Does turning on lights to sleep really cause cancer?

Does turning on lights to sleep really cause cancer?

Medical experts have found that when people turn on the lights while sleeping, they can suppress the secretion of melatonin and reduce the body’s immune function.

Melatonin secretion can inhibit the excitability of human sympathetic nerves, reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, rest the heart, enhance the body’s immunity, eliminate fatigue, and even kill deadly effects.

When you turn on the light and go to sleep, the secretion of melatonin will be inhibited, which not only affects the quality of sleep, but also affects the body’s immunity and even causes the onset of cancer.

  Sleeping with lights on is a bad habit, and its pathological essence is terror of darkness.

Most of this horror of darkness began in infancy, because as a child, you often hear stories about ghosts and gods.

The background, content, and appearance of such stories are often in the dark at night or in ordinary times to show vividness and mystery.

Over time, people have linked the fear of monsters and ghosts to darkness, forming a dependence on lights, which has led them to dare not turn off the lights to sleep, which is one of the reasons for turning on the lights to sleep.

  Medical experts have found that when people turn on the lights while sleeping, they can suppress the secretion of melatonin and reduce the body’s immune function.

When people go to sleep at night, the brain secretes melatonin, which is the strongest secretion from 11am to midnight, and it stops after dawn.

Melatonin secretion can inhibit the excitability of human sympathetic nerves, reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, rest the heart, enhance the body’s immunity, eliminate fatigue, and even kill deadly effects.

  When you turn on the light and go to sleep, the secretion of melatonin will be inhibited, which not only affects the quality of sleep, but also affects the body’s immunity and even causes the onset of cancer.

There is a little-known endocrine organ in the human brain called the pineal gland. Scientific research has confirmed that one of the functions of the pineal gland is to secrete a large amount of melatonin when the human body goes to sleep at night.

  The secretion of melatonin can inhibit the excitability of human sympathetic nerves, reduce blood pressure, slow the heart rate, the heart can restore wheezing, strengthen the body’s immune function, restore fatigue, and even have fatal effects.

However, one of the biggest characteristics of the pineal gland is that as soon as the eyeballs see the light source, melatonin is inhibited by the brakes to stop replication.

  We know that people’s eyelids have the effect of partially covering the light source. If you wear an eye mask to sleep and keep the eyeballs out of the light at night, even if you turn on the light and fall asleep, it will not affect the secretion of melatonin.

However, once the light is turned on and the night is turned on and off at night, the secretion of melatonin will be more or less inhibited and indirectly affect the immune function of the human body.

Lin Zhiling’s perfect skin requires only three simple steps_1

Lin Zhiling’s perfect skin requires only three simple steps

Standing 175 cm tall, she has a sweet face and a well-built figure. The red model who is popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan also replaced Xiao Qiang and was elected “the first beauty in Taiwan.

To her, her own beauty has become accustomed to, but she also has to share with us that women can not help but pay attention to their own “three treasures”.

  1.Eyelashes-Touching Eyes Can Talk Lin Zhiling said that the only point of makeup is the eyes: “I think the eyes are a window for you to show your charm.

I use mascara to brush my lashes constantly until it is thick and dense.

You can also use a hair dryer to blow the eyelash curler, and when it is hot, clip it again, just like the principle of perming, and the eyelashes will quickly bend and curl.


Hair-Waterfall straight hair cleansed “Every morning I get up, drink a full glass of boiling water, then wash my hair and wash my hair.

Every Wednesday, I will use a deep cleansing shampoo to thoroughly clean the hair. In fact, the shampoo and hair care products we usually use contain fluorescent agents, which will make the hair soft and leave a residue on the surface of the hair.As time goes by, it also hurts the hair, so you should use pure natural deep cleansing shampoo products to remove these harmful substances every week to ensure that the hair breathes smoothly, so that it can better absorb nutrients.

Beautiful breasts-The day after tomorrow, she is known for her beautiful breasts. She has always shown that her breasts are not born plump.

She revealed her secret to breast enhancement, that is, she will carefully massage her breasts every time she takes a bath, and she must press it until it hurts!

Finally, water must be flushed from bottom to top, and the key is to flush with cold water.

And usually Lin Zhiling will boil breast soup for herself, but she also does not forget to drink a thin meal cooked with soy milk, so she maintains a slim figure and an outstanding score of 34C!

Romantic winter love songs written with a mask


Romantic winter love songs written with a mask

Among the skin types, the mask is relatively special. It can clean the deep dirt on the skin, penetrate into the basal layer and moisturize the dried cells, and keep the beautiful skin condition .

“Can you see it?

I only slept for an hour today. ”

Although this is an advertisement for a mask, it also illustrates the magical effect of the mask.

What are you waiting for?

Let us compose a romantic winter love song with the mask from acquaintance, acquaintance to love!

  Love battle period-clean love and facial mask, the first contact should be cleansing mask.

The main function of this type of mask is to pull the dirt inside the skin outwards to remove the phenomenon of cleansing when removing makeup and washing the face.

When the stratum corneum of the facial skin is renewed and the pores become clean, the skin is the healthiest. It also lays a good foundation for further use of skin care products.

This Taiwanese skincare expert Zhang Liqing said: “A face that is not deeply cleaned is like an old mottled wall that looks unsightly, and it can’t last for a long time to refresh the paint.

“Dense airtightness” is the key to cleansing the mask. The key to a cleansing mask is to have a sufficient thickness to maintain the skin in a tightly airtight state for 20 minutes to achieve an increase in skin surface temperature, pore expansion, and sebum softening.The purpose of softening and loosening old dead horny.

  There are three commonly used cleansing masks: 1.

Mud-type (also known as wash-out) masks Mud-type masks not only effectively clean the skin, but also have a good moisturizing effect. They can very effectively soften the hardened sebum that sticks to the pores.

After applying a mud-type cleansing mask to the face, the blackheads and acne on the face are easy to squeeze out, especially for dry skin that is not convenient to use steam.

The mud mask without special oil-absorbing ingredients is suitable for centering, dry and oily skin.

However, for oily skin, a mask containing doped kaolin (also known as Chinese clay) or an oil-absorbing ingredient is the best.

  The mud mask is not suitable for sensitive skin. Although the mud mask has a good cleaning effect, the product is rich in preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing in the wet mud and filling it with mineral content.Therefore, sensitive skin should be used with caution.


The peeling mask has the same cleaning principle as the slime type, but also promotes blood circulation and metabolism by raising the temperature of the epidermis.

The main ingredients are polymer glue, water and alcohol, and other ingredients.

Since the use of the peeling mask needs to wait until the mask is dry, the ingredients cannot be added with a moisturizer, which is not suitable for dry skin. In addition, due to the action of tearing the skin, sensitive skin is also not suitable.

  The order of tearing should be from top to bottom. Pay special attention to avoid opening the eyes, eyebrows, hairline, and the skin around the lips to prevent skin damage during tearing.


T-shaped masks for acne are mostly peel-off type masks, which are specially used to deal with acne in the T-shaped area. They have a strong sticking force. When peeling, peel large and small sebum acne to peel and peel. It has the effect of removing deep acne.

However, due to its strong tearing force, allergic, dry, thin cuticle and purulent skin are not suitable, and oily and combination skin should not be used often.

  Love War Two-The intimate contact of maintenance love with the mask should be in the phase of knowing each other.

With the gradual understanding of the mask, you will know that there is another type of mask with deep maintenance effects.

The type of mask has an outside-in effect.

The main way is through a large number of active ingredients, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle or moisturizing ingredients, to penetrate deep into the skin at one time, thereby enhancing the role of care or maintenance.

  There are five types of maintenance masks: 1.

Mud type maintenance mask Pure maintenance mud mask will not replace additives such as kaolin clay and liposuction substances. Instead, it will use sea mud, volcanic mud, glacial mud, seaweed and other large amounts of natural, low-irritation mud paste.

If you only use natural mud as the base of the mask, it can’t actually achieve the ideal skin care effect. When choosing a product, you should still choose a mud rich in high-quality additives such as moisturizing factors, amino acids, collagen and other maintenance ingredients.Type maintenance mask can achieve the ideal maintenance effect.

The order of applying the mud mask is important.

The temperature of the skin in each part of the face is different, so it is best to start from two seconds after the temperature is reduced, and then apply it to the forehead, nose, and chin. Use the time difference to make the mask dry uniformly, so as to ensure the effect of the mask.


If you remove the alkaline agent and surfactant from the gel cleansing mask and add some maintenance ingredients, it will become a gel cleansing mask.

The type of mask can be divided into transparent and opaque.

  The transparent jelly type maintenance mask can only add synthetic skin care ingredients, so it is more suitable for oily skin.Opaque jelly type mask can add more ingredients, and dry skin can also be used.

  Apply a certain thickness.

The thickness of the mask is exquisite. It cannot be a thin layer. It must cover the pores so that the ingredients of the mask can better function.


Cream-based maintenance masks Some manufacturers make creams thicker and introduce them in the form of masks. In principle, there is nothing wrong, but from the effect of skin maintenance, the effects of cream-based maintenance masks are similar to those of ordinary night creams.Not much difference.


Cotton cloth (also known as wipes) maintenance mask Cotton cloth maintenance mask is the latest modern trend.

The cotton cloth mask is to absorb the prepared high-concentration maintenance essence on the cotton cloth (paper), and then tear the package and apply it to the body.

The main advantages of the cotton cloth mask are that it is easy to control to add a variety of nutrients from the ingredients, and it can greatly improve the penetration and depth of effective skin care ingredients to the skin from the mechanism, and can quickly and effectively change the amount of skin.It is very convenient to use, avoiding problems such as cleaning and preservatives after use.

  Three stages of love battle-maintenance of love After a comprehensive understanding of the mask, the last thing you will probably fall in love with is not a mask, but a way to make your skin more beautiful.

This is after deep cleansing and deep maintenance, in order to keep the skin in such a good condition, you have learned to use these masks regularly or in stages to keep the skin in good condition.

  1Choose a mask that is used once a week, and use multiple corrections to supplement the skin with nutrients on a regular basis. If the interval is too long, you will lose the role of continuous nutrition, and the effect of the mask cannot be achieved.

  2Recommended for several days of continuous use The mask is recommended for several days of continuous use, which is a type of enhanced care.

After several days of continuous replenishment, the skin can reach the perfect extreme, and in the relative placement, it can always glow natural radiance.

  3 Outstanding continuous use deep cleansing or peeling mask, it is an outstanding continuous use mask.

The power of this type of mask is relatively large, especially the peel-off type mask. The skin and skin are irritated during the peeling process. If used too frequently, it will damage the newly formed keratin, and it will also stimulate the skin and cause skin sensitivity.

Sleeping dish

Sleeping dish

A sleeping dish, also known as drunk grass, belongs to the gentian family.

“Southern Plants and Trees” said: “Xia Shengchi Numa, the leaves are like mushrooms, the roots are like purlins.

The natives took roots for salt to cover their sleep.

Named sleeping dishes.

“Leaves are for medicinal purposes.

Northeast China, Southwest China and other places are all produced.

Also used as a beer flavoring.

  The taste is sweet, slightly bitter, cold, and non-toxic.

  Contains leaves with bitter powder, and the content of bitter blend of sleeping vegetables is 1%.

It also contains alkaloids, flavonols, synthetics, and trace oils.

  The function treats heart palpitations and hotness, making it difficult to fall asleep.

  [胃热口粘,食欲减退]  睡菜叶3-6克(鲜草加倍)。Shuijianbi is a good appetizer.

  [烦躁失眠]  睡菜叶3克,开水冲泡,睡前冷服1杯。  [Heart is bitter.

小便色黄而少]  睡菜叶6克,芦根12克,灯芯草3克,水煎服。

Tawny six medicated diets are worthy of collection

Tawny six medicated diets are worthy of collection

Using scutellaria as a medicated diet can achieve the effect of diet and disease: 1.

Huang Qichuan porridge Chuanxiong 6 grams, 15 grams of astragalus, glutinous rice 50?
100 g.

Chuanxiong, Huangqi decoction juice, and glutinous rice boiled into porridge, warm and morning and evening.

It can be used for qi and ampoules, and it is suitable for fetal movement.


North Lion squid North Lion 30 grams, 500 grams of squid.

Remove the fish from the scales, sputum and internal organs, and place it in the casserole with Beidi. Add the water to fry, season, and cook the fish and eat the fish.

It can replenish spleen and stomach, and is suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, weight loss and malnutrition edema.


Astragalus tea yellow 芪 30?
60 grams, boiled water for tea.

Long-term use can treat allergic rhinitis.


Astragalus cooked chicken raw scutellaria 30 grams, 1 chicken, weighing about 1000?
1500 grams, add some wine to cook.

For physical weakness, postpartum or post-disease, nephritis hypoproteinemia.

1 dose a day, eat chicken soup.


Astragalus jujube soup is raw with scutellaria, and 30 grams of red dates are cooked together.

1 dose a day, jujube soup, for lack of blood, physical weakness after illness, frail and sick.


Astragalus sesame, large intestine pig large intestine, 10 grams of black sesame seeds, 30 grams of astragalus.

Wash the large intestine, and cook the soup together with the 2 flavors.

It can be used for the removal of the anus.

Ten strategies for happy marriage!

Ten strategies for happy marriage!

Are women without men and men without women both incomplete hemispheres, making the two hemispheres “roll into one” and roll forward happily?

Then we must learn the art of getting along with husband and wife.

  One, admiring each other’s way of speaking and talking, it seems that two principles can be summarized, one is: “strive to make yourself appreciated by the other”; the first is “strive to appreciate each other”.

The true charm of love is to discover Xiangyue.

Appreciation is a flower, love is a fruit.

To the person you love, don’t be shy about expressing your love and don’t slap your praise.

  If you often use appropriate expressions to tell the other side: “I love you”, the three words are worth a thousand troops.

Appreciation is a recognition of each other. Affirmation and encouragement will inevitably lead to a sense of satisfaction. The most significant meaning of understanding is affirmation. Recognition, praise and appreciation are the common psychological needs of both parties, and they are also good for couples.One of the secrets of relationships.

  Second, store feelings Everyone will have an emotional bank account deep in their hearts.

If you often store true love and tacit understanding in your emotional account, the more supplementary metabolism your account has, the more you can extract happiness and joy, and you can also extract interest rates such as smile, tenderness, encouragement, and comfort.

Even if you occasionally pay for selfishness or lack of consideration, you will not be overdrawn for this reason.

If there are few funds in the account, each conflict will increase its severity.

  And when the reserve of trust and appreciation is embedded in a state of resistance, if we continue to overdraw, feelings or marriage will be pushed to the brink of destruction.

Life is complicated, and we can all occasionally lose control and hurt our spouse.

The most effective way to avoid overdrafts in emotional bank accounts is to make more deposits, say more words of appreciation, and do more caring things.

  Third, personality independence Gibran said in marriage: “In unity, there must be a gap.”

Although the strings tremble in the same pitch, each string is separate, so that you can play beautiful music.

Marriage is one-to-one freedom, one-to-one democracy.

Don’t be paranoid that “you are mine”, then you will make your love nest into a prison where the prisoner taboos the other person. Most of the people in it want to escape, just to see if he or she has the courage.

An old French song sings: “Love is the son of freedom, never after reign.”

  If we want love to “grow”, we must first confirm that it has been carefully cultivated and steadfastly cared for.

It is not to change ourselves or to try to change each other. Instead, we should adjust ourselves to a moderate space. We must stay together and be alone.

In the soil of marriage, letting two trees of personality grow freely can naturally harvest happy fruits.

  Fourth, about the other person’s Bible, “If you want to be treated to others, you must treat others.” To make your marriage stable, the most important thing is to learn to respect. Only by knowing how to respect each other can you getThe respect of the other party must always respect the other party, and more importantly, love the house and the black, think that the other party’s parents, brothers and sisters, and the other’s relatives and friends.

If you look down on the other person’s family, or at least push the other person’s family to your opposite side, this approach is very stupid, so that you become surrounded by helplessness, and it will be fatal to the stability of your marriage.

  Fifth, money and love have two foundations: one is money, and the other is love.

In simple terms: if there is love, there must be bread, and in a more elegant way, the economic foundation determines the superstructure.

Leaving money will at least affect love, which no one can deny.

However, money is a good thing and a bad slave.

Do n’t take money too seriously in your family life. If you spend a lot of time on money, you always use the “planned economy” to control the other party, so the other party does n’t have a little “invigorating economy” autonomy.Maybe one day, you will not implement your “policy” and you will care about it.

If there is no “that bird” in the love nest of marriage, at this time, your thoughts will grow because of the other party’s absence, and you may really know: money is dead, talent is alive, only talent is an emotional building.Roof beams.

  Sixth, cherish the Buddha of good deeds, saying: “Thousands of times before, I have passed in this life.”

It ‘s not too early or too late in the vast world, and we met our other half. What a fate it takes. We have no reason not to cherish this good fate. We have no reason to treat our marriage like watching TV and changing at any time.Channel.

  Imagine: if a person who did not take the first marriage seriously, can his second marriage be sure to run well?

Yes, because the changes in human thought, ideology, and feelings affect the stability of the union between men and women.

If you do not encounter an irretrievable death marriage, you must do your utmost to recover. Since you hold hands in this life, it is best to “hold the hand of your child and grow old with your child”.

  Seven, learn to give most people to regard love as “being loved” instead of “going to love”, and only want to make themselves cute instead of actively learning how to love each other and how to care for their spiritual needs.
True love is “I give” instead of “I want” to devote his whole heart to inspire the vitality of the other person with his own vitality.Giving is happier than receiving, not some kind of deprivation, because the existence of self-life is expressed in the act of giving.

Love should be pure, without any conditions or utilitarianism.

Love is a sharing rather than an obsession. Love means awareness of care, responsibility, and respect.

Reaching “you have me and you have me” is the top quality of marriage.

  Eighth, love each other. Whether it is a man or a woman, there is a need to both hurt and be hurt.

It is best not to think that you have encountered a pure father-type man or a purely mother-type woman who only wants to hurt others, but a couple should be like a pair of chopsticks, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty in life.

He (she) is off work, you bring him a cup of cool white; you lie asleep on the sofa, he (she) can gently cover you with a quilt . Maybe it is a trivial matter, but trivial, butOnly this little love can penetrate into the heart’s nest little by little in the long years, melt in the blood, and last forever.

  Nine, the highest realm of learning to tolerate fashion is sexy, the highest realm of love is tolerance.

A functioning marriage does not mean a mutual accommodation between husband and wife, but also a compromise between ideal and reality.

Home is a place of reason, not a place of reason.

A philosopher said: “Open your eyes wide before marriage, and close one eye after marriage.”

Why does this sentence make sense, doesn’t it?

It is impossible for a person to be perfect in the first place. The reason why you like a person today is that you must be attracted by a certain personality of that person.

If you love a person deeply, then always forgive him everything, and conversely, if you tolerate a person forever, then you must love him (her) very much.

Tolerance, it can not only widen the scope of communication, but also continuously expand its own comfort zone.

  X. Learn to “understand” that a husband and wife must “understand” each other. The so-called “understand” is: when you encounter frustration, he or she does not say a word that is detrimental to your dignity; when you act with anger, he ((She) Explains the affairs to you; when you are in a bad mood, he (she) never sees you in general; if you open his face and laugh first, if you worry about him (she) first, he (she)) The joy will tell you, but his (her) sorrow will not be lightly revealed to you; even if you are far away, he (she) believes in you.

Understand, what you need is understanding, what you need is thoughtfulness, and what you need is love.

The gall is too small tonic

The gall is too small tonic

The courage is too small. Tonic and kidneys are blushed and stuttered on specific occasions; one stays in the elevator with a sense of pressure, suffocation, etc .; climbs to the top of a high-rise building, his legs are soft and snoring . these symptoms suggest “You are a bit scared. ”

  The general level of fear is common to everyone. Typical joy, anger, sorrow, and sorrow are a type of normal emotion.

  Moderate fear, like the feeling of pain, has the function of protecting itself, avoiding danger, and avoiding physical, psychological and physiological dangers.

  Most people are afraid of beasts such as tigers and wolves. Fear of beasts helps to keep distance and not be hurt by them. Some people are afraid of high altitudes, so they don’t stay on the edge of high-rise buildings and don’t fall to death.

Therefore, moderate fear is necessary for an individual’s survival.

  However, excessive fear is a psychological disorder that harms the human body.

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics · Su Wen · Lifting Pain Theory” said: “Fear is refined, but it is closed up, closed, but also swollen, so qi is suffocated.

“It’s not the same as anger.” “Furious rushing to the crown” is a manifestation of “angry and angry”; “frightening fart and urinating” is “horrified then angry”, and “fear of hurting the kidney”. Fear will cause the human body’s gas to leak.

  In addition, “Kidney Kidney”, people who have been hurt by fear will experience symptoms such as decreased memory and consciousness. At the same time, “Kidney Kidney”, who is surrounded by fear, will often have weak legs and even hard to stand upright.The situation, that is, “someone’s legs are softened” we saw in the film and television drama.

  ”Kidney fears fear of hurting the kidney.” Fear is the emotion of the kidney. When fear is a cause, it may hurt the kidney.

Kidney injuries can further show more severe phobias.

  For example, when a student answers a question in class, the teacher is satirized and ridiculed because of the wrong answer. At first, he may only be afraid of the teacher ‘s question. If he increases the development, he may suspect that he hates it, speaks badly, looks ugly, etc., and the robe is slowSymptoms of social fear and language fear in public places slowly appear.

This is actually a symptom of fear shown after kidney injury.

  Fear can be treated both psychologically and with drugs.

  According to the theory of five emotions in Chinese medicine theory, “thinking wins fear.”

Phobia is a psychological disorder. Through rational thinking and analysis, you can tell yourself that “the things you fear are meaningless.” You can also take some traditional Chinese medicine that nourish kidney qi under the guidance of a doctor to improve your physical condition.Strong and dirty air.


9-step home massage creates slim hands


9-step home massage creates slim hands

The hand is the woman’s second face.

In the dry season, you can’t take care of your hands. While caring for the skin of your face and body, pay attention to the details. Have you forgotten to give your hands a spa?

Today I want to teach everyone the method of hand massage to give you the perfect care of your slim hand!

  After a day of work, our hands are also very tired and lack of oxygen, which requires our careful care.

The following editors recommend simple hand massage exercises for you to make your hands more beautiful.

  Step 1 Soak the massage cream and other products in water until rich foam and pleasant aroma appear. Soak your hands in the foam.

  step 2 Next, the two hands are struck between each finger, so that every inch of skin and joints are relaxed and stretched.

  Step 3 Gently press the joints of the fingers with your hands, and each joint must be taken care of, so that the blood circulation can be more smooth.

  Step 4 Use your thumb to step on the palm of your palm from bottom to top until your palm becomes slightly warm.

  Step 5 find the first joint of the finger, then pull the finger, slowly pull up like outside, so that each finger is fully stretched.

  Step 6 Gently squeeze the tip of each finger with your thumb and index finger to allow your fingers to relax sufficiently.

  Step 7: Next, twist the fingertips of each finger to allow the joints to fully move.

  Step 8: At the end, open your fist and repeat it several times to make your hands fully contracted, and unblock the hand joints and blood circulation.

  step 9 Nail part of finger, slowly squeeze until the finger becomes slightly hot.

Diet and health anti-cancer balanced supplement is the right way

Diet and health anti-cancer balanced supplement is the right way

Garlic, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, soy beans, seaweed . Nowadays more and more foods are being promoted as anti-cancer foods. The best-selling books on “anti-cancer” are eloquent, and related scientific research is also endless.Exposure to certain foods containing anti-cancer ingredients.

However, if these so-called anti-cancer foods containing anti-cancer ingredients are eaten into the stomach, they will definitely reverse the anti-cancer effect.

  Experts remind that the occurrence of cancer is related to many factors, food is only one of them, and overcoming no experimental results today, it is certain that eating certain foods often will definitely prevent cancer. The public believes that they are overly expecting so-called anti-cancer foods.Effect, the equilibrium constant is the right way for food to fight cancer.

Containing anti-cancer substances may not be anti-cancer. Modern people are looking for anti-cancer foods but they don’t understand. Even the “anti-cancer foods” mentioned in scientific journals are often just preliminary research results.

Some of these studies have found and extracted certain anti-cancer ingredients in food, some have confirmed their anti-cancer effects through animal experiments, and some are based on epidemiological investigations.

These studies often only provide some hypotheses and directions for further research. They cannot produce the signs that these foods are “cancer resistant” in the human body, nor can they be used as an alternative guide to anticancer.

  Ouyang Xuenong, chief physician of the Department of Oncology, Fuzhou General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region, said that although the anti-cancer effect of food has been recognized by the medical profession to some extent, correcting no experimental results so far can definitely be sure to eat some food.prevent cancer.

Expansion, the composition of food changes during digestion and absorption.

In fact, the food we eat contains a variety of ingredients. The interaction between them and exploring the connection between diet and cancer is more difficult than studying the relationship between smoking and cancer.

At the same time, even some foods contain anti-cancer ingredients, and the content will not be much, often only in trace amounts, and cannot be eaten to fight cancer.

What’s more, the current pathogenesis of cancer is still unclear. The so-called anti-cancer food is just “targetless”. In fact, there is “no conclusion” on the anti-cancer effect. It can only be said that anti-cancer food can reduce the risk of cancer.With these foods, you can’t get cancer, but the probability of cancer is lower.

  The use of diet to fight cancer should vary from person to person.

Director Ouyang believes that healthy people consume 500?
1000 grams of different varieties of vegetables, fruits and cereals, eat less meat and aunt, have a significant anti-cancer health care effect.

When you suspect that you have cancer, patients should go to the hospital for examination in time. Don’t be lucky, and try to control the disease simply by diet.

Cancer patients should, while actively cooperating with the doctor’s treatment, eat more food with anti-cancer effects according to their own conditions in order to obtain better adjuvant treatment effects.

Adjusting the diet is the right way to prevent cancer. Cancer is a modern way to avoid health killers. Although the basic characteristics of anti-cancer, such as the use of adequate amounts of vegetables, fruits and cereals, eat less meat and small amounts, control alcoholic beverages, salt.Implantation has been overcome for a long time, but people always try to find “clear and targeted” new anti-cancer methods, and even use some restrictive and can prove that their anti-cancer recipes complicate life.People who are keen to find a new anti-cancer formula continue to switch from one so-called magic food ingredient to another, but eventually forget that as long as they can avoid the most basic nutritional indicators of the occurrence of cancer.

  In fact, the occurrence of cancer is the result of a combination of factors, and food is only one of them.

If you do not rule out specific carcinogenic factors and rely solely on food to prevent cancer, it will be difficult to achieve good anti-cancer purposes.

At present, some cancers that had a low incidence of hypertension have progressed. One of the root causes is an uneven diet.

Therefore, anti-cancer cannot hope to eat more food, but also pay attention to balance and maintain normal immunity.

  The American Cancer Research Association has made it clear that no single food can protect people from cancer.

Although many scientific studies have shown that some ingredients in plant foods, such as vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols and flavonoids, have certain effects on anti-cancer, they do not recommend any specific anti-cancer food., It is recommended that more than two-thirds of the food in the recipe comes from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans.

The easiest person to enter is the whitening minefield


The easiest person to enter is the whitening minefield

Introduction: We must prevent whitening misunderstanding. If the method is improper, it is likely to disfigured without whitening!

Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, the editor of summarized these whitening misunderstandings that are most likely to be mistakenly entered!

Let’s take a look together!


hzh {display: none; }  美白误区一:洗面奶、爽肤水可以美白  众家品牌都推出了美白洗面奶,概念上也声称美白从洁面开始,但实际上这更多的是一种概念炒作.
The facial cleanser stays on the skin for such a short time, and its main function is to clean the skin, even if whitening ingredients are added to it, it cannot work so quickly.

The same is true for whitening and toning products. Its main function is to balance the pH of the skin. The concentration of whitening products is very small, and the effect is of course very limited.

  Whitening Misunderstanding 2: The skin is already very white, and no whitening products are needed. Not only people with fair skin, but some people who admire wheat-colored skin also think that they do not need to use whitening products. In fact, these ideas are related to those who believe that whitening care is to skin”Bleaching” is all wrong.

The most important role of whitening and maintenance is to help the skin to insert melanin to produce and click the existing spots to make the skin look even and bright.

  Whitening Misunderstanding 3: Fantasy becomes Snow White For the MM who is looking for beauty, I can’t wait to have delicate white skin overnight. However, whitening is a gradual process.

Those skin care products that may quickly whiten and freckle may contain ingredients such as mercury or hydroquinone. Be careful, these ingredients will greatly damage your skin; if you ca n’t help but want to try fruit acid peels,Or laser freckle and other whitening methods, must go to a professional hospital or beauty salon.

  Whitening Misunderstanding 4: Whitening products can eliminate the spots on the shell. Whitening skin care products are absolutely impossible to remove the spots on the shell. Its role is to disperse the melanin more evenly, to break down the pigment particles more finely and to inhibit melanin production.The result is that the spots are faded, and the probability of spots is reduced, so that the complexion looks more uniform and bright.

However, the spots will come out once they are not properly maintained.

  Whitening Misunderstanding No. 5: No matter whether the product has many ingredients or is not very long, the beauty salon will recommend you to use some quick-acting whitening products. Don’t do it for the sake of beauty, and cause irreparable damage to your skin.

Those harmful ingredients may make your skin temporarily white, but over time, some pigmentation and sensitization symptoms

  Don’t take the food orally at will. Aloe vera can really whiten. Although it may not be effective, at least the ingredients are naturally harmless to the body.

There are more than 300 varieties of aloe. There are ready-to-eat and natural homemade foods on the market. How should I choose?

  Expert analysis: At present, there are only five kinds of aloe that are allowed to be used for edible and medicinal purposes by the US FDA and the Chinese Health Department, including: Aloe vera, Aloe vera, Aloe vera, Aloe vera, and Aloe vera.

External application of aloe vera has the effect of relieving skin redness and swelling, while internal use has laxative and detoxifying functions, thereby improving skin dullness or pigmentation.

The serving size is recommended to eat 3 to 4 tablespoons a day. Because the concentration of different brands is different, it is safest to take according to the labeling guidelines. Pregnant women should not eat it because of laxative effect.

  Ever since I was young, I have heard that taking more pearl powder can make the skin smoother. Even the Empress Dowager Cixi is convinced. It is only reported that a star has the habit of eating pearl powder since childhood. When he grows up, he still eats 1 teaspoon a week.Is it really feasible to raise your face?

  Expert analysis: It is unfounded to take pearl powder for whitening in nutrition.

It should be noted that pearl powder may become inferior due to seawater pollution and other issues, and it is a mineral, so there may be heavy metal residues, which may cause damage to the body. It is not recommended to take it randomly.

  Do not apply topical fruit acid at will. In March 2006, a female college student went to the chemical industry to buy materials by herself, and DIY blended the acid acid for skin resurfacing. Because the concentration was too high, it burned the skin, so that the face was covered with red and swollen scars, and the skin epidermis was necrotic。  Expert analysis: Fruit acid can accelerate the recovery of skin epidermis and improve skin roughness, but it should be handled properly and time controlled accurately; if the concentration is too strong or applied to allergic and dry skin, it can cause burns and can also cause skin inflammation, Pigmentation and other impurities.

  The lemon lady believes in the natural whitening method. Lemons are often applied to the face, and lemon juice is used instead of three meals a day. The result is redness and swelling in two places, accompanied by burn-like marks, severe peeling of the mouth, and serious anti-blackening.It also causes stomach pain.

  Expert analysis: Although lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, it also contains irritating citric acid, which can easily cause skin sensitivity, and even burn the skin and cause black or blisters.

In addition, most of the food contains d-vitamin C and non-l-vitamin C. Its antioxidant and whitening effects are relatively unstable, so the homemade natural whitening mask has little effect.

  Whitening serum is not recommended for everyone to use a website to teach people to make whitening essence, the materials include: L-C powder -1g, to generate vitamin E-0.

5 ml of pure water-9.

5ml, these materials are all available in the chemical industry. Stir and transform them evenly.

Such crudely constructed, doubtful efficacy!

  Expert analysis: Some ingredients with whitening effect, and the active ingredients contained in homemade skin care products can not be determined, if the concentration is too high, it will be dangerous.

At the same time, the containers, materials, or processes used in the production may also be contaminated by bacteria.

In addition, it is not possible to know its shelf life without adding preservatives, and it is not recommended for everyone.