Master is a marketing hype-Ke Jie knew he was a shareholder of Yiwang

Master is marketing hype?Ke Jie knew he was a shareholder of Yiwang
AlphaGo statement: I am just the latest beta version.  With the Master’s self-exposure on the Internet Go platform, the Master Storm that lasted for almost a week finally produced an unexpected result.  On the evening of January 4th, after achieving a brilliant record of 59 consecutive victories on the Internet, Master suddenly claimed to be Dr. Huang of AlphaGo in the chat channel, and also expressed the hope that everyone will enjoy Master’s chess game for a while.  In fact, in the entire process of hot speculation around Master, Google is behind the scenes. Boss’s guess has replaced the mainstream from the beginning.During the focus of the outside world, various representatives also indicated that Google may have directed this grand marketing from the beginning, and has been deliberately hiding its identity.  This hype may be the most perfect marketing in the history of Go, but surely, it is not just Google, but also Go.  Ke Jie Weibo.Further reading: Ke Jie said that he already knew AlphaGo’s identity and that he did not use it. Master announced that he was AlphaGo and challenged StarCraft in the next stage.