Ding Junhui’s 27th birthday in the field, China 5-1 horizontal sweep of Astley past the first round_1

Ding Junhui’s 27th birthday in the field, China 5-1 swept Astley past the first round
In the first round of the 2014 Snooker China Open, Ding Junhui, who had his 27th birthday, played against John Astley.Despite the disadvantage of losing the first game, Ding Junhui quickly entered the state, hitting a three-shot 50+ winning five innings, a total score of 5-1 easily eliminated the opponent, and advanced to the second round against Thai player Tachaia.  After winning one championship and one Asia in Germany and Wales, Ding Junhui has only had a short trough in the past month. Haikou lost to Murphy missed the quarterfinals. The PTC finals were early out of the first round.On his 27th birthday, Ding Junhui ushered in China’s first opponent-John Astley.  Astley played on the PTC tour last season and won the professional competition this season. However, with limited strength, he has only won four wins in the past nine rankings and participated in eight European tournaments.Only won 7 games.In the Chinese wild card round, Astley eliminated Yan Bingtao 5-2.Judging from the past record and the performance of the wild card round, Astley’s ability is very general, and Ding Junhui is very different.  In the first game, the two defended patiently. After multiple rounds of tug-of-war, Astor started with interest and defended after a stroke of 21 points.Ding Junhui failed to score the ball, Astley hit the long-range red ball from a long distance, and then scored a red ball error after 12 points.Ding Junhui started, and continued to attack around the coffee ball, 22 points away from the set.Astley started again with 34 points in a single shot to achieve an overpoint.Ding Junhui got up and hit the red ball. He missed the goal and was fined 4 points. Astley won first with 71-22. Previous page12Next pageShow full text