His pen takes root, the novel is more cruel than the movie

His pen takes root, the novel is more cruel than the movie | 夜 问
The poster elements come from the poster of the TV series “Red Sorghum”.Answer: A / B / C Mo Yan, formerly known as Guan Moye, was born on February 17, 1955. The writer, if he wants to add this title to this title, it will be the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (2012) Years), but the film and television dramas based on his works became popular in the rivers and rivers before and after him. More people may only know “Red Sorghum” before the Nobel Prize, but they don’t know Mo Yan.His work style is full of vibrant squires, and some people call him a “root-seeking literature” writer.The film “Red Sorghum” directed by Zhang Yimou was adapted from the novel “Red Sorghum” published by Mo Yan in 1986, starring Jiang Wen and Gong Li. The film won the Golden Rooster Award and the Hundred Flowers Award, and won the Golden Bear Award abroad, becoming the trend of Chinese film.In the world, Mo Yan, one of the screenwriters, was only 33 years old.In 2014, director Zheng Xiaolong also filmed the TV series “Red Sorghum”, starring Zhou Xun, Zhu Yawen, Yu Rongguang and others.After that, Zhang Yimou and Mo Yan collaborated again and made the film “Happy Time”, which was adapted from Mo Yan’s novel “The Master Is Getting Humor”, starring Zhao Benshan, Dong Jie and others, Zhao Benshan playing the retired worker Zhao, in order to find a wifeAbandoned bus was used to open a “Happy Time Cabin” for men and women. In the process, a blind woman (Dong Jie) was taken by the woman. To help the abandoned blind woman survive, Lao Zhao didI have chosen my own . similar to the original, the movie is too warm.There is no role of a blind woman in the original book, or it mainly reflects the situation of laid-off workers and the suppressed emotions between men and women.In addition, his novel “White Dog Swing Frame” was adapted into the film “Warm”, directed by Huo Jianqi, starring Kagawa Shigeru, Guo Xiaodong, Li Jia, the film has won the best film at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Japanese actor Kagawa ShinnoAlso won the best actor.The novel tells about the fate of a couple of men and women in the countryside. The girl fell into disability due to an accident and can only marry the dumb in the village. The children are also dumb. The boy went to college and found things wrong in the village for many years. “Frog” is the name of Mo Yan’s novel, not the title of a movie or TV series.