parents give children high-concentration fruit juice drinks, they may suffer from diarrhea, narcolepsy and other diseases, because 75% of 7-year-old children are absorbing fructoseThere are difficulties.
Fructose is a natural sugar contained in fruit juices and fruits. High-concentration fruit juice is difficult to be absorbed by children after entering the body, which can cause indigestion and acidosis.
Therefore parents are advised to dilute their children with high concentrations of apple and pear juice.
  It can be seen that although the fruit juice is good, an excessive amount is harmful and unhelpful.
Therefore, parents should give their children fruit juices sparingly.

Refusing to be busy with beavers

Refusing to be busy with beavers

Beaver is a very intelligent animal that likes to live near weedy water moorings.

The reason why it is smart is not because its nesting technology makes it difficult for many animals to look back, but also because it has a unique skill: repairing the water gap.

Instinctively, Beaver likes to keep the amount of water in the place of residence and try to stop the loss of water.

There is a gap in the mouth, there will be a sound of running water, the beaver will come to hear this sound, the branch will come, the soil and other things will block the gap.

  Zoologists have done such an experiment: put a tape recorder on the shore (actually no gaps), and keep playing the sound of running water.

Soon, the beavers heard the sound, although there were exceptions to them, but for the sake of safety, they would apply a thick layer of mud near the sound source before they left.

When they return here, when they hear the sound of running water, they will once again come to the soil. Don’t think that the beaver is ridiculous. In fact, there are many people like “Beaver” in life. Perhaps you are one of them.

Do not believe?

Take a look at the story below.

  Xiao Ming is a second-year student of a middle school. Because of her excellent academic performance and helpfulness, she has never violated the school rules and regulations, and won praises from teachers and students.

Originally such a student can be called a “model”, but there is a shortcoming: too suspicious.

He is not skeptical that others are sorry for himself, but always worried about what he has done wrong.

Once, because he was outstanding in a spring tour, he was praised by the teacher afterwards.

After class, a classmate jokingly said to the squad leader: “Xiao Ming is so good at learning, and so good at uniting classmates. It takes a long time. The position of your squad leader can be difficult to protect!

Said, taking a shot of the squad leader.

The classmates laughed and the squad leader also joined in the fun: “Yes, Xiao Ming can let me point, don’t grab my position.”

“The speaker is unintentional, the listener is interested, this sentence makes Xiao Ming feel uneasy all day.”

He thought: Isn’t the squad leader thinking that it poses a threat to him? If this is the case, I can. After school, Xiao Ming bites his teeth, steals the squad leader to a quiet place, and apologizes to the squad leader again and again.Declaring that I have no idea to replace it, the squad leader is laughing and laughing.

In this way, almost all of the students accepted Xiao Ming’s “apology”.

In the face of a classmate with so many hearts, other people have to try to talk less to him, and of course there are very few jokes.

Over time, the students will inevitably become bored with him, and Xiao Ming is afraid of his own suspicion all day, becoming more and more isolated.

In this way, Xiao Ming and everyone gradually alienated.

  In fact, in life, anyone will inevitably make mistakes, no big deal, and seriously fill it up.

However, if you are always suspicious like Xiao Ming, you can always think that you have done something wrong with others, and you are busy with “filling up” all day, what is the difference between beavers who have repaired “gap” again and again

Such a person, not tired, is strange!

Five kinds of men that women must dump

Five kinds of men that women must dump

1. It’s not terrible to be poor. In fact, it’s easiest to bear it. He cares about everything.

Big men’s family is not good, it doesn’t matter, it is important to have ambition and ambition.

I always only care about the small profits in front of my eyes, and take a minute and a minute to care about others. After a few times, the manliness disappears, just like a mother-in-law woman in a city, such a small man, do you want it?

  2. The weird temperament is now popular as “COOL”, with lyrics explaining that it is expressionless.

Little girls like it, but live, if it is still this virtue, it is absolutely impossible.

Imagine that you were greeted with a smile before three minutes. After three minutes, you did not speak with a stinky face. How did such a big ups and downs suffer?

Get along with such a man, you can train yourself to be a psychologist in a short time, I am afraid that I will go to see a psychologist.

  3. Of course, this refers to those married men. The so-called dragging family means that the family relationship is particularly complicated. What is an aunt, an aunt, an uncle, an aunt, and a grandmother. If it is a giantEven the big family is fine, but not every good thing in life will let you run into it.

Generally speaking, most people born in this kind of family are the kind of men who have deep minds and small minds, but also are overly dependent on others. Such men cannot give you a sense of security, and they will give you endlessWorries: More from him, more from his family.

When such a man doesn’t get rid of it early, when does he stay?

  4. A man with a natural love type gives you unlimited surprises and sweet romance, but he is a natural love type, as long as it is a flower, whether it is a flower or a wild flower, as long as it is a butterfly, whether it is beautiful and poisonousIt ‘s still too old to fly, he has to collect, he has to catch, this is instinct, no matter how he promised, and no matter how he reads in your ear every day that millennium is unchangedNothing can change his nature.

Therefore, when you can withdraw, even if you dodge decisively, no matter how confident you are, you will be doomed to fail in such a man.

  5. A man who is boring and boring does not have any life interest, does not speak sweet words, does not create surprises, and even in the stage of love, his scrupulous personality certainly cannot bring you sweetness and happiness.

Life with such a man is definitely a day of ascetic monks.

Give a good impression

Give a good impression


I am afraid that the comrades next to me are cleaning. I was in a grid. When he cleaned loudly, he moved the monitor and tapped the book. I could n’t work at all.

This doesn’t count, the most terrible thing is that he likes to blow dust with his mouth. This blow blows all the dust to me.


A few more steps to send garbage Every time near the Spring Festival, the garbage bags in our hallway, especially in front of each house, will increase, so that there are a few large bags of garbage in front of the door. It is estimated that they are cleaned up by cleaning.

But now that you’ve taken the garbage to the door, can’t you take a few more steps and put it in the trash can downstairs?


The noise of sweeping in the middle of the night has not been good in recent days. The noise upstairs in our upstairs house is particularly loud every night, either the sound of the washing machine’s rotation or the buzzing sound of a vacuum cleaner.

Everyone is an office worker. There is no time to clean during the day. It is understandable to clean up the room at night, but it is not so loud at 10 pm.

The soles of the feet are 11 strokes, so that you can get rid of all the diseases!

The soles of the feet are 11 strokes, so that you can get rid of all the diseases!

Traditional Chinese medicine soles can maintain the goal of curing diseases.

Due to the direct contact between specific parts of the foot and various organs in the body.

There is a reflection zone of each organ at the bottom of the foot, and after some organs are deformed, they can be reflected on the reflection zone.

Massage and stimulate the corresponding reflex zones to promote local blood circulation.

There are two characteristics of TCM’s sole health: one is that anyone can place it anytime, anywhere, and the way of hi-hat and tapping is easy to control, and it takes a while.

The second is based on the theory and diagnosis and treatment experience of Chinese medicine, which is scientific and operable.

The specific method is as follows: First, tapping the soles of the feet every day before going to sleep with the palm of the hand to beat the soles of the feet, can eliminate the fatigue of the day.

By tapping the sole of the foot with proper stimulation, the blood circulation of the whole body is enhanced, and the internal organs are effectively strengthened to restore the spirit.

The accurate tapping method is centered on the sole of the foot and radiates rhythmically around, with a slight pain.

You can also sit on the bed or chair with your legs crossed and put your feet on the other side of the other leg, which is easier to tap.

Each foot is about 500-1000 times, and the strength is moderate.

Second, if the feet are shaking and the blood circulation is not good, the visceral disorder will occur, showing sub-health signs such as headache and loss of appetite. The simple foot stimulation promotes blood circulation.

Lying on the bed, let your feet shake in the air, then let your feet rotate like a bicycle, as long as 5 consecutive times?
In 6 minutes, the systemic blood circulation will be improved. This method can also make the calf and abdomen become muscle contraction, completely eliminating leg fatigue.

If people who are afraid of cold in winter practice this method before going to bed, they will feel warm and help to improve their sleep.

Third, the biggest advantage of walking barefoot is the possibility of getting the palm of your foot to be tempered.

The sole of the foot is the main part of the body’s balance, and everyone with a healthy body has a tough palm.

When walking, you can stimulate your feet. You can also try to walk away from the pebble road, so that the five toes do not stick together, and you can freely move and move. It is a great advantage of walking barefoot, especially between the big toe and the second toe.Leave a gap to make walking easier.

In order to promote good health, you can let your feet liberate from your shoes and socks and extend your bare feet.

Fourth, the foot bathing sunbathing is a natural therapy to promote the health of the body. The foot of the second heart can receive the sunbathing. It can be obtained with unexpected health effects. The ultraviolet rays in the sun stimulate the soles of the feet, which can enhance the metabolism of the whole body and strengthen the internal organs.Efficacy, make the body tough. Anyone who is sunbathing on the soles of the feet is not easy to have heat stroke in summer. When the weather is not easy to catch cold in the whole year, can the sun shine directly on the soles of the feet in the beam?
Do not basking in the sun for 30 minutes, as a large amount of ultraviolet light will be received by the glass.

Fifth, the patient has too much friction on the soles of the feet and complains to the doctor that they are often unable to sleep in bed because they are worried or worried. They are placed on the turning side and squinting to the dawn.

In fact, because the sole of the foot is farthest from the heart, and the peripheral blood circulation is not smooth, 92 health nets, feet are afraid of cold, and are also prone to insomnia.

Insomnia can make your feet close together and rub each other, so that the blood circulation is smooth, and when the feet feel warm, you can fall asleep in a short time.

The way is to lie on the bed, raise your feet, and then rub each other hard, if the hands are also rubbing at the same time, the consequences are better.

As long as you rub hard 20 times, your feet will feel warm and drowsiness will come.

Sixth, the toes and toes have the effect of strengthening memory.

You can grab the big toenail with your hands and do the rubbing movement. Try it several times a day, every time?
3 minutes.

You can also do an activity by hand to lick the outside of the small toe neck, as long as you squat for 5 minutes before class or before going to bed.

Because the calculation ability is related to the cerebellum, and the small toe is the reflection area of the cerebellum, the small toenail can still enhance the calculation ability.

Seven, the pressure of the foot roots long-term work or sitting in the office is easy to form a hunchback, the most simple way to correct this posture is to stimulate the heel.

The twist of the front end is due to the weakness of the muscles on both sides of the vertebrae supporting the visceral weight. Only the muscles that stimulate the vertebrae of the vertebrae can stand upright.

The muscles of the vertebrae are connected to the heel through the bladder and stimulate the heel to correct the posture of the hunchback.

The solution is to use your fingers to block the heel until it feels pain.

Eight, one foot tip single foot extension can apply the effect of the sole of the exercise.

The method is very simple, that is, taking the golden chicken’s independent posture and squatting on the tiptoe.

At first, you may not be used to it. You may even encounter very pain. You can let the heels of the feet be slightly separated from the ground. You will get used to the tip of your toes and then the tip of your toes.
When you are on one foot, you can first lick the toe tip 1 of your right foot.
2 minutes, then licking the tip of the toe of the left foot 1?
2 minutes, repeat the rotation, it is best to raise the wall with both hands or grab the railing when you rub your feet, remember to pay attention to safety.

Nine, stumbling on the birthday of the building, the trip to the floor is a good opportunity to get people to get tempered.

Going to the floor with your toes is conducive to regulating blood pressure and making people obese.
With the proportion of walking on the flat, the amount of activity in the building, the reorganization of the respiratory system, the circulation system is tempered, the muscles of the waist and legs are also enhanced, and the whole body is improved.

Since all the progress has been carried out on the tiptoe, the first half of the foot can be adjusted to exercise, and the visceral and brain functions associated with it are also improved.

When you are on the floor, your mind should be highly concentrated. Be careful to fall because of the unstable steps.

Ten, step on the tennis ball in the chair, use your feet to turn the tennis ball. When the foot feels tired, use the tennis ball to stimulate the sole of the foot, which can be alleviated.

When you start to turn the tennis ball, the sole of the foot will feel quite painful. If you keep it for a while, the pain will gradually change the comfort, and the fatigue of the foot will be unconsciously dispelled.

This approach also helps to rule out constipation.

Eleven, how to make the skin white and clean, is the most concerned facts of women, as long as the soles of the feet are stimulated, the skin can be made.

The specific method is to rub the sole with a brush during bathing, and stimulate the secretion of coherent hormones in the body through the stimulation of the brush. For a long time, the skin can be white and tender, and the soup can be cured.

This method of health is used to replace the brush made of natural fiber, because the brush made of natural fiber is softer and does not damage the sole of the foot.

Fashion girl beware of frostbite aunt_1

Fashion girl careful frostbite

There is no doubt that wearing too little in winter, especially wearing short skirts, causes damage to the waist and legs.

But you may not know that wearing too little can cause a skin disease-cold panniculitis.

  Cold panniculitis is a skin disease that occurs frequently in winter. It is mainly inflammation caused by the cold stimulation of the subcutaneous abdomen layer. The clinical manifestations are purple red indurations (lumps) in the thighs or tibia, which are more common in the coldest monthsYoung women with less clothing.

  Some girls, in order to maintain their feminine charm and line beauty, often wear cold clothes during the winter season, especially when their pants are thin and tight, and they even wear skirts for the winter.

In this way, the cold air stimulates the skin to cause contraction, resulting in poor epidermal blood flow, and the tiny cells are fragile, which is easily affected by the cold and deformed.

Therefore, in the thigh or buttocks where the fecal layer is not thick enough, there will be apricot nucleus-sized fragments or multiple lumps, the skin is purple-red, the touch is hard, and it is accompanied by mild pain and itching.Can cause rupture.

  The prevention method of cold panniculitis is very simple, that is, to wear loose clothes and warm clothes in the cold winter and lunar months, and make the skin slightly cold and irritating.

Usually participate in one more sports to enhance physical fitness and improve cold resistance; eat more high-conversion, multi-vitamin foods to increase the body’s adaptability to cold.

  Once cold panniculitis occurs, you don’t need to panic. Once you add proper underwear, keep warm (such as topical application with hot water towel or hot water bottle), promote blood circulation, and can heal within a few weeks.

If the symptoms are severe, especially if ulceration occurs, you should go to the hospital for dermatology in time.