2017 UEFA Champions League final Juventus VS Real Madrid live address CCTV5 live online _1

2017 UEFA Champions League final Juventus VS Real Madrid live address CCTV5 live online
At 2:45 in the morning on June 4, Beijing time, the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League final was fought in the Welsh city Cardiff National Stadium. Serie A supremacy Juventus played against La Liga giants Real Madrid.In the Champions League championship, Real Madrid led the way 11 times, and Juventus reached the final 8 times but only won 2 times.  CCTV5 live online: click on the history of confrontation     In the history of the European three big cups, Real Madrid and Juventus have fought a total of 18 times, each side won 8 wins and evenly divided, Juve scored 19 goals, Real Madrid scored 18 goals.The last meeting between the two sides was the semifinals of the Champions League in 2014-15. Juventus eliminated Real Madrid 3-2 in two rounds.皇马欲冲破欧冠卫冕魔咒59年首度加冕双冠王  2015-16赛季,皇马夺得欧冠冠军,本赛季皇马再度杀进欧冠决赛,齐达内的球队面临残酷的欧冠卫冕魔咒——Since the 1992-93 UEFA Champions League restructuring, no team has been able to win the championship.Whether it is the Milan dynasty in the 1990s, Juve, who has reached the Champions League final for three consecutive years in the Lippi era, or Bayern, Real Madrid and Guardiola’s Dream III at the turn of the century, they can’t break through this magic.curse.  Real Madrid will also impact the team’s third double crown honor. Before this season, Real Madrid had 32 La Liga championship trophies and 11 UEFA Champions League trophies, but they only won the Champions League + La Liga championship in one season, only twice: 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons.In other words, Real Madrid have not tasted the double crown for 59 years.Can Zidane lead the team to break the fate of history this time?Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to lock the Golden Globes three times in the Champions League final?  In the 2016-17 season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 40 goals in various Real Madrid games, scoring 40+ goals in seven consecutive seasons, and continues to set a new record.The 32-year-old Ronaldo, the bigger the scene, the more explosive it will be.In the quarter-finals against Bayern and semi-final Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo scored 8 goals.In this UEFA Champions League final, if Real Madrid beat Juventus, Ronaldo could kill the Golden Globe suspense almost half a year in advance.Messi, Buffon and other competitors, it is difficult to shake Ronaldo.  In the history of the Champions League final, Ronaldo has scored 2 goals: the 2007-08 UEFA Champions League final Manchester United VS Chelsea header score, 2013-14 season Real Madrid VS Atletico penalty kick overtime.Can Ronaldo score goals in the three UEFA Champions League finals?Real Madrid captain Ramos scored in the two UEFA Champions League finals. Who can reach this record first, Shui Ye and Ronaldo?Battle of Buffon’s dream?Can Juventus break the runner-up    Buffon won the World Cup championship, but has always missed the Champions League.Buffon, 39, has repeatedly stated that winning the Champions League is his dream.Prior to this, Buffon’s two UEFA Champions League finals ended in defeat: the 2002-03 season of the Italian Civil War, Juve lost the penalty shootout to AC Milan; 2014-15 season Juvent met Barcelona led by MSN, 1-3 lost.Buffon once believed that there may never be a chance to reach the Champions League final, but can Buffon, who insists on his dream, realize his dream on Cardiff Night?  The last time Juventus won the Champions League, or the 1995-96 season, the Lie belt team defeated the Ajax youth team in the penalty shootout.Prior to this, Juventus broke into the Champions League final 8 times, but only won the cup twice.Juventus, the sixth Champions League runner-up, is the most tragic King of the Champions League in the history of the Champions League.In the last three UEFA Champions League finals, Juve also ended in defeat.What is the fate of Juventus this time?Bell may go home without a chance to start. Higuain Hedira Antigo    UEFA Champions League final is held in Cardiff, Wales. This is Bell’s home court.However, the Welsh superstar’s last appearance was in the national derby on April 24.Bell, whose soleus muscle was injured, has been away from the field for more than a month.Bell has recovered from injury, but Isco’s play has been shining enough during this time, and Bell’s chance of starting is not great.Juventus, Higuain and Hedira, the two Real Madrid veterans against the old owners, the former Barcelona flying wings Alves, will also be full of desire to fight.预计首发  尤文(4231):布冯/巴尔扎利、博努奇、基耶利尼、阿莱士-桑德罗/赫迪拉、皮亚尼奇/曼祖基奇、迪巴拉、阿尔维斯/伊瓜因  皇马(433):纳瓦斯/卡瓦哈尔、瓦拉内、拉莫斯、马塞洛/克罗斯、卡塞米罗、莫德里奇/伊斯科、本泽马Ronaldo